Hero Overview

We won't kill you, since we would only knock you down unconscious like your men…hopefully by then you will learn the meaning of true hope is…
~ Hibiki Tachibana

Hibiki Tachibana is the main heroine of the Symphogear franchise. Hibiki is a schoolgirl who attends the same school as Tsubasa. She is sole survivor of the Noise Attack and the Zwei Wing Incident. Hibiki is the current user of Gungnir, who is powerfully skilled in Martial Arts.

She is voiced by Aoi Yūki who also voices Mina Tepes, Meme Tatane, Yuuki KonnoTamaki Kotatsu, Madoka Kaname and Nodoka Hanadera.


Hibiki (響) - The term Hibiki means a sound, a ring, or an echo. Used as a verb, it can mean to resound/resonate.

Tachibana (立花) - Means "Standing flower".


Hibiki has dark orange eyes with short cream colored hair fastened with two red clips on either side of her head. She is most often see wearing the uniform of Lydian Music Academy.

Hibiki has a scar on her chest in the shape of a 'forte' from when Kanade's Gungnir fragment pierced her chest on the day of the Zwei Wing Concert.

For the third season, she wears a white blue sleeveless striped shirt with light yellow overall shorts with a large blue bow and orange-white shoes.

In episode 7 of GX, she wore a yellow two piece bikini with three orange flowers. One at the bottom and two on the top acting like clips.


Hibiki is a kindhearted cheery person though a bit aloof sometimes. Her hobby is helping others and she has a liking to a lot of food. She treats everyone with kindness, even those that used to be enemies. She doesn’t want to fight unless she necessarily has to and wouldn’t want to have pointless battles when she believes the problem could be talked about calmly first. Otherwise, she gladly dons her Symphogear in order to help people who are in danger that otherwise can’t be used by ordinary means. At other times, she is sensitive about certain topics - her father and the past being two of them. Hibiki hides her feelings about specific things and rarely shows herself being sad to anyone whenever it’s a problem related to herself, even her friends. In this regard, she forces herself to keep a smile for others. The only person that can normally tell she’s putting on a facade is Miku. This can hinder Hibiki when in battle, as she allows her emotions to get the better of her. She can also make a bad habit of running away from her problems and bouts of self-doubt.



Hibiki was born with a poor family. As a young girl, she was taken good care by her father. During elementary or high school years, she was often judged as a murderer by her classmates and bullies. Suddenly, she feels insecured. Then she devided to back home to see her mother and her grandmother. She believes that everything is going to be fine.


Zwei Wing concert and the Death of Kanade Amo

Two years ago, She was calling Miku at the stadium, which that she couldn't come, which she is disappointed. While attending a Zwei Wing concert. However, Miku was very busy of attending her family. Hibiki was was suprisingly exclaimed of inviting her. She was buying the glowing sticks from the booth of the Zwei Wing Logo on everyone. When she walked to the concert hall, she smiles in cheerful amazement in the stage. Hibiki activates the glow stick as the concert starts and waves it in the air excitedly. When the Noise attack and humans escaped, Hibiki was shocked to stand up by watching the two singers. Their names are Kanade Amou and Tsubasa Kazanari. The destruction of the stage caused Hibki to fall to the ground by injuring her leg. When the Noise apporached her, Kanade jumps to save her, convincing her to run. She rises up to run away. However, the fragment from Kanade's Gungnir nearly killed her. Hibiki witnesses Kanade's death and falls unconscious. She next wakes up when they are performing surgery on her, realizing that she is still alive.

Two Years Later and Battle Against Noise

Two years after the Noise Attack Incident, Hibiki is now continuing to live a long life by attending the Lydian Academy and singing an anthem. However, she gets scolded for wandering astray in class. Afterwards, she went to the dorm on the floor to talk how tire she was. She then runs over to the table to pick up a Magazine with Tsubasa Kazanari; and, she remembers that her CD are available on sale. She continues to understand and know that the incident had happened in two years ago when the news witnessed and reported something different. Later that night, she is sleeping together with Miku Kohinata. The next day as Miku Kohinata reads the newspaper about what had happened, Hibiki Tachibana eats so fast to stand as Tsubasa Kaznari passes by. She was a bit nervous as she comes face-to-face with the star as Tsubasa Kazanari points out the rice stuck on mouth. Later in the next day again, she whines to Miku Kohinata when Tsubasa noticed that she was acting weird.and the latter comments that she is right to know that. Miku peacefully reminds her that the Tsubasa's CD is available that day and Hibiki tells her that it is a heroic symbol. Hibiki has run down the street to buy the musical CD chanting mantra for herself; however, she goes to see the other people, who died of being turned into black carbon dust, a dangerous sign of Noise. She heard the screaming of a little girl. Hibiki decided to save her. Suddenly, they run away from the Noise together. They jump into the river to find a safer hideout. However, she gets cornered  by Noise. There, she starts singing, which activates the Gungnir fragment inside of her body. She was transformed into a Symphogear. Following her succesful transformation to a new Symphogear, HIbiki is ready to fight back against Noise due to her lack of experience, she did not control her high distance jumping powers and abilities. When the Noise assault, she believes that she can destroy them all by herself with the use of her new Symphogear power armor. Tsubasa Kazanari arrives to tell by protecting the little girl. So, she can continue fight. However, a large of number of Noise was overcome. Tsubasa was capable of saving them.

After the first battle is done, Aoi gives Hibiki a warm drink. She happily accepts the offer to sip a drink. Hibiki goes back to her normal form to spill her drink. Tsubasa easily caught her. Thanks to Tsubasa Kazanari, Hibiki was saved two times, which causes Hibiki an expressional confusion. She mentions when TSubasa Kazanari stands in her way to prevent dangerous actions. She is then excused by Shinji and recruited to Mobile Disaster Response Corps. She is told by Shinji to calm down. When the elevator drops down, Hibiki was able to hear the scream. Hibiki was surprisingly invited by Genjuro Kazanari and Ryouko Sakurai by welcoming her to a party. Confused, Ryouko wanted to take a picture with her; but, Hibiki refused. Hibiki was a bit sad since she was comatose. She then asks how they knew her name as never she met any. She really thanked Shinji for enjoyment and entertainment. When they do introductions, HIbiki decided to ask people with questions by explaining it to them. She screams too weird when Ryoko asks her to remove some clothes.

In the next day, Hibiki is being called by Miku Kohinata about something. However, Hibiki decided to leave. She transforms to fight the Noise. During the fight, Hibiki waits for Tsubasa Kazanari to arrive. She quickly kills number of Noise aliens by breaking the promise with Miku Kohinata. Her wild side begins to emerge as she tears the Noise apart. After destroying them quickly, Hibiki looks at the sky to see a shooting star. Together with Tsubasa, Chris Yukine appears with her Nehushtan Armor. She tries to stop Tsubasa Kazanari from confronting Chris in one-on-one combat as she is like human like the two of them. The two fight each other. While she watches the fight between the two Symphogear heroines, Chris summons the Noise to attack Hibiki. Caught by Noise, Hibiki continued to watch fighting.

Later, Tsubasa sacrificed herself to defeat Chris by unleashing Zesshou on her. The powerful explosion caused Hibiki to be free from the Noise. After the fight is over, Hibiki tries to approach her by running; but, she is shocked. Genjuro and Ryuko arrived to recover the comatose Tsubasa.

At the hospital, she was comforted by Shinji Ogawa while she was crying. Shinji gives Hibiki a warm chocolate drink and tells her about the Zwei Wing incident caused by the sacrifice of Kanade Amou in two years ago. Hibiki now understands the sacrifice made by Kanade and Tsubasa; so that, it will not hurt the feelings of Tsubasa Kazanari.On the roof of the school, Hibiki gave an excuse letter to Miku Kohinata, believeing that they can see each other again.

In Episode 5 of the First Season, Hibiki Tachibana started a new training with Genjuro Kazanari, believing that she can get stronger in order save the day by doing a lot of exercises: punching bags, running, etc. After the training is done, Hibiki is ready to fight back against the approaching enemies once and for all. She was given an information by Genjuro Kazanari about the Hospitalization of Tsubasa Kazanari. Shinji arrives to talk to Hibiki. Later, she is seen with the rest of agents of the Special Disaster Response Team to have an early arrival on the mission. When they arrive, Hibiki calls out Ryoko as a supporter until she is in charge of fulfilling her duties. Hibiki Tachibana challenges Chris Yukine to a long, epic battle. After the long battle, Hibiki was able to defend herself aginst Chris Yukine by obtaining Durandal sword obatining an easiest victory today.

After Fine's plan was foiled, Hibiki goes back to meet her friend. She believes that everything is going to get much better. Later, she and Miku Kohinata are taking a bath together when Hibiki was sincered for harrasing Miku on a Sunday morning and comments on her experience. Late at the Lydian Academy, Hibiki was with her phone. When Shinji was contacting; and, Hibiki declines the answer. After the class, Hibiki was able to treat her friend very good. After that, Hibiki is glad that Tsubasa Kazanari is healthy. Hibiki heard a strange sound. Hibiki decided to fight Chris Yukine in the long battle again. While talking with Chris Yukine, Hibiki wanted to tell her that she had done something wrong; but, Chris angrily refused. Hibiki instead uses the powerful strength to punch and break through Chris' armor. When Hibiki wanted to reach the feelings of Chris Yukine with the spirit of truth. Chris refused again. Chris goes on the armor purge to activeate her Symphogear relic, Ichival. When Tsubasa Kazanari arrived to ask Hibiki about the many battles for the Symphogear heroines. Suddenly, Fine arrives to interrupt the fight between the Symphogear heroines. Fine was taking the Nehushtan Armor for good.

Battle against Fine

After Chris Yukine was redeemed, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines heard about the attack against the American soldiers done by Fine with the Nehushtan Armor. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines joined together to defeat the Noise. Following their victory, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines investigated incident caused by Fine. When Miku Kohinata and the rest of the Lydian Academy students went to safety in the Section Two headquarters. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines confront Fine in the final battle. Suddenly, Hibiki was shocked by the supposed death of Chris Yukine. Hibiki goes out of control by doing a restless attack on both Fine and Tsubasa Kazanari. When Kadingir prepare to fire another shot at the moon, Tsubasa stops Hibiki from doing a hateful actions. When Tsubasa supposedly died of heroic sacrifice to destroy Kadingir. Hibiki goes back to normal, completely led to her sorrowful defeat. Upon hearing the help of Miku Kohinata and the Lydian Academy Students, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines unleash their potential, X-Factor. With their new powerful tranformations, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines fight back against the army of Noise summoned by Fine. Just then, she and the Symphogear heroines defeated Fine in Red Dragon of Revelations with Durandal, giving thanks to the help of Miku Kohinata and the rescued people as well. Hibiki managed to retrieve Fine; but, she refused to listen. Hibiki quickly manages to defeat Fine before being perished. Following their evntual victories, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines go together to stop and destroy the fragment. Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris return safe to earth.

Symphogear G

Hibiki Tachibana and the rest of the Symphogear heroines appeared in the second season, which had taken three months after the last battle with Fine. She and Chris worked togther to fight off Noise by protecting the transport. There, they pursued a mad scientist named Dr. Ver (sometimes known as John Wayne Vercingetorix), who believe that he can eliminate humanity by taking over the world. After the mission is completed, She and Chris Yukine went on a meeting Aoi and the rest of the military people. They commented that Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine are true heroes who saved the world infinite times.

After the meeting is done, Hibiki and Chris wanted to go back to Japan. Suddenly, the two Symphogear heroines heard about the Noise attack against military soldiers. Never minding the attacks, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines attended the live battle concer between Tsubasa Kazanari and Maria Cadenzavna Eve. After the musical performance is finished, HIbiki Tachibana noticed that Maria has worn the same equipment as the late Kanade Amou: Black Gungir. Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine decided to rescue Tsubasa Kazanari from letting herself be badly defeated. Suddenly, she and Chris encountered Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki. After the arrival, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines fight each other. After Maria's team had retreated, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines combined a superb song to destroy the potato-like Noise. Hibiki's feelings were hurt because of being called a hypocrite insulted by Shirabe.

One week after the incident in the concert, Hibiki is very concerned that Shirabe did a very cruel thing. She and the rest of the Symphogear heroines were enrolled to go back to school before the festival at school gets open. At night time, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines go back on a daily mission. During the fight against Noise, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines got affceted by the gas that decreased their Symphogear syncs. Dr. Ver appears to ambush Symphogear heroines by causing more trouble. When Nephilim was newly summoned, TSubasa is forced to chase that vile creature. Hibiki was shocked that Tsubasa Kazanari was badly ambushed by Maria Cadenzavna Eve, believing she is the reincarnation of Fine. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines challenged Maria Cadenzavna Eve and the rest of her friends. After the fight, Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines were badly defeated. After Maria's team had retreated, Hibiki and the symphogear heroines were given a chance by Genjuro Kazanari to make themselves better and stronger.

The next day began. Hibiki Tachibana and the rest of the Smphogear heroines attended the anime festival, which was held in Lydian Academy. She and the Symphogear heroines encouraged Chris Yukine to sing instead of hating. After the song performance is finished, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines congratulated Chris Yukine that she did a good job. Suddenly, They encountered Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki again in the anime festival. Later, at night, Hibiki Tachibana and the rest of the Symphogear Heroines began their mission to fight number of Noise. They encounter Dr. Ver again. Dr. Ver believes that he can save humanity for himself. Hibiki is ready to fgiht against Nephilim. Suddenly, Hibiki was distracted by the insultive words of Shirabe, making herself a hypocrite. Hibiki's left arm bitten by Nephilim; then, Hibiki becomes very angry to go berserk. Hibiki angrily kils Nephilim by ripping out the heart before destroying it with monstrous blow. Hibiki was able to turn back to her normal self. Her left arm got regenerated after the battle.

After Dr. Ver had escaped, Hibiki is still resting after the battle with Nephilim. Hibiki must remember her memories about her past experiences. After being healthy, Hibiki takes a walk with the Lydian Academy students together. Suddenly, Hibiki encountered Dr. Ver again a fourth time, who was responsible for huring people. Then, Hibiki regains her Symphogear transformation to fight back against Noise. When Hibiki's final blow on Dr. Ver was cancelled, Shirabe and Kirika arrived to save him. Dr. Ver and his minions retreat. Suddenly, Her power was completely out of control until Tsubasa arrives to calm Hibiki to revert herself back to normal again. Hibiki went on a surgery; so that, she can be operated again.

After being healthy again, Hibiki went on a walk with Miku Kohinata together again. She and her friend went to aquarium tour all by themselves. Suddenly, a large army of Noise arrive. After rescuing the child, the explosion came out of no where. Miku tells her not to let go; but, Hibiki refused. Hibiki falls down. She wanted to rescue her friend; but, it is already too late for her. When Hibiki was crying, the two Symphogear heroines saved the day. After being rescued, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines went on a daily training by Genjuro Kazanari, hoping for Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines to become stronger. After the training is finished, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines went on a mission to capture Shirabe at any cost. Suddenly, Hibiki Tachibana had known that Miku Kohinata became Sympphogear under Dr. Ver's control. Hibiki is forced to defeat Miku friend before coming to senses. When Chris Yukine had betrayed Tsubasa Kaznari under the influence of Fine. Hibiki was able to reunite with Miku Kohinata. She told her friend that she'll never harm anyone. She and the Symphogear heroines learn that Chris Yukine was siding with Dr. Ver and the rest of his minions. So, Hibiki decided to join forces with Shirabe Tsukuyomi before reuniting with the three Symphogear heroines. After the arrival in Frontier, she and the rest of the Symphogear Heroines decided to split each other. However, Hibiki stops Maria from killing Dr. Ver to know killing is not good. Hibiki decides to take the power of Black Gungir away from Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

When Symphogear heroines are united together. They are ready to face the revived Nephilim in the long difficult final battle. After destroying Nephilim, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines are amazed that Miku had quickly made it to throw Solomon's Cane by sealing the gate before it gets exploded. After Dr. Ver was arrested, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines can see each other again.

Symphogear GX

Hibiki Tachibana appeared in the third season, along with the rest of the Symphogear Heroines. Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines are starting another mission. She and the rest of the Symphogear heroines are helping the space shufftle by landing it safely.

Three months after the mission was successful, Hibiki went to the Lydian Academy with her new sleeveless uniform to meet the three Symphogear heroines. After making jokes, Hibiki Tachibana and the rest of the Symphogear heroines had attended the swimming lessons and the regular class. However, Hibiki was lazy. After the school time was finished, she and the Symphogear heroines are watching the Live Concert of Seitan Galaxy Cross,which was held in London, United Kingdom. After the musical concert was finished, Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine heard the news about the new threat. Under the command of Genjuro Kaznari, Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine separate each other. Hibiki Tachibana arrives on the burning building to rescue the child. After saving the day, Hibiki first encountered an eternal youthful girl named Carol Malus Dienheim, the daughter of the late Izak Malus Dienheim, who hailed from the past about her father's death. Hibiki tried to convince Carol to stop her anger from destroying everthing, but she refused to listen. Hibiki was badly attacked by Carol with her elemental powers until Garie Tuman arrives before having a good-bye.

After the two Symphogear heroines: Tsubasa Kaznari and Chris Yukine were badly bested by Phara and Leuire, Hibiki attended the cooking class with the Lydian Academy students. During the cooking time, Hibiki was able to make an joyable time of her classmates. However, she had a hypocrissy had been done recently by anyone, especially Shirabe. When the class is done, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines listened to the discussion of Elfnein about Carol's evil intentions against humanity and the evil relic known as the Dwerg Dain. The next day, Hibiki Tachibana and the Lydian Academy Students were confronted by the third Autoscorer named Galie Tuman, who summoned more Alca-Noise. Hibiki was useless and stagnant to fight; because, she was unable to sing her magical transfomration until Maria Cadenzavna Eve saves the day. When the Autoscorer has retreated. Hibiki and her friend decided to take a walk. Suddenly, Hibiki and Miku were attacked and ambushed by the fourth and final Autoscorer named Micha Jawkan. Hibiki prepared to fight against the fiery Autoscorer. However, Hibiki was caught off guard in Garie's illusion; then, Hibiki was badly defeated by Micha, causing a relic to be critically damaged.

After the fight, Hibiki was still in coma; so that, she must rest well. When the project Ignite Module was announced by Elnein. When Carol's Faust Robe was transformation first activated, she joins Tsubasa and Chris to defeat Carol Malus Dienheim with the newest transformation called the Ignite Module. After the fierce battle, Hibiki attempts to convince Carol to let go of her cursed past about her father. Suddenly, Carol committed suicide to burn herself, leaving Symphogear heroines shocked in vain. After Maria Cadenzavna Eve has transformed into Airgetlám, Hibiki met her father named Akira Tachibana for the first time.

After the defeats and destructions of the four Autoscorers, Hibiki is now fine. Hibiki is going to have a happy time with her father at the restaurant. Suddenly, Carol's Chateau appears in the sky. Hibiki confronts Carol Malus Dienheim until she is joined by the Symphogear heroines in the final battle after her father was put to safety. When Carol has activated Faust Robe again, Hibiki and the two Symphogear heroines confront Carol with their Ignite Module transfomations; while, Maria Cadenzavna Eve and the two Symphogear heroines went to the floating castle in searching for Dr. Ver. When Chateau was destroyed, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines prevailed to save the world for good. After Carol and Elfnein were fused to become one, Hibiki is reunited with her family once again.

Symphogear AXZ

Hibiki Tachibana appeared in the fourth season, along with the rest of the Symphogear Heroines. Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines embarked on a new mission to arrive in a new area called Val Verde. There, they faced the newest threat called Bavarian Illuminati, a century year old evil organization that is providing the villainous forces with weaponized Alca-Noise technology. During the war against them, Hibiki was capable of outnumbering enemy forces including their evil leader. After the winning the war, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear felt refreshed, except Chris Yukine. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines heard the truth about the incident caused by Balvarian Illuminati.

After the mission was given them by Genjuro Kanzari, Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines embarked on another misssion. HIbiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines are fighting off the number of Noise. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines were able to destroy the alchemists' snake monster, forcing Saint-Germain, Prelati, and Cagliostro to retreat. The next day began. Hibiki attended the class with Miku Kohinata.

After Tiki was successfully revived, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines saw that Tsubasa and Maria were unharmed. Hibiki and the Symphogear Heroines went on a dangerous mission. Suddenly, she and the Symphogear heroines got lured into the trap Saint-Germain and her evil friends. After the long fight, Tsubasa and the rest of the Symphogear heroines have escaped free. Tsubasa and the Symphogear heroines arrived to fight Cagliostro, forcing her to retreat again. After saving Maria Cadenzavna Eve and her friends in the farm, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines continue to fight the army of Noise until she and the Symphogear heroines badly defeated by the three alchemists with the powers Faust Robe. When Adam Weishaupt, the leader of Bavarian Illuminati, arrived on the scene to unleash a powerful attack until Maria Cadenzavna Eve and the rest of the Symphogear heroines sacrificed themselves to save Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines from explosive attack by overcoming the lack of LiNKER. Upon surviving the blast, she and Symphogear heroines have returned alive. However, she and the Symphogear heroines saw that the Kazanari Institution HQ was destroyed. When the helicopters arrived to fetch the Symphogear heroines.

Another next day began. She and the Smphogear heroines reported to Genjuro Kazanari about the lodgemaster who is the mastermind behind Bavarian Illuminati, the reign of terror, and his minions. When Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines listened to Elfnein's discussion about Faust Robe's power that was obtained from lapis philosphorum (aka the power of Philosopher's Stone). When Adam Weishaupt has joined his minions, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines noticed the truth that Maria Cadenzavna Eve has gone crazy and proud due to the bad effects of LiNKER. Outside the S.O.N.G. HQ, Hibiki attended a relaxation time with Miku Kohinata and the rest of the Symphogear heroines. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines told Miku Kohinata to hide in school shelter. After leaving Maria and Elfnein behind in the mind transfer machine room, HIbiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines continue to fight back against the three evil alchemists. After the problem about the LiNKER was newly solved, Maria joins the Symphogears in the battlefield to confront the three evil alchemists with the help of Elfnein. During the confrontation, the evil alchemists revealed their evil plans to use the power of the false gods to destroy the curse of Balal, which got located in Lunar Ruins. During the fight with Saint-Germain, Hibiki and Tsubasa were badly overpowered. Hibiki attemted to convince Saint-Germain to join forces with the Symphogear heroines, but coldly refused. Saint Germain 

Another next day began. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines have located the mysterious artifact known as Fool's Stone, as named by Chris. Suddenly, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines were attacked and ambushed by Prelati and Cagliostro. After the fight, Shirabe and Kirika had defeated Prelati, forcing the two evil alchemists to retreat. Tsubasa and the Symphogear heroines successfully looked the Fool's Stone, that will help the Symphogear heroines acheive victory.

Later in another day, she and the Symphogear trained themselves together in order for them to become stronger. After the meeting between the two Symphogear heroines and the Virena siblings was interrupted, Kirika and the Symphogear heroines arrived, but they were sent into subspace. Following the victories of Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Chris Yukine, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines return from subspace.

After the death of Cagliostro, Kirika decided to go on a daily training with Shirabe Tsukuyomi, but Shinji pursued her all along. Kirika and the Symphogear heroines got shocked that it was a wooden decoy. When the training was done. Later, Kirika and the Symphogear heroines went to the shrine to visit the priest. During the meeting, they discussed the fact about Hikawa shrines and the gate to the divine power.

After the death of Prelati, two days are left before Hibiki's Birthday. Kirika and the Symphogear heroines met each other at school. So, Kirika and the Symphogear heroines must go to the birthday later. Later, at night, Kirika and Hibiki confronted Saint-Germain for the final time. During the short fight, Kirika and Hibiki activated the Ignite Module Transformations. Performed the combined attack: Hitsuai Duo Shout, Kirika Akatsuki and Hibiki Tachibana carefully defeated Saint-Germain, not just killing her by sparing her. Hibiki and Kirika want Saint-Germain to join forces with the Symphogear heroines. Saint-Germain accepted the promise. Hibiki, Kirika, and Saint-Germain were ambushed Adam Weisahupt, who activated the altar ritual to open the Divine Gate. Hibiki and Saint-Germain might get killed; but, Kirika sacrificed her own life to to stop that energy blast from Tiki. Kirika ended up being comatose because of too much overdose of LiNKER. When Kirika was rested. Hibiki and Saint-Germain team up to stop Tiki from opening the Divine Gate. Together, she and Saint-Germain must confront Adam in the final battle. After the long difficult battle, Hibiki and Saint-Germain successfully managed to damage Adam Weishaupt. Enraged, Tiki successfully opened the Divine Gate and transformed into a monstrous Divine Weapon. However, Hibiki successfully destroyed Tiki by preventing her from destroying cities. When Tiki was damaged and destroyed. Hibiki begins to glow by having an epic transformation into a giant cacoon. When the UN prepared the attack. Hibiki awakens herself as the giant creature known as Divine Power. Hibiki goes on a rampage to destroy everything until Tsubasa Kazanari and the rest of the Symphogear heroines hold Hibiki off. Upon hearing the voices of Miku Kohinata and the members of S.O.N.G., Hibiki was able to break free the Divine Power, thus giving thanks to the help of the Saint-Germain and the Symphogear heroines. Hibiki has finally come to her senses to fight back. However, Hibiki was able to destroy the Divine Power by preventing Adam Weishaupt from absorbing it. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines felt sad about the death of Saint-Germain. Adam goes furious to summon the army of Alca-Noise. Suddenly, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines managed to destroy them quickly. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines challenged Adam Weishaupt in the final battle, he later transformed into a demonic version of Minotaur in Greek Mythology. Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines were badly overpowered by him. She and the heroines transformed into Last Ignition mode transformations. During the long final battle, Hibiki was vulnerable. When Adam was about to unleash the monstrous blow on her. Hibiki was powerfully encouraged and saved by the Symphogear heroines. With the powers of Symphogear transferred to her, Hibiki became stronger to fight off Adam Weishaupt. Hibiki was able to break free from Adam's grasps with the help of the three redeemed alchemists. Hibiki activated the transformation of Gungir into Chrysopoeia. HIbiki has finally killed and destroyed Adam Weishaupt by putting an end to his reign of terror once and for all. After the Bavarian Illuminati was destroyed, Hibiki was able to celebrate her sixteenth birthday with the rest of her friends. She and the Symphogear heroines are living peacefully ever after.

Symphogear XV

Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines return in the final season. She and the Symphogear heroines embark on another dangerous mission in the frosty cold area. There, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines combat the strongest giant Turtle-like Noise. After a long difficult battle, Hibiki and the Symphogear Heroines were badly defeated by the strongest enemy. With the help of the S.O.N.G., Symphogear heroines managed to defeat the Noise. There, she and the heroines discovered the unknown enemy.

Following the eventual victory, she and the Symphogear heroines enjoy the happy time in Winter. Aside from having happy time, they felt very relax for the peaceful time that all is well for Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear heroines. She and the Symphogear heroines noticed that the remnants of Bavarian Illuminati are attacking humanity for their sinister purposes. Whether or not, she and Miku might be late for the Japanese concert hall, but it was too late.

After Tsubasa Kazanari was comatose in the battle against Millaarc Cranstoun, Hibiki was shocked that the 100,000 people in concert were dead. Miku decided to turn off the news about the incident. Hibiki and Chris decided to go on another to protect people from the evil remnants of Bavarian Illuminati. After doing a combat against the army of Noise, Hibiki was confused and hypnotized by Milaarc. Then, Hibiki's attacks are useless against Milaarc's Evasiveness.

When Vanessa and her remnants started their evil plans. Hibiki talked to Miku for a peaceful moment about the jokes. After the friendly conversation, she and the Symphogear heroines listened to Genjuro Kaznari about what's happening. Suddenly, the Shem Ha Bracelet's power was dangerously activated. Hibiki and Maria decided to combat the large army of Noise and Vanessa Diodati. During the long fight, she and Maria have managed to drive off their nemesis before having a retreat. After the fight, Hibiki was rested and continue her mission with the rest of the Symphogear heroines. She and the Symphogear heroines continue to fight off against Vanessa Diodati and her remnants. However, she and the Symphogear heroines were trapped in the digital alchemical magical pyramid. Hibiki and Symphogear heroines were nearly killed. With the help of the reformed Saint-Germain and the late alchemists, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines managed to survive the trap by powering herself to become Gold Gungir. Hibiki managed to defeat Vanessa Diodati and her remnants with her powerful form in 2 or 3 minutes. Hibiki wanted to make peace with Vanessa Diodati. However, the mysterious force came out of nowhere.

After the battle, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines went on a confrontation with the evil supposed inspector from the Japanese government commences an inspection of S.O.N.G. HQ, forcing the wielders to take some days off. During the rest time, she and the Symphogear heroines are very suspicious that the inspector is very evil or not. Hibiki and Miku spend a happy time in the bathroom. After the relaxation time is over, Hibiki and Tsubasa must confront the army of Noise. 

After the obnoxious inspector was killed, Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines heard the news that Elfnein and Miku Kohinata were kidnapped by Millaarc Cranstoun and Elsa Bête. Chris Yukine told Hibiki not to give up hope on the rest of our missions. After listening to Genjuro Kazanari, she and the Symphogear heroines started their missions to stop and prevent Vanessa Diodati from pursuing Shinji Ogawa. When the booby trap was sent by the Noble Red, Hibiki Tachibana and the Symphogear heroines arrived on the scene. During the fight, Hibiki combats the evil slimmy creature. However, Hibiki was nearly killed, but managed to break free by destroying the creature. After the battle, Hibiki cannot feel strong enough. She needs to rest more.

After the heroic sacrifices/redemptions of the Autoscorers and the betrayal of Fudo Kazanari against the Noble Red, Hibiki continues to fight back by using Amalgam to break her way inside through Shem-Ha's attack, only discover that they have taken over Miku's body. Just as Miku tries to resist Shem-Ha's control, Fudou uses the seal placed on Tsubasa by Millaarc to have her turn against the others and bring Miku to him as part of his plan. 

Following their failures, Hibiki Tachibana decided to look after her loving father by having a peaceful time on him. After the Noble Red was killed by Miku Kohinata, a device activates on the Moon. Hibiki is ready to save world one last time. When Shem-Ha is revived, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines talked to her that Tsubasa is cured of berserk. After Tsubasa was encouraged, she and the Symphogear heroines are tasked with protecting the rocket from Noble Red, who have become more powerful due to Shem-Ha's improvements. Although the rocket is destroyed, Kirika and Shirabe use their Amalgams to overpower Elza before Tsubasa allows the wielders to hijack Noble Red's teleportation spell, sending them off the planet.

When she and the Symphogear heroines are spread across the lunar base Marduk, having to deal with its automated defenses. After Millaarc Cranstoun was defeated in a long difficult, struggling battle by Tsubasa Kazanari and Maria Cadenzavna Eve with their unified songs and Amalgams, she and Chris Yukine were shocked that Yggdrasil towers start raising all over the planet upon Shem-Ha's reign of terror. Continuing to fight back, she and Chris Yukine are ready to confront Vanessa Diodati for the final time, thus saving Vanessa Diodati, Milaarc Cranstoun, and Elsa Bete from being sucked away into space. When Vanessa was taken control and possessed by Shem-Ha Mephorash to install the evil virus in the Marduck's Computer Operating System Room just before destroying it. Following the redemption and the death of Noble Red, she and the rest of the Symphogear heroines arrived on to activate the X-Drive in the final battle against Shem-Ha for one last time. When the final battle was started, Shem-Ha Mephorash with her final form fought the six Symphogear heroines; while, Carol Malus Dienheim (Elfnein) burns and scrifices the rest of her memories to protect the heroines from Shem-Ha's final attack. When Shem-Ha continues her reign of terror to use the bio-terminal network to take control of all humanity. However, Hibiki was fueld by the power of her determination to save Miku Kohinata, thus breaking free from Shem-Ha's control and destroying the Vambrace for good. With the possession of Shem-Ha was destroyed, Miku comes back to her senses. Before the eventual transformation to X-Drive, Miku Kohinata finally regains the power of Shénshòujìng to join the heroines in the Climax Song one last time. After the epic final battle, she and the Symphogear heroines successfully destroyed the Yggdrasil cores around the world. With the world restored to normal, Hibiki and Miku tell each other their true feelings.

Attacks and Abilities

Holy Magical Tranformation

Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron

Gungnir Holy Chant (Hibiki)


Hibiki owns the relic Gungnir Gungnir as a fragment inside of her. As a Symphogear user Hibiki has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-noise armour, the Symphogear, that clads her in battle. As an "Attuned Attuned" she can use the Power of Song to summon her armed gear to fight. Since Hibiki's relic is but a fragment of the Gungnir relic originally owned by Kanade, Hibiki does not have access to the lance Armed Gear characteristic of other Gungnir users. However, she does not need the lance, as her Armed Gear as described by Genjuro Kazanari is her own hands. This appears to gradually become more literal, as by the time of Season 2 Hibiki is able to transform the gauntlets that would normally detach to become an Armed Gear into more powerful weaponized forms.

Because she does not use an Armed Gear, Hibiki is the only character who does not have names for her attacks. Hibiki uses martial arts learned from training with Genjuro, combined with channeling the energy normally used for an Armed Gear into pistons created out of her gauntlets to produce extremely powerful punches. Hibiki can also use the pistons in her boots to leap very far distances at fast speed. By the time of Symphogear G, Hibiki's increased control over her armor allows her to utilize rockets instead of pistons, eliminating the drawback of needing to manually pull the pistons back for each punch and giving her a wider array of attacks.



  • Hibiki Style Spear Thrusting Strike - Hibiki has made a powerful attack with her fists. She focuses on her energy against only one enemy target by releasing it.
  • Hibiki Style Earth Penetrating Power - Hibiki uses the eartquake-based power to crush enemy Noise targets.
  • Hibiki Style Extra Large Spear Rush - In her X-Drive Form, Hibiki can perform the greater version of Hibiki Style Spear Thrusting Strike to unleash a straight-ahead direct attack on several enemy targets.
  • Hibiki Style Spear's Violent Destruction - Hibiki can perform the dangerous version of the her attack with Gear. She easily impales the enemy by piercing or breaking barrier with her monstrous bare hands.
  • Disaster Blast - It was used only in the manga. It was performed by Hibiki and Tsubasa to battle Fine.
  • S2CA Tri Burst - An attack introduced in Symphogear G, serving as a combination attack between Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa. The energy from all three singing their Song Superb Song at once is channelled into Hibiki's right hand, with the harmony of the three songs cancelling their harmful backlash and resulting in a vast tornado of rainbow-hued light.
  • Disaster Blast - A combined attack used by Tsubasa and Hibiki. It was strong enough to injure Finé.
  • S2CA Art - An augmented version of S2CA Tri Burst which uses Kirika, Shirabe and Maria as well as all 7 billion people on Earth, producing enough combined phonic gain to unlock the X-Drive of all six Symphogears, which together ram into the target as a bright lance of rainbow light.
  • Vitalization - A six-member combination attack accessible only in X-Drive, which forms a pair of large arms out of Gungnir and Airgetlam's armor components that deliver a combined punch fueled by the energy of all six Symphogears.
  • Glorious Break - During the final battle against Carol Malus Dienheim, Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines combined their powers into a powrrful, gigantic, metal fist with the colors of the rainbow. This attack was performed only in the final episode.
  • TRINITY RESONANCE - This is combined attack done by Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris with their superb song. During the mission, they were able to land the airship into the wall, thus completing their duties.
  • TESTAMENT - By using alchemy, Hibiki can transform her Symphogear into a golden version of itself with enhanced gauntlets. She then unleashes a flurry of strikes powerful enough to slowly launch both herself and her target into the air until she has punched right through said target.
  • Certain Love Duo Shout - It was used only in Episode 10 of Symphogear AXZ to defeat Saint-Germain. It was performed by Hibiki Tachibana and Kirika Akatsuki.
  • Hibiki Style Phoenix's Pair Swallow Opposition - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. During her Ignite Module transformation, Hibiki extends the Symphogear armor while doing a fighting stance against by focusing her full energy. Then, she unleashed the single punch on the enemy with the stream of yellow energy, which also piecred or shattered the enemy's barrier by holding down against the enemy targets when Hibiki rushes toward it. 
  • Hibiki Style Lightning Missile - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki takes a higher jump to unleash the landing missile rushing towards the enemy targets. Upon the transformation of her Gear, Hibiki was able to strike the enemy targets before dodging the zone where the missile was buried before the explosion was unleashed.
  • Hibiki Style Avidyā Assault - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. With her fighting stance, Hibiki Tachibana was able to do a speedy dash or superhuman speed towards the enemy targets. While doing a jump on it, the Gear of her arm was transformed by unleashing an epic blow.
  • Hibiki Style Light Wearing's Palm - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. When starting a position, Hibiki was able to do a focus on her great energy with her bare hands. Before doing a rush movement towards the enemy target, Hibiki was able prepare her powerful fist. The two arms of light wrap towards the enemy target holding the sphere of light, which illuminates.
  • Hibiki Style Heavenly Shooting Star Palm - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki was able to jump on the target to assault him/her before going back. Hibiki launches and readies her right arm and doing an another jump to launch her attack like a shooting star like a meteor and rocket punch against the enemy tartget.
  • Hibiki Style Floral Love Striking Palm - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki releases the love-themed or heart-shape shining light towards the enemy targets before jumping in the air to create a heart-shaped light ball.
  • Hibiki Style Soaring Raging Stream Fist - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki places her arm in the sea or water, powering herself up.Before shaking her Gear, she makes the eruptive streams of water below the enemy target. There she performed the aquatic uppercut on the enemy, thus piercing or breaking the barrier.
  • Hibiki Style Mind's Machine Gun Fist - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki powerfully smashes the enemy with her both mechanical fists. She hits only the enemy target countless times. Hibiki was able to recall them both. She builds up her energy and sends them out once more. When flying the fists combine into one, before landing the powerful blow, the enemy target gets destroyed.
  • Hibiki Style King Tiger's Claws Attack - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. HIbiki uses mechanical Gear claws to have a multiple slashes on the enemy target.
  • Hibiki Style Eruptive Destruction - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki extends her Armed Gear before rushing to the enemy tartget, striking it countless times at full speed. She jumps in the concentrate her energy in her Gear before landing a powerful punch in her enemy target, creating the explosion
  • Hibiki Style Sacred Pile-Drive - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. 
  • Hibiki Style Dozens Flaming Fists Explosive - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki uses her Armed Gear to strike theenemy target with her fiery fist.
  • Hibiki Style Violent Colliding Meteor Kick - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Hibiki uppercuts the enemy. Hibiki jumps in the air to perform the powerful flying kick on the enemy target.
  • Hibiki Style STAR BEAT - It was used only in XDU Exclusive.
  • Hibiki Style Fierce Tiger Soaring Paw - It was used only in XDU Exclusive.
  • Hibiki Style Gospel Invitation Fist - It was used only in XDU Exclusive.
  • Hibiki Style Striking Tornado Claw - It was used only in XDU Exclusive.
  • Hibiki Style Blessed Meal Impact - It was used only in XDU Exclusive.
  • Hibiki Style Swallow Spear - It was used only in XDU Exclusive.
  • Hibiki Style Skyfall Destruction - It was used only in XDU Exclusive.
  • Hibiki Style Light Wave's Destructive Colliding - It was used only in XDU Exclusive. Using her Superb Song, Hibiki concentrates all of her energy to destroy all of enemy targets.


  • Synchrogazer - This ultimate attack that was used by Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki using the complete Relic, Durandal. Most of the power in this attack was from Hibiki, but Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki's friends helped keep Hibiki grounded to her real self and they contributed to the attack.


Power Fists - Her arms and upper body are either abnormally strong, physically unique, or have been weaponized in some way (claws, blades, projectile weaponry, protective armor, etc.) to increase combat performance with those particular limbs.


Insert Songs Featured in:

Solo Songs

  • Gekisō Gungnir (TV Series)
  • Watashi to Iu Oto Hibiki Sono Saki Ni (TV Series)
  • Seigi wo Shinjite, Nigirishimete (G)
  • Rainbow Flower (G)
  • Genkai Toppa G-beat (GX)
  • Little Miracle -Grip it tight- (GX)
  • Makenai Ai ga Koko ni Aru (AXZ)
  • Hanasaku Yūki (AXZ)
  • Kimi Dake Ni (XV)
  • Endless☆ Summertime (XDU Exclusive)
  • KNOCK OUT! (XDU Exclusive)

Group Songs

  • Eiyū Koji (Ver.Training Day)
  • Hajimari no Babel
  • Nijiiro no Flügel
  • Beef Stroganoff Song
  • Itsuka no Niji, Hana no Omoide
  • Gekishō Infinity
  • Hitsuai Duo Shout (together with Kirika Akatsuki)
  • Axia no Kaze (together with Symphogear heroines)
  • Rikka Ryōran
  • Hanasaku Yūki (Ver. Amalgam)
  • PERFECT SYMPHONY (together with Symphogear Heroines)
  • Xtreme Vibes (together with Symphogear Heroines)
  • Ashita e no Flügel (together with Symphogear Heroines)
  • Kōsō Gungnir (together with Maria Cadenzavna Eve)


Miku Kohinata - Hibiki is best friends with Miku. Hibiki says that Miku is like the sun that keeps her warm.

Tsubasa Kazanari - Hibiki tries her best to become friends with Tsubasa but Tsubasa keeps pushing her away because she thinks that Hibiki cannot replace Kanade. She eventually opens up to Hibiki and allows her to be her friend. During the rest of the series, she eventually became friends with Tsubasa.

Chris Yukine - Former enemy. Genjuro helped her to open up and now is an ally. She still finds Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines annoying and an idiot but remain friends.

Genjūrō Kazanari - After Chris' attack on them with the use of the Nehushtan Armor Hibiki requested him to train her in martial arts. He has shown to have a lot of faith in Hibiki and her abilities and trusts her judgement.

Maria Cadenzavna Eve - Former enemy. She and her friends helped her to fight Noise together by saving the world.

Shirabe Tsukuyomi - Former enemy. She is one of Hibiki's close friends. She is somtimes pranked by her friends numetpus times.

Kirika Akatsuki - Former enemy. She is one of her pals. They work to defeat Saint Germain.


  • She's never had a boyfriend in her life.
  • She shares the same given name as Hibiki Hojo from a anime series called Suite Pretty Cure♪ which has the same theme as music. She is also the main character like Hibiki, but she is the youngest member of the group as Ako Shirabe. Her theme colour and Ako's theme is orange and both have orange eyes and orange hair in their human form.
  • She is a big fan of Kazanari Tsubasa and Amou Kanade.
  • She was born September 13 making her zodiac sign a Virgo.
  • In a flashback in the second season, it is revealed that she lived with her mother and grandmother.
  • In Hibiki's flashback in Season 2, Episode 2, her house is covered with messages possibly stuck on by the public/neighbours. The messages translates as death threats and orders to 'go away and never come back'. These threats are due to the fact that Hibiki was the sole survivor of the Noise attack during Tsubasa and Kanade's concert.
  • Hibiki could touch the Noise in human form just before she used Gungnir due to her being fused with the Relic.
  • To hold the relic Gungnir use causes a massive dissemination of the same fragments in the body of Hibiki.
  • Even in her berserk mode, Hibiki can be stopped by other users, as was shown in Season 2, Episode 6.
  • Hibiki's transformation translates as "Desire to see fire beneath Ascended Gungnir". Interesting that in episode 6, Hibiki become faired when the Gungnir pieces came closer to her heart.
  • Hibiki's battle song genre is Celtic music.
  • In episode 11 of the second season, it was confirmed that Hibiki's age is 16. Also the season present is winter, the year being 2012. According to this, Hibiki was born in September 13, 1996.
  • Maria's Gungnir can respond to Hibiki's call.
  • Her going into a berserker state in the first and second seasons is similar to what happened to Naruto Uzumaki when he drew on too much of the Nine-Tailed Fox's power. If she felt stressed, she would start entering that state, and if it was allowed to progress too far, she became a threat to everyone around her.


  • "I'm fine, it's going to be okay!" - Hibiki's motto.
  • "This fist and this life are Symphogear!" - Shortly after punching a Noise before transforming.
  • "Tsubasa-san, you know? They say you can't think of a good answer on an empty stomach." - Episode 6
  • Everyone's singing... that's why... I must continue to sing, and work hard... and fight!!" - Episode 12
  • "The fastest, shortest path! Steady, straight ahead!"
  • "Don't give up on living!"
  • "I'm not the only one fighting. I wanted to use the power of Symphogear to help others, but that was my conceit. I'm not the only one giving it my all. Everyone else is too! You can't save someone with just your own power. That's why, on that day, Kanade told me not to give up living. Now I finally understand her words! It's not out of survivor's guilt that I want to save others. It's because that was Kanade's dream! And ever since then, I've been carrying on in her place!" - Episode 8
  • (To Finé) "That's right. Wherever, whenever your next life may be... Please pass on this message for me: You don't need strength to unite the world. We can become one, beyond the limit of words! Even in the future, we can join our hands in unity! I won't be there to tell them myself. But you can, Ms. Ryoko!" - Episode 13
  • (To Finé) "But before I can entrust the future to you, I must protect the present!" - Episode 13
  • (To Miku) "I'll stop it somehow. I'll be right back. So don't give up living!" - Episode 13
  • To Genjuro: "I'll come back alive, even if it kills me!"


If there Also personality If "Hibiki Tachibana" ...

  • There are five vows.
  • It will power up with something like plasma spark of light.
  • The reason for it was possible to transform was that it was assimilated with Alien Mystery.
  • That power can be dangerous.

Other Appearances

Hibiki and the Symphogear heroines made a crossover debut in End of the Eternity series as a supporting heroine.

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