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~ Hinata's signature catchphrase.

Hinata Hoshino is one of the main protagonists of the manga and anime series WATATEN: An Angel Flew Down to Me.

She was voiced by Rika Nagae.


Hinata is an energetic young girl who hardly ever gets angry or agitated.


Hinata is the younger sister of Miyako Hoshino who is noted for being especially childish despite being a fifth grader. Hinata dearly loves her older sister Miyako, to the point where she gave her the nickname "Mya-nee."

With their relationship beginning when she was born, Hinata had become obsessed with her older sister to the point that she would get jealous of anyone else she perceived of taking attention from her. This is often self-evident with Miyako's attraction towards her best friend Hana Shirosaki. When Miyako creepily caresses Hana's hands which spurred her to threaten to call the police on her, Hinata shoves her hands into Miyako's face stating that she had softer hands than Hana's.

She is also adamant on preventing anyone from marrying Miyako. It got to the point where Hinata decides to increase her time with Miyako due to accidentally forgetting her birthday. This forces Miyako to use a pass that she was given on her birthday to convince her younger sister to refrain for five days. Hinata slowly started to break down from not being around her older sister to the point where she began speaking to a bust of her and doting on Noa when she volunteered to dress up as Miyako. When the five days end, however, Hinata resumes her obsessive behavior with her older sister, but she also tells Noa that she loved her as much as she did Miyako.

After meeting Noa Himesaka when she moved into a house next door, Hinata quickly befriends her, and it would eventually lead to Noa developing a crush on her when Hinata told her that she was the prettiest girl she had seen. Hinata is often seen playing with Noa or providing her with emotional support whenever she was saddened about not being the cutest.


  • Her birthday is on May 10. Therefore, her astrological sign is "Taurus."
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