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Hinata Miyakawa is a minor reoccurring background character in the Lucky Star series. Also a main character of the spinoff series Miyakawa-ke no kufuku.


Hinata is a young woman who appears to be in her early 20's, with long salmon pink hair, which she ties just a bit to the left of her forehead with a rabbit clip; she has dark pink droopy eyes and is a meganekko. Hinata has an compulsive obsession with manga, anime, and doujinshi. Despite her irresponsibility with money, Hinata can be responsible when taking care Hikage and even knows how to punish her. It has been mentioned that a way Hinata has punished Hikage for doing something wrong is by making her to eat a vegetarian diet for a week, something which the meat-loving Hikage is shown to be afraid of on later occasions.

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