High Volt.jpg

Protect and Surge!
~ High Volt's official catchphrase

High Volt is the Tech SuperCharger in Skylanders: SuperChargers.

He is voiced by Josh Duhamel who also voices Captain Flynn from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.


High Volt was once a commander of a special security force that was in charge of patrolling the border of Skylands and the mysterious uncharted region known as the Outlands. From atop the Shockspire Tower, their security headquarters, High Volt vigilantly monitored any strange activity beyond the border, knowing that Kaos and his minions were up to no good. Over the years, he had defended Skylands from countless Greeble attacks, Troll uprisings, and even a few evil food chains that were attempting to expand. But on a recent patrol mission into the Outlands, High Volt discovered a heavily guarded construction site, where Kaos' minions appeared to be building a colossal Doomstation of Ultimate Destruction! Realizing at once that all of Skylands was in danger, he raced to the Skylanders Academy to inform Master Eon and joined the Skylanders in their fight to stop it!


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