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Hiramera is a minor character in the Fish-Man Island Arc from the anime and manga series One Piece. She is a dancer at the Mermaid Cafe and an olive flounder mermaid.

She was voiced by Madeleine Morris in English.


Hiramera is a teenage mermaid girl has a pink hair it had tied it up with a pigtails flowing, dark yellow spots with yellow tail, and black eyes. She has a light purple shirt has the pearls on cleavage revealed, and pink lipstick. On the manga, Hiramera shown has a long fin frill in side on the tail. This either absent on the anime.


Hiramera is a very cheerful, energetic, kind and caring, just like the other mermaids, for living with apparently fun. Hiramera seen like even Sanji, Straw Hat Pirates and the other mermaid friends.

While the Straw Hat Pirates was confused to damsels the mermaids, she is one of the defeat him, that said she seems to be generally nice everyone and Camie's allies in that all.

Abilities and Powers

Like all the mermaids, she can breathe underwater, talking to her fish sonar waves, and greatest considered for the faster swimming at her world. She is one of the skilled dancer.


Fish-Man Island Arc

Hiramera and her mermaid friends first debuted at Mermaid Cove, they arriving to the Straw Hat Pirates and Camie brought there to visit. While the princes welcoming to their inquire able at the crew's enter at the Fish-Man Island, all the mermaids is decide at the crew in found, hides from there. Basically, the crew's pressure when they made it known by Sanji's nosebleed before Hammond attack, the three princes making clear safely after their sample tries to calls for help Jinbe for texting from Luffy.

However, Ishilly, Fillonce and the other mermaids is damsels by Caribou and the Straw Hats Pirates was made it quick, she trying to vouching at crews, asking need for Ammo Knights for them getting for great people. Then later on, she and the other mermaids hears at the good news that the Straw Hats Pirates is taking over at Ryugu Palace. She looking down considered that Hiramera can't believe it that the Straw Hats becomes the bad people and defeated Caribou.

In aftermath, The Straw Hats Pirates and the New Fish-Man Pirates in the civil war has finished it up when the Straw Hats Pirates is passed in the crimes, Hiramera and the mermaids is dancing in the Ryugu Palace at banquet at honor while the Straw Hats Pirates wins to show off while everybody to say good-bye to the crew at New World.



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