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Hexx is a minor recurring character in the ARG series, 0nemoresoul2thecall.


When Sam and Cass first meet Hexx, she's surprised to see them due to the fact that she thought their video series was fake. However, Hexx and the girls discover a box of intestines next to the Wroth-Caleb masoleum, ultimately deciding that she does not want to get involved with what they're going through.

Later, a video is given to Sam and Cass consisting of Hexx being attacked by a group of cloaked figures. She is cornered by them within the masoleum and the video is cut off. A possessed Cass visits Hexx much later and tells her that she looks like her wife, and also says that she is keeping her alive for a social experiment. Hexx says that she hasn't seen any of the recent videos due to her 'hallucination', and wanting to need safe. Hexx doesn't take Cass seriously, and goes about her day after she leaves.

Sam later kidnaps Hexx and questions her, asking her if she is "the woman in the cave." Hexx takes a realistic and sarcastic approach to everything. Sam begins to torture her, but Hexx still questions her motives, at one point mentioning dopplegangers. When Sam begins to question why she said this, the video distorts, and Sam wakes up with Hexx missing, with a distant memory of what she did.

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