Holly Luya is the second member of the nymph sisterhood Rayman and his friends encounter in Rayman Origins. Upon being rescued, she gives Rayman and co. the power to fly. She resides in the Desert of Dijiridoos.


Holly's attire has a tribal theme which reflects the feel of the Desert of Dijiridoos. Holly has long, cobalt blue hair reaching almost to her feet. She also seems to have blue tribal paint on her legs, chest, belly, shoulders and face. She sports bandage-like wrappings on her wrists and ankles. Holly also has a bird-like skull on her head, which has bright red and green feathers coming out of it.


She 'resides' in the Desert of Dijiridoos, the second land, in Rayman Origins. She is currently the music nymph since the desert is the 'land of music'. She and the king, who resides in Grumbling Grottos, 'rule over' the musical lands.


  • Her name is a play on the word "Hallelujah".


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