Hoho is a cute little monkey who likes to play with all his friends and appears in Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.


Hoho is three years old, and he's the youngest of all the friends, meaning when he participates in activities, he often goes first. He loves to jump because that makes him happy, and he's good at playing the turntables as the DJ. He also likes to eat dumplings and bananas. In "The Moon Festival", Hoho was thrilled to see the moon on his first moon festival, but then he became very disappointed when a big cloud was blocking the moon. He has a close relationship with Rintoo and Tolee. He likes being the center of attention. He can sometimes have a fiery temper when he doesn't get his way. In "Kai-Lan's Big Play", he wanted to be the Monkey King, but Kai-Lan let Rintoo be the Monkey King, and she said that Hoho had to be the baby rabbit, and he got really mad. In "Kai-Lan's Playhouse", he also got mad because there was no yellow paint for his wall, his banana picture got dipped in the black paint, and he wanted some banana stickers, but Rintoo had them, so that's when Hoho hit Rintoo in anger. Also, in "Hoho's Big Flight", he didn't know how to listen until Kai-Lan and her other friends taught him how. Whenever he jumps, a "spr-oing" sound can be heard.


Hoho has white skin with a peach face and belly, black eyes with an iris, and he has a little black nose, and a long tail.


This is a picture of Hoho beside his name in the promo where the singers are singing about him and Tolee.

This is a picture of Hoho in the Super Special Days DVD trailer.

In this picture, Hoho was crying because he couldn't get to see the moon.

This is where Hoho won a medal in the Dinosaur Games for best jumping with somersaults.

In this picture, Hoho had an animal raft that looks like a bunny rabbit.

In this picture, Hoho was pointing at an ice sculpture that was shaped like a monkey, just like him.

This is where Hoho was painting a monkey on his lantern, like him.

Hoho hits Rintoo because he can't get anything he want.

This is a picture of Hoho hugging the viewers, after he hugged his other friends for helping him get his lantern back.

This is a picture of Hoho wearing a little blue safari hat because he joined the safari to find the animal that made those tracks. But Stompy didn't make the tracks because his tracks are much bigger; way bigger than Hoho.

In this picture, Hoho had a special bubble that looks just like him.

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