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Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a white magic rabbit and a friend of Frosty the Snowman in the 1969 Christmas special, Frosty the Snowman. He was part of an act for Professor Hinkle and lived in his hat. When Professor Hinkle threw his hat away in a rage, Hocus gave it to some kids who put it on Frosty which brought him to life. When Hinkle took it back, Hocus disapproved of it as it was no longer his. When the kids got the hat back, Hocus joined Frosty and Karen in travelling to the North Pole for Frosty to live there and hopped on a train.

With Hinkle hot on their trail, they abandoned the train and contiuned on foot through the woods and during a blizzard. With Karen becoming feverish from the cold, Frosty was unsure what to do. Though Hocus cannot talk, he acted out suggestions: the marines, the president and Santa Claus and Frosty suggests Santa. In the meantime, Frosty instructed Hocus to find woodland creatures to help build a fire to keep Karen warm. He does so and the animals helped and Karen became better again.

Unfortunately, Hinkle caught up to them and Frosty and Karen ran towards a nearby greenhouse to hide. Santa arrives and Hocus explains everything, since Santa was fluent in rabbit. They arrived at the greenhouse to find Frosty melted and Karen distraught. Santa cheered her up as he brought Frosty back to life, straightened out Hinkle and brought both Frosty and Hocus back to the North Pole to live with him.


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