Honker Muddlefoot, or Herbert "Honker" Muddlefoot Jr., is a supporting character from the 1991-1992 Darkwing Duck series. He is shy, brainy, and Gosalyn's best friend. Honker is the younger son of Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot, and his older brother is Tank.


Honker is neighbors with Drake Mallard and is school mates with his adoptive daughter Gosalyn. It is strongly implied that Honker either figured out or some how discovered that Drake Mallard is Darkwing Duck off-screen, but how he met the Mallard family is never shown in the series. Due to Gosalyn's involvement, Honker often helps Darkwing Duck and Launchpad McQuack in solving difficult cases.

Other Depictions

  • Occasionally, when Gosalyn becomes the costumed crimefighter Quiverwing Quack, Honker becomes her costumed sidekick The Arrow Kid.
  • In the Negaverse he is a violent juvenile delinquent and often carrys a destructive weapon. He is show wearing a hat, black leather jacket and chains, a similar costume to Marlon Brando's in "The Wild One".


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