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Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a nitwit. You can’t fire me, I quit... Since I don’t fit in.
~ Hermey's singing.

Hermey the elf is the deuteragonist of the 1964 film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the tritagonist of it's 2001 sequel Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys. He is a Christmas elf who befriends Rudolph and Yukon Cornelius. He befriends Rudolph because, like him, he considers himself a misfit as he was not like the other Christmas elves. He always wanted to be a dentist, which stopped him from making toys, angering the elf forman and led to his friends teasing him.

When the Abominable Snow Monster found Hermey and Rudolph and tried to eat them, they are rescued by Yukon Cornelius and the three journeyed on together until they reached the Island of Misfit Toys. After Rudolph returned to Christmas town, he learns that his parents and his friend Clarice had gone to look for him and have been captured by the monster so he battles the creature only to be knocked out but luckily Hermey and Yukon return to find their friend. Hermey's first act as a dentist pays off when Yukon knocks the monster unconscious and Hermey takes out all his teeth with his pliers. Hermey was very sad when Yukon sacrificed himself to stop the monster. When they returned to Santa's workshop, the foreman accepted Hermey as a dentist and becomes his first paying customer. When Yukon and a now reformed monster return, a little party is held before Santa leaves with Rudolph and the other reindeer to deliver the toys and Hermey dances with the most popular female elf.

He does not appear in Rudolph's Shiny New Year nor Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July, but does so along with the original cast in the 2001 sequel about the thief of misfit toys. Frosty the Snowman takes his place when he and Rudolph sing the "We're a couple of misfits" song.


  • He is voiced by the late Paul Soles in the first film and Scott McNeil in the second.
  • He resembles the Star Wars Hero Luke Skywalker due to hair color.



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