Hinawa is a character and a mini-hero from Mother 3. She was the mother of Lucas and Claus and lived happily with them until her death.

She is voiced by Yuko Kaida in the Mother Justice Chapter 2 Drama CD.


Hinawa has long, brown hair and blue eyes. She has red lipstick, wears a white-red shirt and dress, and brown shoes.


Hinawa is called "Favorite Mom" by her two sons, Lucas and Claus. She was living with her father Alec, and she knew it was almost time for her and her children to see Flint, her husband and her children's father. She wrote a letter to him, but saw something strange in the sky.

According to Bronson, one of Flint's friends, it was revealed that Hinawa was killed by a Drago while traveling to Flint's house with her children. This causes Flint to go berserk and attack the villagers. He was arrested, and Claus gave him an apple to free him out of jail, telling him that he will grow stronger so that the Dragos won't stand a chance against him.

While everyone was grieving Hinawa's grave, Lucas reveals that Claus has gone missing to avenge the death of his mother by going to the mountains to find and kill the Drago that killed his mother. Flint and Alec went to find the missing Claus.

Hinawa is not seen again after Chapter 1, but she appears as a spirit in Chapter 6.

Hinawa is seen again as a spirit in the final Chapter (Chapter 8 )where she begs Claus to stop attacking Lucas because they are brothers. Claus does not get his mind back, though. Hinawa keeps begging Claus to stop, and finally begs him to join her. Claus finally listens to his mother's words and committed suicide.

It is unknown what happened to Hinawa after this, but she will be living with Claus after he killed himself.


  • She is shown to like sunflowers.
  • She is the only mother of the EarthBound series to be deceased.
  • She was planned to have blonde hair like Lucas, but it was changed to brown.


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