Hildegarde Antoinette "Hilda" Sucker Spellman is a witch who, along with her sister Zelda Spellman, took in her niece Sabrina to raise and teach how to be a witch. Hilda is the fourth child in her family, having an older brother and two older sisters, and a younger sister.

She is protrayed by Caroline Rhea in the 90s show and by Lucy Davis in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Physical Description

Hilda is a tall, curvy blonde who had a very wacky fashion sense at the beginning of the series. Often wearing bright colors with ruffles and faux-fur, sometimes sporting animal prints. Hilda's fashion sense gets a little less eccentric as the series goes on, but she still favors bright, bold colors. Hilda often wears a short skirt to accentuate her height, usually with high healed boots. Hilda's hair varies in length throughout the series (shortest in season one), however her most recognizable look is with her hair tied up in a bun, although later in the series she wears her hair down more, often curling it.


Hilda is often considered the more fun-loving and ditsy of the two aunts; often getting into magical messes similar to her niece's, however she helps Sabrina through many tough dilemmas and spells gone awry.

Despite her ditzy and accident prone nature, Hilda proved herself to be a skilled and powerful witch throughout the series.

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