Hilbert (Japanese: トウヤ Tōya), also known as Black, is the male player character in Pokémon Black and White. His female counterpart is Hilda.


He has brown hair and brown eyes with a hat covering his hair, causing his hairstyle to be unknown. In the Pokémon Adventures Manga, his counterpart, Black, was shown without his hat once. His hair is shown to be messy without his hat.

Hilbert wears a black and grey t-shirt underneath a light blue jacket with black pants. He also wears a red cap with a matching pair of shoes, and on his left wrist he wears a blue Xtransceiver. He carries a black and blue messenger bag with a large white Pokéball in the center. He also wears red and black high top shoes with white soles.

In the games

Black and White

As the player

Not much is known about his past before the events of Pokémon Black and White. There is little information in the game. When he was a younger Child his father ran out on them to pursue his dream in becoming a Pokémon master. While fighting Team plasma, One of the grunt says "Hey kid you look like smaller version of my friend. Are you related to him?" and If you lose the battle the grunt will say before you black out "your even as weak as him!" This shows that maybe one of his relatives joined team plasma during their Pokémon journey. This most likely suits his father because of the plasma grunt saying how the character looks like him and is weak as him. So it is the assumption that his father was a weak Pokémon trainer and soon joined team plasma on his journey. Another reference while talking to Bianca is how they played hide and go seek a lot as little kids and Cheren saying he is too old for that.


If he is not chosen as the player, Hilbert appears as the player's partner in the Battle Subway when choosing to ride the Multi-Train. Two of the following Pokémon are picked from the corresponding list, depending on what Hilda, the player, wants him to base his team on. If the player chooses "A balance between the two," Hilbert's Pokémon are chosen from either list.

Black 2 and White 2

This character is mentioned many times in this game but there is only little information on his location. Sometime after the events of Pokémon Black and White, N came back and Hilbert went to another region (Most likely Johto) to stop him from doing any more harm to another region. The reason why he most likely Johto is because there was a reference saying that he "Disappeared by the ghost towers" The burned tower in Johto is often referred to as the Ghost tower in Pokémon Crystal. It is the tower where the legendary dogs were found. Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. In Pokémon Black and White an old lady said he was a extremely well legendary Pokémon catcher which most likely means he went to another region to find N but instead got distracted in finding the other regions legendary Pokémon.

In the anime

While he does not have a direct counterpart in the anime, Ash Ketchum wears an outfit similar to his outfit during the Best Wishes Series.

In Pokemon Generations, Hilbert arrived just in time in the Giant Chasm to have his Zekrom block White Kyurem's Ice Burn that was meant for N.

In the manga


Black is a Pokémon Trainer who dreams of conquering the Pokémon League, he also screams it most of the time. Because of these dreams, he can't keep focus on the real world, so he has his Munna use Dream Eater on him to "blank his black mind" which causes him to sense things others can't just like finding the real culprit that in which Black was also accused of messing with White's Xtransceiver commercial, but found the real culprit: a Galvantula, he uses Tep but got most of their equipment burned but he captured it. He also joined the Pokémon BW Agency under President White because he owes White a lot of money because White payed for the equipment in which his Tep burned makes him no other choice but to join her. In Accumula Town, he get's angry at Team Plasma because some people released their Pokémon because of Team Plasma's speech, even Pokémon some people have kept for at least a very long time. He runs towards into finding Team Plasma.

As the story goes on, he starts to call White "boss" because of he being her employee. Black also encounters N and had a match against him which ended in a draw because both of their Pokémon fainted. Though Black stated that N was probably a good guy even though in Team Plasma because his Munna read N's thoughts and it was safe to say that he was a good person. He later met Bianca and Cheren in Striaton City to team up on a three-on-three battle or a Triple Battle. The battle starts out rough but finally manage to win by knocking out Chili's Pansear. Black's Munna runs away after being attracted to eating a strong dream. Black goes after Musha to find out Team Plasma has captured Musha. He fights Team Plasma off and saves Musha.

Once he arrives in Nacrene City, he gets swayed into helping White shoot a video. But a Scraggy and Scrafty steal a prop for the scene and have to be knocked down. Black then leaves for his Gym battle, running through the puzzle quickly. The Gym battle is ended in a double knockout but Lenora gives her badge up anyway. White then tells him that they should head to Nimbasa to get her Musical project done. But Team Plasma steals the dragon fossil in the museum and Black sets out with Burgh to find it. They then get attacked by the fossil but are able to find the Cofagrigus controlling it and knock it down.

After the fossil is returned, Black and White are attacked by Virizion but don't know what it was. They meet Battle Company President Geoff who suggests it was Virizion. When they arrive in Castelia City, Black finds a lost boy and tells Tep to watch the boy while he gets the authorities. But the boy is a Zorua and attacks Tep. When Black returns, the Zorua escapes and he has no idea what happened. When he meets up with White, Tep goes on the verge of evolving. Black then leaves for his gym battle. In the battle, Tep evolves into Pignite and is renamed Nite. Then they hear about the Pokémon kidnappings. The discover that Team Plasma are the culprits and are defeated. Black and White come to Liberty Garden to find Victini under Team Plasma's custody. Black defeats them and frees Victini.

Black later meets Grimsley who plays a game with him. They then discover a Team Plasma grunt trying to get to the Relic Castle. Black and White come to Nimbasa and start working on the Musical project after they launch the opening ceremony, Black fights his gym battle stuck on a roller coaster but wins using the vertical wheel of the coaster and meets Thundurus. Black returns to find White then sees Marshal carrying her unconscious, thinking he attacked her. Marshal then tells Black to take her to the hospital to recover, and Black does so. After White has regained consciousness, she tells Black the story of her and N in the ferris wheel and Gigi going with him and not her. He then tries to coach White how to catch Pokémon when he captures a Tirtouga. He lends her his Brav for the Battle Subway and they go their separate ways.



  • At the Pokemon Black & White Tour in the Pokemon Black & White demos he was referred as "Blair"
  • Before the release of the games, he was also referred to as simply "Black."
  • Even though he and his counterpart Hilda do not appear in the sequel of Black and White, they are mentioned by several characters in the game that met them in the first part of the game.
  • Hilbert/Hilda's mother and Nate/Rosa's mother knew each other since childhood. It is also known that Hilbert/Hilda's mother was a Pokémon trainer and Nate/Rosa's mother was a Pokémon nurse that worked at a Pokémon Center.
  • The whereabouts of his father are not told in-game, but he is said to be a Pokémon trainer on a journey, similar to Ash's father.
  • Hilbert's anime counterpart has currently not made any cameos in the Best Wishes! Pokémon Movies.

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