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Holly Jollimore is a heroine from the 2000 direct-to-video film Casper's Haunted Christmas. She is nice to Casper but hates the Ghostly Trio. She lives in Kriss, Massachusetts with her parents.

She is voiced by Tegan Moss, who also voices Penny Gadget and Polly Pocket.


She has tan skin, amber eyes, dark brown hair, and a beauty mark under her left eye. She wears a red scarf, a blue coat, and a lavender headbandt. She wears red pajamas in some scenes. Casper describes her as really cute


Holly is beautiful and kind. She lives with her parents, Carol and Noel Jollimore in the town of Kriss, Massachusetts, the most Christmasy town in the United States. She is overwhelmed by her parents' love for the holiday, though she loves them dearly, even defended them when fake Casper insulted them.

When she first meets Casper, she believes that he is a snowman because he landed on the one she'd just built, after Casper and his uncles were sent by Kibosh into the town of Kriss because Casper didn't scare anyone and, until they did, the trio had their haunting licenses suspended and were banished to the town until Casper scared someone, but if he didn't scare by a certain time him and the trio would be banished into eternal darkness.

Holly and Casper quickly become good friends, with Holly still believing that he is the snowman she built. Casper did not tell her he was a ghost because he did not want her to get scared and no longer want to be his friend, but the lie ate him up inside.

Due to the fact that Casper couldn't scare, the ghostly trio brought Spooky to impersonate Casper to scare people, but he was unable to scare and resorted to being mean, while pretending to be Casper he ran into Holly and insulted her and her family which caused her to be grumpy at Casper, resulting in tearing his Christmas card she was making in the real Casper's face. Holly is depressed by Casper's sudden aggression and holes herself up in her room, when her parents enter the bedroom, they encourage her to give Casper another chance, which she does.

Later, Casper comes clean about him really being a ghost, but runs off before she can say how she felt. When they see each other again, at the end they make up and she gives him the christmas card that she tore up, and had since repaired. Then they kiss under the mistletoe.


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