I'm Hibiki. I'm also referred to as "The Phoenix" from my exploits.
~ Hibiki
Marvelous... I can feel the power in this.
~ Verniy

Hibiki (響 "Echo"?) was the twenty-second of twenty-four Fubuki-class destroyer destroyers, or the second of Akatsuki-class destroyer (if that sub-class is regarded independently), built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the inter-war period. When introduced into service, these ships were the most powerful destroyers in the world. They remained formidable ships well into the Pacific War. Hibiki and Yukikaze were the only ships to survive among the 82 Japanese destroyers built before the war.

On 5 April 1947, Hibiki was turned over to the Soviet Union at Nakhodka as a prize of war, and placed in service with the Soviet Navy under the name Verniy (Russian: Верный "Faithful")


The Akatsuki-class wears a white and dark blue serafuku with a "III" somewhere on themselves as well as some form of black legwear.

Hibiki herself has long white hair, pantyhose and wears a hat. The "III" is on her hat.


A stoic girl and a russophile, she sometimes uses appropriate (if rudimentary) russian in her dialogue. She is one of the girls with a second remodeling in the form of her post-war self: Verniy. She also has the nickname of "Phoenix" due to her surviving from heavy damage several times during the war.


  • Hibiki means "echo", Верный means "faithful".
  • Can speak in Russian. Ура!!! (night battle) (pronounced oo-ra [Ura]; essentially means 'Hoorah!')
  • Occasionally says "до свидания" (do svidaniya) [Good Bye] at the menu screen.
  • Kudō Shunsaku was transferred to Hibiki after his rescue of enemy personnel while captain of Ikazuchi.
  • She was retired from service on February 20, 1953 and subsequently scrapped.
  • Her name lives on as a part of Ocean surveillance ship known as Hibiki-class.


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