Hidabat (Japanese: ヒキコウモリ Hikikōmori) is a Rank D Wind-attribute Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.

He is voiced by Melissa Hutchison.


Hidabat is a bat yokai with sky blue eyes. Its fur is dark except for a yellow gold collar. It has blue wings with golden-yellow "#" symbols on them. Its wings are actually supported on its arms, and move with them thanks to a band on its palms.


Hidabat likes to be in dark and secluded places and is usually seen on a laptop.


Hidabat first appears when it possesses Jibanyan, causing it to lock itself in Nathan's room. While trying to get Nate's soccer ball, Whisper hears an ultrasonic frequency. He then reveals that it is Hidabat that is responsible, so they have to help Jibanyan. After a few failed attempts, Nate finally forces Jibanyan out with the help of Happierre and Dismarelda. As Jibanyan tries to get back in with very little enthusiasm, Nathan frees him with the help of Fidgephant, revealing Hidabat. Hidabat tries to possess Jibanyan again after they returned from the bathroom, but Nate stops it. Then it is revealed that Hidabat is having a hard time finding a place to seclude itself because it is too bright outside. Nathan then offers Hidabat to stay in his closet, which it happily accepts, and offers its Yo-kai Medal as rent.

In episode 10, Hidabat makes a cameo in Nate's closet, when Jibanyan opens the door and prior to the appearance to Shogunyan.

In episode 23, it makes another cameo; as Robonyan reboots, Hidabat peers out from the left side of the closet.

In episode 45, when Jibanyan turned into Thornyan due to a cold, when he sneezes for the second time, one of his thorns hit Hidabat as he exited the closet. Nate went to check on him and asked if he was ok.

In episode 70, it is revealed that Hidabat is the second richest person in the Yo-kai World, second only to Steve Jaws, as well as the owner of a sports team.

In episode 78, Hidabat gets a Yo-kai Watch U Prototype for being a close friend of Mark Shachiberg and gives it to Nate due to it having very tiny wrists.

In episode 91, Hidabat joins the white team and brings Nate's closet, to his annoyance.



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