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Hobbes party
Hobbes is Calvin's stuffed tiger and best friend in the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. He only comes to life around Calvin or by himself, but acts as a stuffed animal around anyone else. (Hinting that he might be Calvin's imaginary friend) Unlike his friend, Calvin, he has a crush on Susie Derkins, and he tries giving advice to Calvin, to no avail.


Hobbes is seen in two differentiating perspectives. Calvin perceives him as a live tiger and a best friend, capable of speech and independent action. To everybody else, he is an inanimate stuffed tiger.

Hobbes is often shown to be more intelligent than Calvin when he is perceived as a real tiger. He is seen reading more often than his owner and attempts to be the voice of reason when Calvin tries to perform a risky stunt or engage in a dubious scheme. Hobbes' advice often falls on deaf ears with Calvin, who usually ignores his reasoning and winds up getting in trouble for his actions. Because of this, some fans say that Hobbes represents Calvin's conscience. However, Hobbes is shown as terrible at math and spelling, quite possibly worse than Calvin himself, seemingly reflective of Calvin's own limitation.


  • Wagon riding
  • Sledding
  • Time-traveling
  • Calvinball
  • Camping
  • Sleeping
  • Pouncing on Calvin
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