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Honoka Maki is a main character in the Kiznaiver series and is one of the seven main Kiznaivers.

She resembles the sin of Pride. In modern Japan, she is known as the 'High-and-Mighty'.

She is voiced in Japanese by Rina Satō and in English by Lori Bachynski.


Honoka is a bespectacled character who has a slim figure. She has dirty blonde hair which she wears in a side braid. She is usually seen wearing her uniform with black pantyhose and brown shoes, but she uses a blue-grey sleeveless sweater instead of the usual black vest. She appears to be around 172 cm (5'8").


Honoka met a girl named Ruru, whom she shared an interest in writing and drawing manga with. They decided to create a manga together, under the false moniker "Charles de Macking". The name comes from a combination of both Ruru and Maki's names.

The manga is about a middle school-aged girl who falls in love with her female teacher. The protagonist decides to date a boy as a way to cope with internalized lesbophobia and possibly self-harm. The manga got published and even became popular among middle school girls.

Maki has been haunted by Ruru ever since her sudden death. She blames herself for Ruru's death, saying that she killed her; though all she actually did was grow apart from her because she was afraid she'd become too romantically close to her and when Ruru would die it would hurt even more. Her argument against this is that, by distancing herself from Ruru, she "killed" who Ruru was.


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