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Hinata Wakaba is one of main heroes of Rival Schools series, first appeared in United By Fate (Legion Of Heroes in Japan). She is the first student from Taiyo High (where Batsu transferred there) who is interested in any kinds of sports and tagged with Batsu to find his lost mother.

Rival Schools series

During the event of the original game, Hinata admits that their school must be protected from an incident by helping her friends out. At the end of the following story, she searches her involvement in the inspirations of other students at the school to train the art of karate as she surprised very much.

In the events of the sequel Project Justice, Hinata has teamed up again with her friends Batsu and Kyosuke in investigating a new incident involved to the universities. She has two roles in the following stories of Taiyo High: in the first story she has been kidnapped by the main antagonist Kurow and eventually rescued by the high-school students from Pacific High, or even involves the investigation of Taiyo if Batsu is absent and is later rescued by him from the cause of Kurow's assault.

Other appearances

Outside of Rival Schools series, she has a cameo appearance together with Batsu in Capcom vs SNK 2 as one of Kyousuke's assisting characters during the performance of his super combo. And in the actual ending of Batsu in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom alongside Kyosuke.




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