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The Hero/Heroine is the main protagonist of Dragon Quest IV.

The default name of the male hero is Solo while the default name of the female hero is Sofia.


Solo wears a green tunic with a white shirt and white pants, adorned with a belt with a blue gem. His Zenithian Helm is decorated with a blue gem in the center and two wings which appear to resemble a dragon. He carries the scabbard of the Zenithian Sword on his waist behind his back and his shield strapped on his right shoulder. He has both his ears pierced with Slime Earrings on both of them. He has long flowing green hair that reaches the middle part of his back. He has a medium build, being tall but not too muscular.

Sofia wears what appears to be a leotard, which covers both her left arm and leg. She wears blue leg warmers covered by her boots. She has long curly green hair, and appears to cover the wings on her Zenithian Helm. She has her ears pierced with Slime Earrings and has bracelets on both her wrists. She carries the Zenithian Sword's scabbard on her right shoulder and wields her shield on her left arm.


Initially, the Heroes are sheltered, not knowing the world outside their village as their upbringing must be kept a secret from Psaro at all costs.

After the massacre of their home village, they slowly begin the journey towards becoming a true hero and are taught by the people around them on the ways of the world. By the end of the game, they have become fully matured and accept the burden placed on them by being the Chosen Hero.

As with every Dragon Quest protagonists, they are fearless, loyal, reliable, and won't shy away from their duties when the world is at stake, going far and wide to help those in need and refusing to let injustice go unpunished and evil run amok while they can do something about it.


During one starry night, a Zenithian fell from the sky castle of Zenithia. Afterward, she fell in love with a human woodcutter and, together, they produced a half-human, half-Zenithian child - the Hero. Not long after the child's birth, the Hero's father was executed when the Zenithian God ordered his execution by lightning and the Hero's mother was punished by returning to Zenithia, separated from her child. According to Zenithian law, it is forbidden for a human and a Zenithian to become a couple. The hero's father was buried next to the woodcutter's home where the Hero's grandfather lived.

The Hero was then brought up by two loving foster parents in a small village near the woodcutter's hut, to be protected by the denizens of the settlement until he came of age. He grows up with his childhood friend, Eliza and proceeds to train with a master swordsman regularly. However, the Hero's peaceful existence does not last; eventually, Psaro's minions find the secretive village and attack it with the mission of assassinating the 18-year old. They massacre all the villagers who stand in their way, including Eliza, who is killed masquerading as the Hero with her transformation ability. Believing that they finally killed the real Hero, the minions of Psaro leave the village ruins. The Hero, after seeing the savage ruins of their home, leaves to embrace their destiny as a hero.

While the Hero travels, they encounter the seven other 'Chosen' and they form a party to stop Psaro's diabolical plan to use of the Secret of Evolution to destroy the world. The party goes on a quest to acquire all the pieces of the Zenithia equipment which they use to gain access to Zenithia Castle. The Zenithian Helm is given by the king of Canalot, and the Zenithian Shield is given by the queen of Femiscyra.

After meeting with the Zenith Dragon, the party travels to Nadiria and battle Psaro and his minions, eventually defeating them. After dropping the other chosen off to their respective homes, the Hero returns to their destroyed village and sees Eliza being resurrected as well as the village being restored to its former glory. They kiss and hug then begin to walk towards the village entrance and are greeted by the other chosen.




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