The Hero Association, the Association, or the Superhero Society is the main hero faction of the webcomic turned manga/ anime series One Punch Man. The Hero Association is an organization founded by Japanese multi-millionare Agoni with the sole purpose of protecting the innocent from evil after his grandson was almost killed by a villain himself.


The Hero Association was founded sometime in three years prior to the series where Agoni's grandson was nearly killed by a villain called Crabrante but was saved by Saitama who managed to kill him while searching for a job. Following the event, Agoni had decided to form and found the Hero Association and created the National Superhero Registry to recruit new members and acquire funding for the organization.

National Hero Registry

A database contains the names of each hero. Anyone who did not register in the National Superhero Registry is not officially recognized as a hero and as such is always looked upon as a delusional person, regardless of protecting the world from evil.

In order to become an official member of the Hero Association, a candidate must pass the Hero Entrance Exam. It consists the following parts:

  1. Fitness Test - The physical fitness portion tests both speed and strength. This includes the components of the examination: side-to-side jumps in 30 seconds, running at least 1500 meters, weight-lifting, and squat jumps. Its anime counterpart includes shot put, whack-a-mole, and punching machine components.
  2. Written Test - The content of this test is unknown, but the Fitness and Written Tests are otherwise known as a, "...walk in the park", by Genos. He also said "...the written test is too easy to be called a test..." The written test is designed only for assessing the "sense of justice" of each candidate; the only single staff member of the Association mentioned that it features an essay section to actually write.

Passing the Entrance Exam contains these actions the hero has to use:

  1. A hero is officially recognized by the association.
  2. A hero is entitled to the amount of money made from donations in proportion to the completion of tasks.
  3. An ability rank will be assigned based on the test results.
  4. A hero will become eligible and voted upon by the public in the hero popularity ranking.


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