Hook Hand helping Flynn Rider escape to rescue Rapunzel.

...but despite my evil look, vicious temper, giant hook; I've always dreamt of being a concert pianist.
~ from the song: I've Got a Dream.

Hook Hand is a ruffian from the Disney movie: Tangled.

He s voiced by Brad Garrett.

He and the other ruffians start outmean at first when they see Flynn Rider & Rapunzel enter the Snuggly Duckling and tried to turn in Rier to the gaurds, but then changed their minds after Rapunzel asked if they had a dream themselves, Hook Hand started the answering of Rapunzel's question in song that he dreamt of being a concert pianist, and later in the song the other ruffians explain in song on their dreams. When the guards arrived when the song is over, the ruffians distract the guards while Hook Hand shows Rapunzel & Rider a secret passage out, and got a peck on the cheek from Rapunzel for sparing the moment. Later, he and several ruffians were recruited by Maximus theHorse to help Rider escape from the dungeon to rescue Rapunzel from Gothel; He is later een one last time living his dream of being one of the best concert pianists, despite the occassional page stuck in his easy to detatch and re-attachable big hook.

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