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A look at the concept of heroes.

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Good Versus Evil

The concept of the age-old "Good Versus Evil" scenario.

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The Hero & Big Good

The sacred ingredients of the cornerstone of good guys and sidekicks everywhere.

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Behold of the Elder Gods

The benevolent embodiment from Heaven that can help enhance our livelihood.

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The Heroes Wiki is an off-shot of the "Villains Wiki" and is designed to be a comprehensive database of heroes from all media - ranging from cartoon shows of old to epic dramas, movies and video-games. Heroes are an ancient traditional spanning across almost all cultures and capturing the imaginations of young and old - this wiki seeks to pay homage to those childhood fantasies as well as characters who continue to inspire us well into our adult life.

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Ellen Ripley is the main protagonist of the Alien series, and the archenemy of the destructive alien race, the Xenomorphs, who took just about everything she ever loved.

Ellen Ripley was one of seven crew members of the Nostromo in 2122. The crew awoke thinking they were done with their cargo haul duty but found out they were awoken to investigate a distress signal coming from the moon LV-426. The atmosphere of the moon damaged the ship, and so the crew had to stay on the moon until repairs were complete. An away team consisting of Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane and Navigator Lambert left the ship to investigate the signal. They found a Derelict Ship emulating the signal. Ripley stayed on the shuttle to oversee the repairs, but little did any of the crew know that the ship was overrun by a hostile alien known as a Xenomorph.

Overtime, as each of the crew was killed off by the creature, the survivors came up with a plan to open the escape hatch and flush the creature out; unfortunately, the process gave off steam and the creature became agitated. Ripley quickly lost her courage, but by the time the creature was in striking distance of her she opened the hatch to the vacuum of space. All loose objects and the creature were sucked out. It held onto the entrance, until Ripley shot it with a harpoon gun. However, the hatch closed on it, tethering the creature to the shuttle. The Alien then tried to get back in via the engine, but Ripley hit the ignition and the creature was blown into space. After she gave her final report on the status of the ship, cargo, and crew Ripley signed off and entered hypersleep.

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Berando1077 Berando1077 1 day ago

PG Proposal: Shiro from Voltron: Legendary Defender

After my proposal of Big the Cat fails drastically, decides to do one with a better character, and now yes, it is the turn of our next candidate, this time it will be Shiro from Voltron: Legendary De…

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Controversial Views Controversial Views 2 days ago

Pure Good Proposal: Lex Luthor (Crisis on Two Earths: Crime Syndicate Earth)

Well after the rather poor turnout for my Transformers proposals, I have decided to do a DC candidate instead. This is not a joke and after seeing this movie for the 5th time, I believe he qualifies.…

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Emeraldblade95 Emeraldblade95 3 days ago

Pure Good Proposal: Dr. Delbert Doppler

With my birthday coming up this Friday, October 15, I decided to create a Pure Good Proposal for a character of one of my favorite films from my childhood. Hopefully, I think this man may qualify. …

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