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Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a student of Class 2-F and an supporting character in the anime/light novels, Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts. He is Yuuko's younger twin "brother" by two or three minutes.

In Baka and Test Summon the Beasts

Hideyoshi is one of the few "normal" people or Class 2-F. He is always around with Yuuji, Akihisa, Kouta, Minami and Mizuki. He doesn't plays big roles during summoning test war as his grades are poor likes his friends, except Mizuki. However, he is a very good actor and a master of disguise. Before the summoning test war between Class 2-A and Class 2-F, he posed as his twin sister Yuuko, the ambassador of Class 2-A, and insulted Class 2-C. This cause a mock battle/summoning test war between Class 2-A and Class 2-C which Class 2-A won, but this was Yuuji's plan to weaken Class 2-A.


Unlike his twin sister Yuuko, Hideyoshi is more calm and remains stoic most of the time. However, he can get annoyed when people, including his friends, mistake him for a girl due to his feminine appearence.


  • He and his sister are both voiced by Emiri Kato in Japanese and by Brina Palencia in English dubbed. Even his voice is more masculine and deeper than her 
  • He always being joke by many fans due his ambiguous gender and believe he has his own gender named "H I D E Y O S H I"
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