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“Daimyos never lose!”
~ Hikaru

Hikaru is one of the playable characters in the online game Mini Fighter. A young Japanese female samurai warrior and the lover of Kang. Her father is her only known family member and has an unknown mother. She is also a knife wielder who uses an electric dagger that has 20,000 volts and the guardian of the divine sword of Sakura.


Hikaru is from a Japanese samurai family and the only child. Three years ago, clan members of the samurai clan made sacrifices at the altar in the Daimyo village, and Hikaru's father swore to the sky to keep the secret of Sakura, the strongest sword in the universe, and he sacrificed goats to the ritual, and then he gave the sword to Hikaru, his daughter. She wields the divine blade Sakura. Then, the village was attacked by the minions of Delta-M. Her father and the villagers were killed and she found his pendant. She fell into tears then she later swore revenge on Delta-M and his men for attacking her village and is willing to stop Delta-M from attacking everyone around the world. Later, Hikaru fell in love with a young brown-haired boy named Kang, who was the last Taekwondo fighter from the country of South Korea and joined his group. After hearing the news of Dr. Shade's death, she and Kang and his group worked with each other to stop evil from threatening the world in order to avenge her loved ones and Dr. Shade.


Physical Features: Hikaru is a young girl with green hair which is lighter than Raizin's green hair and violet eyes. Her normal form wears her loose with pigtails tied with pink ribbons. Her second and third form has her hair up into a high ponytail.

Hikaru's normal form is a 13 year old girl with a white short-sleeved shirt with a yellow bow tie, a frilled pink skirt, and white and black stockings with pink shoes. Around her waist is an orange belt with a cog with a red circle in it and her hands have orange fingerless gloves.

In her story scene, she wore a long floral pink kimono with a blue belt, socks, and sandals.

Her evolved variant is around 16 years old. She wears a pink ribbon on her hair, a sailor fuku dress with blue and pink bracers, and wears white socks with black shoes.

Her Ultimate variant's age is now 19 years old. She wears a brown and white sailor fuku outfit with a midriff and wears an oni shoulder pad on her right shoulder, black stockings with black shoes, and her belt and her hair ribbon is blue with a gradient of pink. Alongside with her ribbon is a pair of chopsticks.


Hikaru is a tomboyish girl with a cheerful, and confident character, but sometimes she shows a strong face. She is also a strong-willed, brave, and a kindhearted girl who will never give up on her goals. She is ever ready on her quest and is passionate about helping others in the world. Her ultimate form appears to be more serious and mature than her pervious forms. Hikaru is willing to give everything in battle and protect the innocent.

Power and Skills

Hikaru is a graceful and skilled sword and dagger wielder that has a ranged attack which makes a ringed shaped projectile to attack her foes and she uses a powerful aerial dash attack at her foes. Hikaru's on ground attack is a forward slash attack which can slash the enemy in front of her. Her evolved variants uses a powerful multiple slash attacks dealt with her foes. She is skilled with an aerial slash and can dive down to her foes with her blade. Her ultimate form can summon a samurai spirit and Hikaru slashes multiple times swiftly.


  • Hikaru (ひかる, ヒカル) is a Japanese name meaning "to shine" (光る).
  • She is born on June 3rd.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.


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