Red Buster!
~ Hiromu Sakurada
Busters! Ready? Go!
~ Hiromu Sakurada
Enemy down!
~ Hiromu after a victory in battle
Shutdown confirmed!
~ Hiromu after a victory in a megazord battle
DSG Hiromu Sakurada

Hiromu Sakurada (桜田 ヒロム Sakurada Hiromu?) is Red Buster (レッドバスター Reddo Basutā?) of the Go-Busters.

His Buster Power is super speed. Thus his legs can move at an unbelievable velocity, making him look as if he were teleporting. His partner Buddy Roid is Cheeda Nick.

His power, like the other Busters, has a Weakpoint trade-off. Whenever Hiromu panics or is immensely startled, he freezes up completely, even in mid-air. However, it is commonly activated when Hiromu sees a chicken, an animal in which he has developed a phobia of.


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