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A boy dreaming of greatness - of one day being a Hero. Sometimes, he imagined himself as a noble knight... or a powerful wizard... and other times, he dreamt he'd be an evil warrior. But, in all his dreams of greatness, he could not possibly imagine the power of the destiny that lay before him.
~ Intro's description of the Hero.

The Hero of Oakvale is the protagonist of the video games, Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary. He was modelled after his voice actor, John Silke.


Early life

The Hero is the child of the famous heroine, Scarlet Robe, who is often away from Oakvale due to her responsibilities as a Hero. Because of this, the Hero's father, Brom, looks after him and his older sister, Theresa, most of the time.

The Hero starts off on a seemingly normal day, getting a birthday present for Theresa by either performing enough good deeds to earn gold from his father, or performing bad deeds in order to gain money. He eventually gets the present and gives it to his sister. As much as she wants to celebrate the day, she warns him of a strange dream she had: A vision of great terror, chaos, and pain. As they head back into the village, a man runs by screaming about a group of bandits attacking the village, determined to rob and murder the humble villagers as they search for the boy. The boy hides behind a nearby fence; however, Theresa is captured by the bandits.

The bandits pillage long into the night. The blue sky becomes completely enveloped in a blanket of total darkness as a fierce inferno engulfs Oakvale, burning homes and taverns down to the ground. The boy is unable to do anything but listen to the shrill cries of the villagers desperately trying to defend themselves against the bandit horde. The simple people of the village prove an easy task for the bandits, and almost everyone is killed.

The terrified boy returns to the town, but not a soul can be found; only destruction. He wanders to his home, where he is heartbroken to find the corpse of his father and begins to cry. Suddenly, a lone bandit charges straight towards the child. Fortunately, Maze, a powerful Hero and the head of the Heroes' Guild, appears and kills the bandit in a single attack, saving the young boy. Maze warns the boy that if he doesn't come with him, he too will become a victim of the Oakvale massacre. The boy, scared and confused, reluctantly agrees, and Maze teleports them both to the Guild.

Guild of Heroes

The boy is offered a home at the Guild of Heroes, where he is given the opportunity to train to become a hero himself; eager to avenge his family's death, he readily accepts Maze's offer. It was there that the boy spent the rest of his childhood, studying the ways of the Guild and Heroes, day and night, in the hopes that he might one day discover the bandits behind the vicious attack on Oakvale and take his revenge.

There, he is accepted by Weaver and begins training with Whisper, a fellow apprentice who becomes his rival and friend. After many years of intense training of both mind and body, he would, together with Whisper, graduate from the Guild and become a Hero.

Life after the Guild of Heroes

As the boy begins his new life as a hero, he gradually becomes more famous and more powerful than any hero ever seen. The Hero either defends Orchard Farm alongside guards, or attacks it alongside bandits. Either way, the Hero meets Whisper once again, and they fight. Whisper is defeated and the Hero gets the reward from the Guild. He then escorts a pair of traders through Darkwood, defending them against balverines and an earth troll before reaching his destination: Barrow Fields. Nearby is his hometown of Oakvale, which has been rebuilt. He is recognized by a young girl who, now grown, he had helped in the opening scenes by recovering her teddy bear "Rosie" from a bully.

Maze contacts the Hero with news that his sister may have survived the bandit raid, and advises him to seek out the "Bandit Seeress" of the Bandit King and former Hero, Twinblade. After fighting his way through the bandits' camp, he comes face-to-face with Twinblade, and after a short but brutal fight, the Hero defeats him. As he winds up his weapon for the final strike, he is stopped by the Seeress, who is none other than his own sister, Theresa. Theresa explains to her brother what happened after the day Oakvale was burned down, how she had been blinded by torture and ended up being saved by Twinblade's clan. Though blind, her other senses became greatly heightened and awakened an inner strength which focused her "dreams" into prophecies. She talks about their mother, a choice that the Hero would have to make someday, and gives him a letter she had written, along with a book about their bloodline. She then leaves in search of their mother after magically unlocking some hidden energy within the Hero, making him stronger, then forever leaves Twinblade. The Hero may have then finished Twinblade, or spared him; either way, assassins are sent after the Hero.

The Hero's next step, to find out about his mother, is to search for Maze's "friend", known as "the Archaeologist", an expert on the Old Kingdom. This search takes the Hero to Witchwood, where he vanquishes a rock troll along the way to finding the Archaeologist behind a mysterious Demon Door. After opening the Demon Door, the Archaeologist leaves and goes to find a new hiding place.

The Hero then returns to the Guild, where he learns that Knothole Glade is having a problem with balverines. Once there, he is attacked several times by the White Balverine until he receives a Silver Augmentation for his weapon from the wife of the White Balverine. With this, he drives the White Balverine out of the village before taking the fight to its home in Witchwood Lake, where he defeats the White Balverine and all his regular counterparts. This heroic deed makes the Knothole Glade Chieftain eager to nominate him for competition in the Witchwood Arena. The Hero is successful in the early rounds and fights many brutal opponents, eventually being joined by Whisper. They handily deal with several rounds of vicious opponents, including the mighty Arachanox, a gigantic scorpion. While celebrating their victory, a mysterious figure, Jack of Blades, appears and commands that the Hero and Whisper fight each other to the death. Here, the Hero stands with the choice to either kill his old friend, earning a reward for doing so, or let her live.

After becoming the Arena Champion, the Hero meets Jack in the Hall of Heroes, and is told where he can find his mother, who had also been an Arena Champion. The Hero's rivalry begins with Whisper's older brother, Thunder, who is jealous of the attention that Lady Grey devotes to the newest Arena Champion.

The Hero understands that, to find his mother, he must rescue the Archaeologist, who has been abducted from Bowerstone Jail by strange demons called minions. He cuts his way through hordes of minions to get to the Archaeologist before he is shipped off to prison, who tells the Hero that there is an ancient, hidden entrance to Bargate Prison, where Scarlet Robe is being held, on a dangerous road through the Lychfield Graveyard. The Hero is led to the crypt of a legendary Hero, Nostro, who alone can reveal the needed path and whose armor has been stolen by the Gravekeeper. After collecting the four pieces amongst countless undead, he returns each piece to the crypt, causing Nostro to signal a Demon Door close by to open, revealing the path to the hidden prison.

The Hero makes his way through several tunnels to the prison and finally finds his mother. Just as the Hero and Scarlet are about to escape, Jack of Blades, who is the head of the prison, appears in their path, revealing that he had set up the rescue from the start to trap them both. Both the Hero and his mother are captured and locked away.

Hunt for Jack of Blades

At least one year goes by, and during this time, Jack is "free to roam Albion". Finally, the Hero finds the means of escape and, together with Scarlet, fights his way back through the tunnels, ultimately having to defeat a Kraken to escape. After a ferocious battle, he makes it back to Lychfield Graveyard, which is now seemingly peaceful. After a brief reunion with his mother, the Hero parts ways with her (though not before his mother unlocks another untapped source of power in his blood) to try and stop Jack from finding the Sword of Aeons, which will give him even more power. Scarlet goes to find Theresa while the Hero heads for Hook Coast to find the Septimal Key in which Jack needs to activate all the Focus Sites, which will lead him to the Sword.

On his first trip to Hook Coast's old abbey, a magical barrier blocks his path, but his mother finds a book in Maze's quarters which can unlock the barrier. Upon returning to the Guild, he is a moment too late to save his mother from being kidnapped by Jack's minions. Nevertheless, he takes the book his mother has found and gives it to the Guildmaster, who is familiar with the arcane runes that will grant the Hero access to the abbey. He returns to Hook Coast and stands by the barrier as the Guildmaster reads the runes, unlocking the mystical force field.

He then finds Maze, who has his sister imprisoned with magic. Maze lies that Theresa is being controlled by Jack. Theresa counters his claims, accusing Maze of joining Jack and betraying the Guild. Jack arrives and orders Maze to trap the Hero while he takes the Septimal Key, in the process revealing Maze's true allegiance. He teleports himself away so that he could activate the Focus Sites as Theresa uses her own Will abilities to free her brother before disappearing.

The Hero and Maze then fight fiercely, their battle taking them all over Hook coast, culminating at the foot of the lighthouse. Maze's full power proves to be no match for the Hero and he is cut down. Before drawing his last breath, Maze reveals his motives for joining Jack and confesses that the Hero may be powerful enough to defeat Jack. He explains Jack's plan to activate all the Focus Sites around Albion and wishes the Hero success in his quest before dying.

The Hero then chases Jack all over Albion to each of the four Focus Sites, hacking his way through the forces of evil, along with the help of Guild Apprentices, Albion Guards, and the Heroes known as Briar Rose and Thunder. The Hero is not fast enough, and Jack manages to activate all the Focus Sites before heading for the Guild. The Hero rushes to his former home and when he arrives, the Guild is in flames. Jack has slain any who challenged his wrath, and has left the Guildmaster badly wounded at the base of a bookcase in the Guild Library. The Guildmaster informs the Hero that Jack's power is vast indeed and that they had no chance of stopping him, and that it is up to the Hero.

As the Hero enters the Chamber of Fate, Jack mocks him and cuts Scarlet's throat in order to take the Sword of Aeons in hand. However, even with the Sword, Jack is overwhelmed by the Hero and, like his ancestor William Black had done ages before, the Hero destroys Jack's body utterly, casting his soul into the vortex that the Sword of Aeons had been removed from. He is now faced with the choice that Theresa had told him about so long ago: Take the Sword of Aeons and strike his sister down to have power greater than even Jack dreamed of, or destroy it and its darkness forever.

Return of Jack of Blades

An entire year passes, and the world settles back into the monotony of life, and the Guild is rebuilt. The Hero walks around Albion for a year, seeking a new purpose in his life. With Jack gone, people don't have as much need of Heroes. The Hero is summoned to the Guild by the Guildmaster and Briar Rose, and they receive a message from Scythe, an undead Hero in the The Northern Wastes|Northern Wastes, about dangerous creatures called Summoners, and that the "Chosen One" should open the gate to the prophets and take the ancient relic called the Fire Heart. The Hero then has to solve a puzzle called the Mystery of Day and Night; if he filled the puzzle with suns, he let one of the prophets free, but if he fills it with moons, he kills one. He then collects the Fire Heart. If the Hero didn't take the Sword of Aeons, he returns to the Guild and finds a clue in Maze's quarters that leads him to the legendary Avo's Tear.

He, together with Briar Rose, travels to Hook Coast and puts the Fire Heart in the lighthouse when, suddenly, Summoners attack, and the two Heroes have to stop them. When the Summoners are defeated and the Fire Heart charges up, the Ship of the Drowned appears. The Hero travels on the ship to the Northern Wastes. From the coast, he travels to Snowspire Village to talk with Scythe. Scythe's plan is to ask the Snowspire Oracle about the evil that curses the Northern Wastes, but in order to do that, he needs some glyphs to awaken it, so he sends the Hero to the The Necropolis, a great city inhabited by ghosts. There, he searches and digs for the glyphs while fighting the monsters that live in the city. After finding all four glyphs, he returns to Snowspire Village and awakens the Oracle, who tells him that the evil is, in fact, Jack of Blades.

Jack now dwells in Archon's Folly behind the Bronze Gate, the opening of which, it was foretold, marked the end of the world. The Hero is told that, in order to open the Bronze Gate, he has to collect, with Jack's mask, the souls of three specific Heroes to place in the Archon's Shrine. These Heroes were: a King of the Arena, the Heroine, and the Oldest. These descriptions could match a lot of powerful Heroes. The Hero can now hear Jack's thoughts as he tries to manipulate the Hero to kill Thunder, Briar Rose, and the Guildmaster to fulfill the quota, while the Hero can follow the path of good and try to take the souls of already-dead Heroes and leave others unharmed, taking the souls of an unknown arena fighter, his mother, and Nostro.

After opening the Bronze Gate, the Hero enters Archon's Folly and faces Jack again, who takes on the form of a dragon. After a terrible battle, the Hero once again emerges victorious as he casts down Jack's new form and receives the villain's fabled mask, which he finally realizes contains the being's soul. Scythe telepathically explains to the Hero that he must cast the mask into the flames to destroy it forever, all the while the mask strives to convince the Hero to wear it, thus being Jack's new host. The Hero feels Jack's influence within him and his promise for power tempts him to the edge. At this point, the Hero has two choices; Wear the mask and become the most evil being in the world or cast the mask into the flames. It is unknown to the history of Albion exactly which choice he made, although it is known that he had eventually sired children before retiring in his old age to a secluded cottage at the Serenity Farm in Oakfield.

Fable II

After 500 years, the Hero of Oakvale is dead. He doesn't make any appearances in the game, but is mentioned in some books and stories.

The Hero is said to have wielded the Sword of Aeons, yet in the Chamber of Fate, it shows him taking the good choice by casting it away. Also, Theresa is alive, which is impossible if the Hero wielded the Sword of Aeons, as it required him to kill her to wield it. He might have wielded Avo's Tear, which was crafted to look like the Sword of Aeons, thus confusing in-game historians (also, nobody had ever really seen the Sword before, so they would probably only recognize it by its immense power).

There is a Demon Door in Oakfield where many believe the Hero of Oakvale spent his final years in a retreat called Serenity Farm, as it is written in the description of the property.


  • Theresa's Birthday: It's Theresa's birthday today and I haven't got her a present. Father says he'll give me the money to buy one if I perform good deeds around town. There might be another way though.
  • The Sacking of Oakvale: Bandits have attacked Oakvale. The whole place is in flames. There are bodies everywhere. I've got to find Theresa and my parents.
  • The Guild of Heroes: Everything's happening too quickly. My home is gone, my family is dead, and now a man called Maze has brought me to this place, the Guild of Heroes. Why can't everything be as it was before?
  • The Way of the Hero: The Guild has been my home for some years now, and Whisper and the Guildmaster have been my new family. Training is getting harder all the time, yet somehow it feels right, like it's always been in my blood. I’m not allowed out of the Guild though, and I rarely see Maze. I often wonder what's happening beyond these walls.
  • Graduation Day: After so many years of preparation I have finally completed my training. There's a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Maybe now I can find out what happened to my family too.
  • First Quest: I’ve completed my first Quest and now have my first trophy too. The Guildmaster said Maze wants to meet me a tavern in Bowerstone. Probably wants to congratulate me.
  • Theresa Still Alive?: Maze told me he believes Theresa may have survived the raid all those years ago. He will let me know if he finds out more.
  • Protecting Orchard Farm ("Protect Orchard Farm"): I defended Orchard Farm from a bandit assault. Whisper fought on their side, but I managed to beat her. They were after some strange objects recently unearthed by the farmers, and were working for someone called Lady Grey.
  • The Raid on Orchard Farm ("Attack Orchard Farm"): I joined a group of Bandits in their assault on Orchard Farm. We stole some mysterious objects the farmers had recently unearthed, for someone called Lady Grey. Whisper was defending the farm, but I managed to beat her.
  • The Road Back to Oakvale: I brought some Traders to Barrow Fields. Theresa and I used to play here, and it's where I last saw her. Maze wants to see me in Oakvale. I wonder if he has any news.
  • Home Again: I can’t believe I’m back home. So much has changed. The people, the houses... I wonder if our house is still here.
  • Visit the Seeress: Maze hasn't been able to find out any more about Theresa, but he suggested I speak to the Blind Seeress who lives among Twinblade's bandits. I’ll have to find the camp first.
  • Theresa and Twinblade: Theresa is alive. She had a dreadful story to tell; how she was blinded in the raid and ended up living among Twinblade's Bandit clan. Somehow her blindness has granted her the ability to see into the future, but her mind has suffered terribly and it is hard to make sense of what she says. She spoke of Mother and of a grave choice I must make some day. Then something happened. A burst of energy unlocked an untapped power within me. Now I must meet Maze in his Guild quarters.
  • An Old Friend: Maze wants me to find an old friend of his, known only as the Archaeologist. He should be somewhere in Witchwood, which I can now reach through a Cullis Gate. Maze also mentioned I should consider fighting in the Arena soon. All the best Heroes compete there.
  • The Archaeologist: I found the Archaeologist hiding in a cave. He knows more than anyone about the Old Kingdom, and it seems there are people desperate for this knowledge. He suggested I'm connected to whatever is happening in Albion right now, and to those strange objects that were unearthed in Orchard Farm. He was a friend of Mother's long ago, and said I may be able to find out about her in the Arena. I will need a nomination card from the Knothole Glade Chief first.
  • A Letter from Theresa: Theresa passed through here not long ago and left a letter for me, along with a book that explains our connection to an ancient weapon of great power, the Sword of Aeons.
  • The White Balverine: I have slain the White Balverine that has been stalking Knothole Glade. In return I've received a nomination to enter the Arena. This will be the greatest test of my powers yet. And I may be able to find information about Mother there.
  • The Arena Champion (kill Whisper at the Arena): I have emerged victorious from the Arena. The final round pitted me against Whisper. I think I heard her brother shouting out from the crowd as I spilt her blood.
  • The Arena Champion (spare Whisper at the Arena): I have emerged victorious from the Arena. The final round pitted me against my old friend Whisper, The crowd wanted to see blood, but could never kill her.
  • Scarlet Robe: I found Mother's statue in the Hall of Heroes. She was known as Scarlet Robe, a fierce slayer of Balverines. Jack of Blades spoke to me as I stood there. He said that she's alive and living in solitude. If I were to bring Theresa to him he would take us both to see her. It is clearly a trick, but he does know something. He awarded me the Champion's Seal, which will allow me to enter Bowerstone North.
  • Theresa at the Grey House: Theresa has found out where mother is. She's being kept in Bargate Prison by Jack. It was he who blinded my sister so long ago, he who raided our home. It's impossible to gain entrance to the prison through the main gate, but the Archaeologist knows of a secret way in. Theresa has left a Quest Card at the Guild with the details. She also mentioned that mother will be able to unlock an untapped power within me.
  • The Chase: I fought some strange creatures who had captured the Archaeologist. When I freed him, he told me of a secret way into Bargate Prison in the Lychfield Graveyard. It hasn't been opened for centuries.
  • The Lychfield Passage: I have found the way into Bargate Prison. It feels more like a descent into a netherworld after passing through that realm of the dead.
  • Captured: Jack of Blades was waiting for me all along, and now he has us both. Mother has been through decades of torture, and now Jack has a new means to persuade her to tell him what he wants: me. I have to find a way out of here.
  • Freedom: We have escaped at last, but Jack knows where to find the key that will unlock the Sword of Aeons. I have to get to Hook Coast before he discovers how to retrieve it, and the Darkwood portal is the only way to get there. Mother has gone to find Theresa. Before she left, she released a great dormant power within me. I have never felt stronger.
  • Gateway to Hook Coast: After feeding it the souls of undead warriors, the ancient Cullis Gate has been reactivated. Hook Coast awaits on the other side.
  • Hook Coast Abbey: A magical barrier is blocking the entry to the Abbey, and the locals speak of a mysterious figure haunting the place. It can only be Jack. Mother has told me to meet her in Maze's quarters. She has found something there.
  • The Journal: There was no trace of Mother here. I have found a book of Ancient Hook Coast magics that may help to dispel the barrier. I don't know what it was doing in Maze's quarters but I can't read the language its written in anyway. Perhaps the Guildmaster could translate it?
  • The Betrayal: Maze betrayed me, the old fool. He was part of the raid on my home before having second thoughts and saving me. He knew even then who I was, and believed I would one day be able to stop Jack. Then his belief wavered and he joined Jack once more. He performed the ritual to retrieve the Key, and now Jack is using it to activate the Focus Sites around Albion, which will unlock the Sword. I must return to the Guild immediately.
  • The Focus Sites: Jack has activated all the Sites. Not even the Guild and all its Heroes could stop him. And now Albion is in chaos. Old Kingdom beasts are appearing everywhere, and the air itself seems charged with dark energies. Jack has taken Mother into the Chamber of Fate, where the Sword of Aeons will be waiting for him. I have to get there now.
  • The Sword of Aeons (kill Theresa and keep the Sword): Jack of Blades is dead, and the Sword is mine. I have fed it Theresa's blood. Its power courses through me...
  • The Sword of Aeons (spare Theresa and destroy the Sword): I have killed Jack of Blades, and the sword has been destroyed. Perhaps now I can find some peace...
  • The Wandering (killed Theresa): I have walked Albion for a year, tired of the fearful glances I get wherever I go. The Sword has made all bow before me, but it has brought me no lasting peace. What challenges are there to live for now?
  • The Wandering (spared Theresa): I have walked Albion for a year, seeking some new purpose to life. With Jack gone, there seems little need for Heroes. As for Theresa, she left and may never return. She says this place holds too many painful memories for her. What is there left to fight for now?
  • The Fire Heart: At last I have been shaken from the monotonous calm the world had succumbed to after Jack's death. One of the Guild's oldest Heroes, Scythe, has sent a message from the distant Northern Wastes. A great power is rising there, and creatures known as Summoners may herald the greatest threat I have faced yet. To travel to the North I must place the Fire Heart, an ancient artefact once used by Archon himself, in the Hook Coast lighthouse. It will call forth a ship to carry me to Scythe and these Summoners.
  • The Long Journey: I have little sense of how many weeks have passed, but I left the shores of Hook Coast long ago, not knowing what I would find in the Northern Wastes, or if Scythe was even alive still. My time on the Ship of the Drowned was like a strange dream, the taste of seasalt on my lips at times felt like blood, the constant crashing of the waves like the cries of the damned. I arrived at The Lost Bay to be greeted by another ethereal projection from Scythe. I am to meet him in a town called Snowspire, where an Oracle may be able to tell us the nature of this new threat.
  • Jack Lives: The words of the Oracle still ring in my ears. Jack of Blades is alive. Only his body was destroyed in the Chamber of Fate battle, and he will soon rise in a new and stronger form unless we can find some way of stopping him. The Oracle said his essence lies behind the Bronze Gate, close to the Archon's Shrine where I met Briar Rose earlier. I must go to the Shrine now. Somehow Jack's mask is the key to unlocking the Gate there. My life has a renewed purpose. I will not rest until Jack is annihilated, whatever his form.
  • The Souls of Heroes: I have spoken to Briar, and her research into the Shrine has uncovered the curious mechanism that will unlock the Bronze Gate. I must take the souls of three Heroes using Jack's Mask and feed them to the Shrine. The first soul has to belong to an Arena Champion, such as myself. Briar has suggested I speak to Thunder, who I will find in Knothole Glade.
  • The Arena Champion (kill Thunder and take his soul): I have my first soul. Jack's voice rang in my head, there is no doubt now he's alive, and suggested I take Thunder's. I had grown tired of his constant jibes and jealousy, and he was a sorry excuse for a Hero anyway.
  • The Arena Champion (take the souls in the Arena): I have my first soul. Jack's voice rang in my head, there is no doubt now he's alive, and suggested I should take Thunder's. Always he seeks to manipulate me.I ignored his malevolent whispers and fought in the Arena instead.
  • The Heroine (kill Briar Rose and take her soul): The second inscription asked for the soul of a Heroine. Briar Rose suggested I should take my mother's from her resting place in Oakvale, but it was so much easier just to kill Briar. Always teleporting backwards and forwards, thinking she is superior to everyone because she reads books... Not anymore.
  • The Heroine (take Scarlet Robe's soul): The second inscription asked for the soul of a Heroine. I have travelled back to Oakvale, the place where I was born, the place my parents are buried, and fought to claim the soul of my mother. She was willing to make the sacrifice to hurt Jack. I have promised to make him pay for all he has done. And I will.
  • The Oldest Soul (kill the Guildmaster and take his soul): The final inscription asked for the soul of the Oldest Hero. The fools at the Guild wanted me to dig around in a cemetery like a common graverobber, but I had only one thing in mind: to silence the Guildmaster once and for all. No more will his infuriating voice echo in my head. Now the Bronze Gate stands open, and Jack of Blades awaits within. It is time to end this.
  • The Oldest Soul (take Nostro's soul): The final inscription asked for the Oldest Soul, and Jack tried to convince me to kill the Guildmaster in order to get it. Still trying to influence me as if I was no more than a pawn in his hands. Instead, I travelled to the Lychfield Cemetery and fought the valiant Nostro, who gave up his soul in exchange for eternal peace. Now the Bronze Gate stands open, and Jack of Blades awaits within. It is time to end this.
  • Albion Will Burn (wear Jack's Mask): How pathetic of this little Hero to keep a journal. Well, now he is dead, and Jack of Blades lives. Nothing in Albion can stop me now...
  • The Slain Dragon (destroy Jack's Mask): It is done. Jack is no more. His reincarnation into a Dragon provided me with a Hero's ultimate test, but a harder battle was fought afterwards: Jack's will against mine. His soul inhabited the Mask once more and its persuasive whisper almost overcame my spirit. I was finally able to cast the Mask into the lava. Whatever Jack's true nature was, it has extinguished in flames.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master sorcerer: As a member of the Black bloodline, the Hero of Oakvale was immensely powerful; as he was one of the most powerful magic-users in the history of Albion.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Hero of Oakvale was much stronger than normal humans and most other supernatural beings; for example, he could overpower several beetles, wasps, scorpions, bandits, guards, hobbes, undead, wraiths, balverines, nymphs and minions relatively easily, as his strength was rivaled only by other mystical warriors and most other white balverines, also, by channeling mystical energy; he could amplify his physical strength. By far, the Hero of Oakvale's most impressive feat of his strength; was the fact that he was able to overpower Thunder in terms of pure brute strength; the latter who was physically the strongest mystical warrior of his time.
  • Superhuman speed: The Hero of Oakvale was much faster than normal humans and most other supernatural beings; for example, he could move at blur-like speeds, also, he could strike down his opponent(s) before they could react in time. Also, by channeling mystical energy; the Hero of Oakvale could amplify his physical speed.
  • Electrogenesis: The Hero of Oakvale could generate, create and project bright blue electricity, particularly lightning from both his hands or his entire body.
  • Electrokinesis: The Hero of Oakvale could manipulate electricity, particularly lightning; as his electricity could take the form of lightning bolts; allowing him to hit precise target(s).
  • Pyrogenesis: The Hero of Oakvale could generate, create and project bright red fire from both his hands or his entire body.
  • Pyrokinesis: The Hero of Oakvale could manipulate fire; as he could unleash a wave of fire to incinerate several opponent(s) simultaneously, the Hero of Oakvale's flames could also take the form of a fireball; allowing him to hit precise target(s).
  • Chronokinesis: The Hero of Oakvale could the timeline; as he could slow-down the movements of his opponent(s).
  • Conjuring: The Hero of Oakvale could generate, create and project several mystical energy swords or arrows that could impale attack several opponent(s) simultaneously.
  • Mind control: The Hero of Oakvale could effect the minds of other individuals; causing several of his opponent(s) to become confused and to attack each other; however, this magic spell only works on weaker opponent(s), not on incredibly powerful ones.
  • Telekinesis: The Hero of Oakvale could telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them; as he could unleash a wave of pure telekinetic-energy that push back several opponent(s) simultaneously.
  • Necromancy: The Hero of Oakvale could summon the spirits of the dead to to attack several opponent(s) simultaneously; as these said spirits were under his complete control.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand combatant: Due to 15 years of training under the tutelage of Weaver, the Hero of Oakvale was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant in both armed and unarmed combat; as he could take on several opponent(s) all by himself relatively easily.
  • Master swordsman: Due to 15 years of training under the tutelage of Weaver, the Hero of Oakvale was a highly skilled swordsman; as he could strike down several beetles, wasps, scorpions, bandits, guards, hobbes, undead, wraiths, balverines, nymphs and minions relatively easily. By far, the Hero of Oakvale's most impressive feat of his swordsmanship skills; was the fact that he was able to survive all challenges of the Arena; a feat that only a few individuals have ever achieve.
  • Master archer: Due to 15 years of training under the tutelage of Weaver, the Hero of Oakvale was a highly skilled swordsman; as he could shoot down several beetles, wasps, scorpions, bandits, guards, hobbes, undead, wraiths, balverines, nymphs and minions relatively easily.
  • Master marksman: Due to 15 years of training under the tutelage of Weaver, the Hero of Oakvale was a highly skilled swordsman; several beetles, wasps, scorpions, bandits, guards, hobbes, undead, wraiths, balverines, nymphs and minions with little to no effort.



  • The Hero's underwear has a Union Flag design.
  • The Hero is eight during the prologue, and eighteen when the game starts proper.
  • In Fable: The Journey, Theresa mentions that she used to hide in the fields with her brother.
  • There exists an in-game book named The Trials of Aarkan, the events of which are markedly similar to the Hero's youth and quest.
  • Performing enough expressions to Theresa in Fable II will cause her to say "You remind me of someone I once knew long, long ago".
  • In the Fable game files, there is a note from Scarlet Robe that heavily implies that The Old Adventurer from Lookout Point was intended to be her brother (and the Hero's uncle). This content never made it to the official game, and it's unknown how it would've played out considering that he would be another descendent to the Archon bloodline.
  • In Fable II, there is a book stating that the Hero had children, but when the Guild was destroyed, all records were lost along with it, yet Sparrow is a descendant of him, as the three Hero virtues are passed solely by blood, and the characters of both games possess all three virtues, which is a rarity even among Heroes.
  • In the book The Hero of Oakvale in Fable II, it states that the Hero of Oakvale used the Sword of Aeons against Jack of Blades, creating a paradox because if the Hero of Oakvale used the Sword of Aeons, it means Theresa was sacrificed. Though this may be a historical error on part of in-game archaeologists, as the Sword of Aeons looks almost identical to Avo's Tear. It should also be noted that the paintings in the Chamber of Fate depict the "good" ending where the Hero of Oakvale destroyed the Sword of Aeons.
    • It becomes even more likely that it is an in-game historical mistake when taken into consideration the fact that the book mentions the Hero of Oakvale wielding the Sword of Aeons against Jack of Blades' first form. This is impossible as it is Jack himself wielding the Sword during the first battle with him.
  • One of the loading screens of Fable II says that the Hero is rumoured to have killed the Guildmaster. Whether there is any truth behind this rumour is left unstated, but is likely a joke for comic relief as it states he carved "Your health is low" into the Guildmaster's forehead.
  • If the Hero retrieves Avo's Tear in Fable: The Lost Chapters, it is implied that he is worthy of being buried at the grave where he found the weapon.
  • The Hero's hair is very unique in the Fable games, in that it seems to naturally change colour as he ages. When he is a child, his hair is brown. When he is a teenager, it turns black. He later has the possibility of turning it blond.
  • In Fable III, his Hero doll will sometimes make a cameo when changing the ornaments on furniture in houses owned by the player.
  • The Hero of Oakvale is the only playable character in the main Fable series that can be killed in combat; the Hero of Bowerstone and the Hero of Brightwall can only be "knocked out"; and the Hero of Southcliff is always triumphant during battle cut-scenes.
  • The name Hero of Oakvale is most likely derived from the game DragonTorc, which inspired Fable. In that game, the main character is known as "The Hero of Avalon".
  • According to an interview with the game's co-creator Dene Carter, both Kaspar Daugaard and Martin Bell are responsible for developing the morphing system for the Hero of Oakvale.


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