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The one whose fangs are the sharpest wins. Thus, Killing Bites.
~ Hitomi's Catchphrase

Uzaki Hitomi is one of the protagonists of the Killing Bites manga and anime. After a rather fateful meeting with Nomoto Yuuya, she becomes a temporary ally with Ishida Zaibatsu. She's an integral part of Shidou Reiichi's mysterious agenda.

She was voiced by Sora Amamiya.


When Hitomi was in high school, she was walking home late one night, when a group of young men snatched her into a van with the intention of raping her. The driver, Nomoto Yuuya, did not know that his friends were doing this until they were doing it, making him feel very guilty.

As he slammed the brakes, Hitomi emarged from the back of the van, informed him that his friends were now all dead, and told him to drive to a specific location. Once they'd arrived, Nomoto saw the disemboweled corpses in the back, making him vomit, before he ran off.

As Nomoto ran off and met Brute Leo in the dump, Hitomi got a phonecall on her mobile from her mentor Shidou Reiichi, whereupon she told him what happened, and he ordered her not to kill Nomoto. However, just then, Nomoto had unwillingly angered Brute Leo.

Brute Leo transformed and attacked Nomoto. However, Hitomi had transformed also, and defended Nomoto, before defeating him with a deadly slash. Unbenkownst to them, the Ishida Zaibatsu were watching this happen from the view of a satellite.

Nomoto took Hitomi to his flat near his campus, bandaged her wounds, and fell asleep. The next morning, they went to a cafe, where they met Shidou Reiichi, who explained everything to Nomoto and gave him 100 million yen to use to bet on Hitomi in the Killing Bites tournament.

As Shidou ordered Hitomi to be Nomoto's personal bodyguard, Nomoto saw how much Hitomi really looked up to Shidou. Nomoto and Hitomi later went back to the former's apartment. As night fell, Hitomi ordered Nomoto to go and buy her new clothes, or she would slay him.

A while later, Nomoto was walking back with a bag of clothes, when a beautiful young woman in a trench coat beckoned him over on a quiet road, before flashing her naked body (minus the panties) at him, before she shot something sharp through his leg.

This turned out to be a very long spine, and this woman was revealed to be Brute Raudi. Just as she demanded information from Nomoto about Brute Ratel (Hitomi), Hitomi appeare behind her, sparking a fight between the two young ladies.

Eventually, Hitomi won the fight, seemingly killing Brute Raudi. However, as Brute Raudi began to get back up, a very large man bashed into her, knocking her out, before he explained that the spikes that he'd just pricked himself with onlu felt like toothpicks to him.

He then explained that he was Brute Hippopotomus, before requesting that Hitomi helps him by joining his faction, confusing her and Nomoto. when the three got back to Nomoto's flat, Brute Hippo had cleaned and bandaged his leg, before explaining that he was alligned with the Ishida Zaibatsu. Hitomi initially declines, when he and Nomoto get a text message from Shidou.

Moments later, Hitomi accepted Brute Hippo's offer, much to his joy. The three then ate some food and went to sleep.

The next morning, Hitomi was dressed in uniform as she awoke Nomoto, before explaining that she has to come to university with him as to protect him. A while later, they had made it to the lecture before it had begun, when Nomoto's friend Moriyama showed up, very shocked to find out that a beautiful girl was now living with him as she sat beside him.

After a short time, Hitomi had become bored of the lecture, so she went to the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet, a perverted lesbian bobbed her head over the stall, quickly introducing herself as Eruza Nakanishi, a Brute for the Yatsubishi Zaibatsu, as she climbed over into the stall. As Hitomi asked if she wanted to fight, Eruza implied something more sexual as she began to fully remove Hitomi's panties as she sat there.

This obviously annoyed Hitomi, causing her to instantly transform and punch Eruza out of the stall, before Eruza waved Hitomi's panties mockingly as she got up, before running away, with Hitomi in hot persuit. As Hitomi ran around a hallway corner, she bumped into Nomoto, who was using cruches. As Hitomi and Nomoto hit the floor, he saw her vagina from under her skirt as she gathered herself, causing him great embarassment.

Hitomi then chased Eruza to the earby forest, where Eruza eventually transformed into Brute Cheetah. Eruza said that her brother told her to find Hitomi. After a brief fight, something knocked over a tree to interrupt it, which was revealed to be Brute Bear, and another young man, who informed the girls that they were forbid from fighting until the Killing Bites Destroyal, being held a week from now.

Meanwhile, two men are seen spying on Hitomi from the school roof with binoculars.

After a short while, Nomoto and the two girls were gathering themselves in the Manga Club, when several boys had walked in on them, assuming Nomoto to have a harem. After soem negotiation, Hitomi and Eruza agree to change into skimpy manga clothing for a photoshoot, held by many young men form campus waiting outside. They have many suggestive pictures taken, to discover that they both enjoyed it.

At the end of the day, the two girls went to eat pancakes, while Nomoto went home, only to find several people there already; Brute Hippo, Brute Leo, and Yoko Mitsukado, the granddaughter of President Yozan of the Mitsukado Zaibatsu. They explain that, in a Destroyal, multiple Brutes enter a battle royale, rather than a one-on-one, and they fight to the death.

Yoko explains that Shidou Reiichi is behind this for his own personal research. She further says that the Destroyal is a real-life game of chess, with the Brutes as the chess pieces, and Nomoto controlling the pieces. Since Hitomi is entering, Nomoto therefore decides her fate. Later, when Nomoto is at his flat with just Hitomi and Brute Hippo, the latter explains that a Destroyal requires a three-man team and will therefore need to recruit one more Brute.

Meanwhile, two lesbians are seen after having sex, when one of them gets a phonecall implying that the higher-ups of the Killing Bites do not agree with Shidou.

Next morning, Brute Hippo explains to Nomoto and Hitomi that he's having trouble finding a thrid member, since the other Brutes have declined, but he believe that the other zaibatsus are sabotaging their attempts. However, he has one person left to pick from, but that this particular Brute is not affiliated with any zaibatsu and dislikes fighting.

Later, the three meet this Brute in a cafe, where they discover that she is a Brute Rabbit, and has lost all of her Killing Bites matches, and thus all her credibility and backing. Brute Hippo still begs her to join the team, but she runs away after Hitomi threatens her. Hitomi then orders Nomoto to chase after her, so he does. Nomoto sits with Bute Rabbit in the park and manages to convince her to join, when they are attacked by a strange laser.

Akemi Kishimoto then reveals herself, revealing that she is the Brute Horned Lizard, and is shooting blood out of her eye as an attack. After Brute Rabbit runs away, with Brute Horned Lizard in persuit, Hitomi saves her. However, Brute Horned Lizard is backed up by her sister (the two lesbians from earlier), Akari Kishimoto, who had been sniffed out via Brute Rabbit's acute hearing.

The two sisters reveal themselves to be Brutes for the Sumitomo Zaibatsu, before Hitomi defeats them. Hitomi pins her victory on Brute Rabbit as thanks for using her power to find the second sister, and the two sisters flee. Whilst Hitomi states that they are still forbidden from fighting yet, Brute Hippo explains that Brute Rabbit hasn't been registered yet, and therefore didn't break any rules.

Brute Rabbit celebrates in glee at her first victory in a fight, happily exclaiming to Nomoto, Hitomi, and Brute Hippo that she will join their troupe. Later, Hitomi takes Nomoto to a park to train.

The next night, Nomoto, Hitomi, Brute Hippo, and Brute Rabbit are at a fancy party - in formal wear - on the Beast King cruise, being hosted by the Killing Bites organisers. Brute Leo approaches the group and explains that he will not participate, but wishes them good luck. Just then, Brute Tiger antagonises him, asking if he's afraid to get beat by him.

Brute Tiger is revealed to be the previous winner, as well as Brute Cheetah's brother when she approaches. Minutes later, the lights go off and Shidou announces from the podium that the Destroyal is a fight where four teams (each with three fighters), representing the four zaibatsus, fight to the death. This fight will be held on Hotei Island, on the Philippine Sea, where their cruise is heading.

Scared, Brute Rabbit runs to the bathroom, where he sees Brute Cobra (the same man with the binoculars) standing over a crying woman on the floor. He grabs Brute Rabbit, and his team mates - a man and a woman - approach, but Hitomi shortly walks by, saving Brute Rabbit, and the three leave. Later, the teams of Brutes are now on the island, with their Players in a conferance room, seated around a large, high-tech table that acts as the 'chessboard'.

With monitors in the room, they can see the Brutes' progress through a satellite. When it is Nomoto's turn to select the co-ordinates on where he should send Hitomi, he happens to pick the perfect, safest location on the island by chance, making the professionals in the room think he'd done extensive research on the island.

However, in a flashback to the previous night at the park, Hitomi is telling Nomoto that she will tell him where to send her on the island, via different hand signals that she will perform for the satellite's camera that will be watching her - a code that only Hitomi and Nomoto will understand, dubbed 'Operation Unthink'.

Presently on the island, another Brute had approached Hitomi's location, initiating a fight, as per the rules if more than one Brute are caught in the same square metre. This Brute was revealed to be Brute Bear, the sumo wrestler that had interrupted Hitomi's first fight with Brute Cheetah. Hitomi defeats Brute Bear with one swipe, eliminating him from the Destroyal, and amazing everyone watching.

Meanwhile, Brute Hippo is walking through the forest on the island, when Brute Tiger slices his back in a sneak-attack, sending Brute Hippo to the ground. However, as Brute Tiger walks off, Brute Hippo gets back up as he transforms into his Brute-self. He mentally admits to himself that, despite acting tough, he didn't see the attack coming at all.

Just then, two more members from seperate teams arrive. Now with four Brutes, all from different teams, gathered in one location, Brute Tiger prepares to fight the others in a three-on-one. As the Players and hosts watch in excitement, Brute Crocodile insists that he with duel with Brute Tiger, so the other two sit back and watch.

After a brief duel, the short guy (who'd earlier interrupted Hitomi's first fight with Brute Cheetah, alongside Brute Bear) gets bored, and transforms into Brute Gorilla. After a short argument, Brute Tiger defeats Brute Gorilla and Brute Crocodile with little effort.

Meanwhile, Brute Cheetah is attacked and pinned in a zone without cameras by the remaining two Brutes of the Sumitomo Zaibatsu, particularly Brute Cobra, who attempts to rape her. When Brute Cheetah fights back, Brute Cobra breaks her arm, and the other woman - Brute Gecko - beats her into submission. Meanwhile, just as Brute Hippo and Brute Tiger prepare to fight, the Player for Brute Tiger's team orders him to move to Brute Cheetah's location to help her, as they are on the same team.

Just then, Brute Crocodile bites Brute Tiger's leg, and since he only has three minutes to reach his destination, he runs the risk of running out of time, since the collars around the Brutes' necks are designed to explode if they disobey orders. Meanwhile, as Brute Cobra prepares to rape Brute Cheetah, Hitomi slashes him, saving her.

However, she is outnumbered and beaten, which is seen throguh cameras when a camera crew is sent to film the unmonitored zone. Just as Brute Gecko prepares to kill Hitomi, Brute Cheetah springs back and slices Brute Cobra's face open. She and Hitomi then team up to fight Brute Gecko and Brute Cobra.

Meanwhile, Brute Crocodile bites Brute Tiger's leg and does not let go of him, ensuring that he will not make it to his destination, meaning that his collar will explode, killing him. Realising his inescapable predicament, Brute Tiger bends himself and grabs Brute Crocodile's leg, ensuring that he will also die if the collar explodes. As they argue, they are cut-off when Brute Hippo rams into them both, freeing them and knocking them down.

A quick flashback shows Brute Hippo giving his unlimited thanks to Seira Toh - wife of Toubank's Managing Director - for the sufficient financial support, vowing to give his life for the Destroyal victory if he needs to. However, she says that the Brutes' lives are precious, and that his survival is more important than victory.

Back in the present, as Hitomi fights Brute Cobra, she suddenly collapses, and Brute Cobra explains that he'd released the venom from his fangs into the air in mist form. However, since ratels are resistent to venom, Hitomi gets back up quicker than expected and, with Brute Cobra's guard down as he prepares to rape her, she slashes him in half.

Hitomi and Brute Cheetah then team up and prepare to take Brute Gecko down. Meanwhile, in the Players' conference room, the announcer and the audience become impressed with Nomoto's playing of his 'chess pieces', and he is congratulated by Seira Toh, who is also present as a Player on the central table. Meanwhile, as Brute Hippo is being beaten by Brute Crocodile, Brute Pangolin arrives.

Yoko, seated beside Nomoto and becoming increasingly annoyed, until Brute Pangolin arrives. Yoko flashbacks to when she looked up to her grandfather - Youzan Mitsukado of the Mitsukado Zaibatsu - as a child, then promises to herself that she'll not let him down.

As Brute Pangolin quietly voices his annoyance with Brute Crocodile over the destroyed trees from the fight, Brute Gorilla arrives and explains that Brute Pangolin is an environmentalist who kills anyone that destroys plant life. After Brute Crocodile lands several unsuccessful attacks on him, Brute Pangolin punches clean through his head, killing him.

However, as the audience watches on, Brute Pangolin calmly approaches Brute Crocodile's corpse, before kneeling, and continuing to smash his head with his fist. The audience and Players in the conference room are repulsed by this, but Yoko smirks as she watches the screen. Meanwhile, Brute Gorilla approaches Brute Pangolin and says he should stop, to which he responds that, if he smashes Brute Crocodile's head, the pieces will make good fertilizer.

As Brute Hippo watches this, the speaker on his collar says that his Player (Nomoto) has ordered him to move north within three minutes. However, as he begins to back off, Brute Gorilla transforms and smahses his fist towards him. However, just as Brute Gorilla strikes, Brute Hippo then disappears, leaving him in confusion. Meanwhile, Brute Gecko gets new orders to relocate, prompting her to flee, leaving Hitomi and Brute Cheetah to duel.

As the fights had commenced, Brute Rabbit - waiting alone - had dug under the island's dirt, and as she sensed danger, she had quickly dug a hole underneath Brute Hippo, which he then fell through, saving him from Brute Gorilla. Brute Hippo slides to safety, as is met by Brute Rabbit, who had truly saved him, but he is unable to move after landing wrong, so she crawls up the hole he'd slid from.

As Brute Gorilla looks in confusion at the rabbit-hole, Brute Rabbit pops up from it, and the two make eye contact, before he attacks her. Meanwhile, Brute Cheetah has overpowered Hitomi and, now on top of her, she leans forth and kisses Hitomi, before she pushes her away and asks what the hell she's doing. Brute Cheetah says that she feels like doing this with Hitomi, and Hitomi reveals herself also as a lesbian as they both French kiss.

The audience watch the camera feed revealing Brute Rabbit running away from Brute Gorilla, when they switch to the other camera feed, seeing Hitomi and Eruza having foreplay, shocking everyone. The camera then sees Brute Civet of the Yatsubishi Zaibatsu standing atop a shanty roof watching on.

Brute Civet is revealed to have despersed her aphrodisiac scent into the atmosphere. This aphrodisiac pheremone has made the battle-excitement of Hitomi and Eruza convert into lust, explaining the odd situation, and effectively incapacitating both Brutes. As the primarily-male audience watches on in excitement, Nomoto is conflicted between acting with his chess pieces and watching the show.

However, Yoko becomes increasingly infuriated at the perverted men in the room, and their sacrilege of the Killing Bites. In a private room, Yoko's extremely perverted grandfather is seen watching the Killing Bites on his television, thanking Shidou for his work.

Meanwhile, Brute Gecko is traversing the forest with the anticipation of meeting up with her teammate Brute Crocodile, but she is instead greeted by Brute Tiger. Realising that Brute Crocodile had failed, Brute Gecko goes for an attack, only to be sliced by Brute Tiger, killing her. As everyone watches this from the camera feed, the Sumitomo Zaibatsu are now officially eliminated.

After the camera feed flicks back to Hitomi and Eruza, who are still at it, Yoko slams her fist onto the table, silencing everyone, before demanding the next Player to roll the dice. As Hitomi and Eruza begin to orgasm, the latter says "Come with me", which triggers Hitomi's memory if Shidou finding Hitomi on the streets as a child telling her to come with him as he holds out his hand with a smile.

This memory snaps Hitomi out of it, and she whacks Brute Cheetah off her, shocking Brute Civet, who'd expected Brute Cheetah to come to her senses first. Hitomi sees Brute Civet and attacks her, but she is stopped when Brute Tiger arrives. Now with Brute Tiger, Brute Civet, and Brute Cheetah, Hitomi is forced to fight alone against all three Yatsubishi Brutes.

However, Brute Civet and Brute Cheetah sit back as the others duel, with Brute Civet confused at why the two aren't affected by her lustful pheremone in the location, as Brute Cheetah is still out of commission from it.

Meanwhile, as Brute Gorilla still chases Brute Rabbit, he gets an order from his collar to move east, but he continues his chase and eventually punches her in the behind, knocking her over. As he taunts her, Brute Pangolin arrives and scolds him. This makes Brute Gorilla realise that he'd knocked over several trees in his chase, and he cowers.

Concluding that Brute Pangolin cannot be reasoned with, Brute Gorilla resorts to knocking him out and fleeing, but his plan falls flat when Brute Pangolin takes a punch without flinching. As he continues his attack, Brute Pangolin punches him in half with no effort, killing him, and shocking Brute Rabbit, whose life flashes before her as she prepares to be slaughtered.

However, Brute Pangolin gets an order to go east, which he follows without question, leaving Brute Rabbit.

Meanwhile, Brute Cobra is revealed to be alive as he spies on Hitomi and the Yatsubishi Brutes, before he attacks Hitomi, but fails. Hitomi grabs his top half and throws it to the camera crew hiding behind bushes, requesting him to be stitched together and nursed back to health. After Hitomi and Brute Tiger converse, the latter attacks her with an infamously devastating attack.

When Hitomi stands up again, the audience applaude as they watch on the screen. However, when he hits her again, she bleeds significantly, when Brute Rabbit bursts from the dirt between them, yelling her fears on Brute Pangolin, but when she sees Brute Tiger, she begins to flee in fear. However, she falls over and clutches her loins due to Brute Civet's pheremone taking her over.

Since rabbits' mating habits are infamous, she becomes aroused more quickly than usual, confusing Brute Civet. However, Brute Civet grabs her by the ears and makes her watch the duel. As Brute Tiger readies himself to kill Hitomi, Yoko taunts Nomoto back in the conference room, saying that he is responsible for killing Hitomi due to his badly thought-out playing.

After further taunting, Nomoto stands and concludes that he will not roll the dice, making Hitomi stay put in her current location. This surprises everyone, but amuses Seira Toh as she smirks. Nomoto adds that he'd rather take a stand than run a way, further impressing Seira Toh and shocking everyone else.

Just as Brute Tiger goes to finish Hitomi, Brute Pangolin - the last remaining Mitsukado Brute - appears and smacks her out of the way with his deadly tail, and begins beating her.

A flashback reveals Yoko and Brute Leo convincing the nature-loving Brute Pangolin that Shidou had conducted many u ethical experiments on animals, and that the very existence of his creation - Brute Ratel - was a crime against nature, and that he must destroy her.

Back in the present, Brute Rabbit manages to escape Brute Civet's grasp and push her down a large rabbit-hole. Just as Brute Pangolin is about to kill Hitomi, who is now unconscious, Brute Tiger rams into him, annoyed that he is focusing on Hitomi and not him. He repeatedly claws and Brute Pangolin, finding that his skin is like armour. When Brute Pangolin eventually fully-transforms, Yoko smiles in awe as everyone looks on in horror.

As Brute Rabbit rushes to Hitomi's side to help her, Brute Pangolin curls into a ball, before managing to trap Brute Tiger's claw, chopping it off. Just as Brute Pangolin curls into a ball again and jumps to crush Brute Tiger, Brute Hippo appears from the foliage and rams into Brute Pangolin, knocking him away. As the two giants clash, Brute Pangolin claws into Brute Hippo abdomen, knocking him down bleeding.

Just then, Brute Tiger uses his remaining claw to slice Brute Pangolin's eye out, but he retaliates by impaling his gut with his shart tail. Yoko then slams her fist onto the conference table and exclaims with a grin that she has won, going on a wild rant on how her company is superior.

As Brute Rabbit digs a hole to safetey, Brute Cheetah begins to fight Brute Pangolin. Just then, Hitomi springs back up, with the blood now gone, and now miraculously in an even more transformed state, with more white fur. Shidou quietly explains to a colleague that this is Hitomi's true form, since she was born with theriomorphosis, rather than being genetically modified with it, thus making her an Origin Beast.

A seven-year flashback in Hong Kong shows Shidou and his colleague Shibayama first seeing the young "Origin Beast" when she swiftly snatched a piece of Shidou's food and climbed to a water tower. Shidou had then climbed up a ladder and held a piece of chicken for the Origin Beast, when she bit his arm, took the chicken, and lept off the roof to hide elsewhere.

After several days of Shidou visiting her with gifts of food and clothes, Shibayama questions his motives for going to such lengths for an animal, to which Shidou argues that she is still a human, and has christened her 'Hitomi'. That night, Shidou sneaks off to see Hitomi, later learning that she can talk, and he manages to get her to say his name, when Shibayama comes up and shoots her with a tranquilizer, angering Shidou.

After Hitomi jumps away and onto the streets, Shidou punches Shibayama. After a short while, Hitomiloses energy and passes out, whilst Shidou and Shibayama run after her, hoping to reach her before the local mafia does, a task which they fail. They both see thugs with weapons surrounding the unconscious child, when they attack the two men.

As Shidou jumps onto Hitomi to shield the melee attacks, his subordinate, a woman named Shinozaki (the host and announcer of the Killing Bites), defeats them with martial arts. Shidou had expected her arrival, and they escape with Hitomi, later giving her genetic therapy to appear fully human, whilst still able to tranform.

Back in the present day, Hitomi is still fighting Brute Pangolin as Brute Cheetah watches with a dislocated arm from earlier. Hitomi then manages to slice her claws up his abdomen all the way up to his face, prompting him to curl into a ball again. Realising that this ball is impenetrable, Hitomi spins Brute Pangolin, sending him rolling into some trees, knocking them over. When he uncurls himself, he sees what he's done and laments over it.

A disturbing flashback revelas that, when Brute Pangolin was a boy, his mother left him a pot of flowers before she left, sayig "Think of them as me", but Brute Pangolin's father kicked the pot and stomped on the flowers. Chanting "Don't bully Mama", Brute Pangolin grabbed his baseball bat and violently beat his father to death, not stopping until his head was just bits (reminiscent of Brute Crocodile's death).

As Brute Pangolin remembers this, in a fit of burning rage, he struck Hitomi, cutting her forearm off with his scales. As Hitomi screams in agony as she wriths on the floor, Brute Cheetah realises that only her brother is able to keep calm after losing an arm, and that not even Brute Ratel can withstand extreme pain. As she observes further, she notices Brute Pangolin's scales become a fortress of protruding knives.

As he swipes his sharp tails at Hitomi, who continued to dodge, he didn't seem to care any longer that he was destroying more trees in the process. After more fighting, he'd managed to pin Hitomi and send his tail through her back, making her let out another sharp scream. When she becomes limp and quiet, Brute Pangolin removes his tail from her back.

As he prepares to crush her head, Hitomi springs up, grabs her amputated arm and throws it at him, sending her claws into his empty eye socket, disorienting him as Hitomi jumps up and rams her claw down his throat, seemingly killing him. The audience cheers as Yoko watches in horror, whilst Brute Cheetah admits to herself that she has already lost.

However, Brute Pangolin rises once more, shocking everybody, but he is quickly killed when Brute Cheetah slices his chest open, causing Yoko to faint in anger. Brute Cheetah realises that she is the only Brute awake, and that she may win, but then Brute Rabbit awakens after being knocked out form Hitomi's full transformation. The two engage in a fight, but Brute Rabbit flees.

As Brute Cheetah chases her, Brute Rabbit trips over a rock, managing to somersault and land a rare kick to her chin, knocking her down. With Brute Rabbit confused and the only one standing, everyone is unspeakably amazed at this outcome.

However, the power on the cruise shuts off, and the camera crew at the site are revealed to have been silently murdered by Brute Chameleons as part of the plan to kill all Brutes on the island as to have no winners. After Brute Rabbit stops Hitomi's bleeding with a tourniquet, she senses an attack, managing to dodge it, but only before being ensnared by the Brute Chameleons' long tongues.

As they prepare to kill Brute Rabbit, Hitomi awakens and interrupts, but quickly passes out again. Just then, Shinozaki arrives at their location on the island with a camcorder and uses her martial arts training to slice a Brute Chameleon's tongue off, stating that unregistered Brutes taking part in the Destroyal is a serious offense.

Just as the cruise's power returns, everyone sees Shinozaki presenting her results from behind the screen as she films herself, before interviewing Brute Rabbit, asking her how it feels to win, to which she responds with confusion.

Minutes later, Shidou explains to the four zaibatsu bosses that the Brute Chameleons were sent by Sumitomo after his Brutes fell first, as to even out the tournament, which Sumitomo admits to. Then, Brute Horned Lizard, who is present, slices Sumitomo's face, killing him. Brute Leo then transforms and threatens her, telling her not to continue that.

Shidou stands with the others as he explains that Mitsukado had planned to overthrow the rest of mankind using his company, rather than to better the Theriomorphosis and release it to the public in order to better humanity. Brute Leo then stabs his claws into Mitsukado's chest, allowing the others to continue their plan for Earth.

Minutes later, Yoko laments over her loss as she walks to her grandfather's office, when she sees him dead on his chair. Shidou lies to her that his death was a natural heart failure, but Yoko says that he'd done for, to which they explain that his death was necessary for the change of power. Yoko orders Brute Leo to kill them, but he refuses.

As everyone else leaves the office, Brute Leo threatens to kill Yoko if she does not obey her new superiors, and he gradually rapes her to ensure that.

Almost two weeks later, Nomoto is seen eating in the university cafeteria with Moriyama. Nomoto's life had been back to normal as soon as he'd stepped off the cruise, and his home was quiet again without Hitomi and Brute Hippo. He thought it may have all been just a dream, but the cases of 300 million yen in his room disproves that theory.

Later, in Nomoto's flat, he gets a text from Hitomi to meet her at the dump. At the dump, they meet up, and Hitomi's arm is stirched and healing. Nomoto thanks Hitomi for unwittingly teaching him to be confident, and Hitomi thanks Nomoto for sticking by her. Just then, she sliced her claw across his chest, killing him. She tells his corpse that Shidou wanted him dead, as he could be a potential liability.

Hitomi never wanted to kill Nomoto, but after she did, she got back in the car and told the driver that it was done. She tears up heavily, but pretends not to be upset.


She has white hair, brown eyes and a curvy body. When transformed, she is shown to have features similar to that of a honey badger.

When transformed, black fur with a white tint covering various sections of her body, such as the sides of her body, under her armpits, and her shoulders down the top of her biceps, though her forearms and hands are fully covered in fur, as are her legs up to her upper-mid-thigh.

A short tail also sprouts from Hitomi's tailbone, with a pair of small ears adorning the top of her head, whilst her fingernails and toenails are replaced with short, yet sharp claws, as well as fangs, showed to reach her teeth.


A born therianthrope, she says that she has never experienced fear. Overall, Hitomi is a hot-blooded, fearsome fighter with an often-aggressive disposition.

She will pick a fight against anyone, brute or not, with very little provocation. Regularly, she acts like a tomboy but is conscious about acting more feminine. Hitomi isn't exactly knowledgeable about most perverts unless they make a move.

For example, when Nomoto accidentally grabs her breast, she blushes and calls him a lech. However, when she was misguided by Eruza into dressing as a maid while keeping some of her Brute traits visible, such as her ears and tail, she was oblivious to the fact that the other boys were completely ogling her until much later on.

She respects Shidou Reiichi and seems like an entirely different person when around him, acting sweeter and cuter than usual. She has been a fan of sweets since she was little.

Abilities & Skills

  • Slash - Hitomi's signature move. A simple killing move where she slashes the target with her claws.
  • Fast Learning - She was able to counter Brute Bear's attack after seeing it once before, as well as timing Taiga's Tiger Cannon after letting herself get hit by it twice.
  • Brute Transformation - Having the characteristics of the ratel since birth, Hitomi has speed, strength, flexibility and stamina far surpassing those of a human, as well as heightened senses such as smell. Like the Ratel, Hitomi is incredibly resilient, having survived to attacks from extremely powerful enemies such as Taiga, considered the second strongest brute within the official rankings, and Kido, a savage brute who's strength and defense overwhelmed the former with incredible ease. A particular trait to Hitomi's ratel transformation is that the more she's harmed, the more aggressive and battle aware she becomes Origin Beast.
  • Origin Beast - Described by Shidou as the perfect combination of human and animal since birth, this is Hitomi's "true form". Her animal traits become much more prominent, her fur covering her legs and hips completely and her hair growing longer and wilder. Her instincts become even more enhanced than before and Hitomi dons on a much more animalistic and wilder behavior, toying with her opponent while delivering deadly attacks, while keeping most of her sanity. In this form, Hitomi's physical conditioning increases becoming an incredible fighter who's speed is so far only surpassed by Eruza and, probably, Inaba. In this form she was able to deliver a fatal blow to Kido which, even though it didn't kill him, it knocked him out for a brief moment, even exposing his brain mass in the process.
  • Fighting Style - Hitomi, like several other brutes, has no defined fighting style. Instead she relies completely on her instincts. Due to the nature of her own transformation and her own straightforward personality, she has only one move in her entire arsenal, unlike many other brutes whom have developed more complex and diverse techniques. Despite this, Hitomi can be quite clever and tactical in combat, for she's able to exploit the weaknesses of her opponents whenever she discovers them such as Kido's severed right eye which left him a blind spot, or when she had Inaba use her echolocation to discover the strategy of the Reptile twins.

Fellow Brutes

Brute Name Brute Alias Team
Arashina Ryouko Brute Raudi None
Tani Yuugo Brute Leo
Todoroki Seeichi Brute Walrus
Kazama Kaede Brute Gecko Sumitomo
Onuma Den Brute Cobra
Shinna Ryuji Brute Crocodile
Nakanishi Taiga Brute Tiger Yatsubishi
Nakanishi Eruza Brute Cheetah
Rikujou Kaori Brute Civet
Kido Takeshi Brute Pangolin Mitsukado
Jerome Hongou Brute Bear
Yabe Shota Brute Gorilla
Okajima Ichinosuke Brute Hippopotamus Ishida
Inaba Ui Brute Rabbit
Uzaki Hitomi Brute Ratel


  • Unlike all other therianthropes, she was born as one. This is known as an origin beast.
  • She is a fan of honey vanilla ice cream.
  • Before she was found by Shidou in China, Hitomi was named Chùshēng [畜牲. lit. Animal] by the locals, a word that can refer to the six common livestock animals, or can be used as an insult.


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