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Hero Overview

Hi Shin Unit. I shall bestow this name upon your unit.
~ General Ou Ki
Doesn't matter how many of us die, so long as he stays alive...The Hi Shin Unit will never die!
~ Den Ei to the retracting Hi Shin Unit on protecting Shin
General Ou Ki...Just how much has the Hi Shin Unit which you personally named grown in the last three years...Please watch without blinking and see with your eyes.
~ Shin's thoughts during the first day of Battle of Kankoku Pass.

The Hi Shin Army is a powerful military organization and army in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. Led and commanded by Ri Shin, a General in the state of Qin military, the army was reformed from the foundation of the Hi Shin Unit, a 5000-Men strong military unit that was founded over 11 years ago after being brought together as a special independent 100-Men unit that was named personally by the late Great General Ou Ki, the Monstrous Bird of Qin. As a unit, they became famous and well known for their ability to break through enemy formations to strike and kill an enemy general or commander, incredible martial abilities within their infantry and later cavalry, sturdy tendencies and physical prowess that border on superhuman, and turning the tides of a war or battlefield to their favor through various means.

The organization is identifiable by the Hi character on their banner flags.


In terms of the individual clothing, it can vary between members due to having been formed from members of peasant, commoner, and noble backgrounds. Originially the members of unit looked like any ragtag group of militia infantry as they wore their casual robes and daily clothing onto the battlefield with basic chainmail, a few helmets between two or more, straw made sandals, and handmade weapons amongst them during their days as a 100-Men and 300-Men unit. This lead to both allies and enemies to underestimatie and even looked down on them like Ou Hon and members of the Gyoku Hou Unit did during their first meeting as they openly laughed at them. But with the added addition of the 700 remnants of the defunct Kaku Bi Unit.

1000-man Hi Shin Unit Kingdom.jpg


Coming from different backgrounds, the Hi Shin Army consists of rough, tough, and usually stubborn types of individuals.


Shit...the enemy...Is so strong! On top of that, we're tired as hell...our conscience is getting further away...Our eyes are clouding over...It feels as it we'll fall over any minute. But...But...Every slash he makes fills us with strength. Every time our boss cuts down an enemy...Our whole body wells up strength!!
All right! Wait for us, En-san and everyone...You better make your peace, Fuu Ki!! Let's move, men!! This clash which General Ou Ki said is the most important fight of all the opening engagements...WE'LL FINISH IT WITH OUR OWN HANDS!!
~ Shin.
Their reactions have sped up significantly due to their strategist, Ka Ryo Ten entering the fray. They're countering and sealing off every one of our moves so we can't make use of any defensive tactics. At first glance, you think that the secret to the Hi Shin Unit's strength is because they're being led by the absurd combat prowess of their captain. But the one truly responsible is Ka Ryo Ten. It is only thanks that they're able to utilize that strength to its full capacity. And now that she's actually on the field her impact is even more pronounced...!!
~ Kin Mou on the Hi Shin Unit's abilities during the 15th day of the Battle o Shu Kai Palins.



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