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There is no monster like me.
~ Hope to Malivore

Hope Andrea Mikaelson is one of the main protagonists of The Originals and the main protagonist of Legacies.

Hope is a pure-blood Tribrid (Witch, Werewolf and Vampire) and the only daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall.

She is also the former girlfriend of Roman Sienna, the current girlfriend of Landon Kirby, the best friend of the Saltzman twins Josie and Lizzie, Milton Greasley, Rafael Waithe, Kaleb Hawkins, Jed Tien, Alyssa Chang, and Wade Rivers, and a student at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.

Hope is portrayed by the twins Alexandria/Victoria Collins, and later by the twins Blake/Charlie, as well as unknown toddlers. In Season 4, she is portrayed by Summer Fontana as a child. In Season 5 and Legacies, she is played by Danielle Rose Russell as a teenager and an adult.

Physical Appearance

Rebekah: She looks like her mother. Maybe there's a God after all.
Klaus: She has a hint of the Devil in her eyes — that's all me.
~ Klaus and Rebekah about Hope in From a Cradle to a Grave

As a baby, Rebekah mentioned that Hope looked like her mother. On the other hand, Klaus blissfully implied that Hope inherited his eyes. As a baby, she had dirty-blonde hair and round dark-blue eyes. As a child, she had long auburn hair and light blue eyes. Her cheeks had little freckles scattered across them. She was seen in light-colored sleeveless dresses, that normally had flowers or other prints on them. Hope also had dimples in her cheeks.

As a teenager, Hope is the shortest among her friends and peers, standing at 5'3" tall. She frequently wears a pair of heeled boots to accentuate her height or outfits. She has wavy auburn hair that is seen in many styles. She has bright light-colored blue eyes and full lips. She wears relaxed yet edgy clothing that compliments her curvy figure. She is always seen wearing her mother's stone necklace, a Mikaelson family crest necklace, and earrings. Caroline Elizabeth Forbes described her as beautiful. As a Labonair, Hope has a Crescent birthmark on her right shoulder, similar to that of her mother and distant relatives, Eve, Lana, and the Hollow.

After turning off her humanity and leaving the Salvatore School, Hope's wardrobe and fashion choices begin to expand. She wears primarily black or deep reds in the form of jumpers, boots, or jackets. She also experiments with her hair, wearing it in a top knot, a high ponytail, or crinkles for the first time. She also begins to wear more rings, hooped earrings, and less necklaces, having given her Mikaelson necklace to Rebekah. Hope also wears heavier makeup around her eyes and switches to a light red lipstick. She has more confidence and cockiness in her stance.

In her werewolf form, Hope possesses white fur and has the typical glowing yellow eyes that come with Lycanthropy. In her newly acquired vampire form, Hope maintains her golden yellow eyes but with an addition of vivid red at the inner corner on her irises and gains black veins that cascade from her lower eyelids to just above her cheekbones.


With Humanity

Hope was born a fighter, having inherited Hayley's toughness and Klaus's tenacity, something both her parents pointed out when Hope was a baby. She was a very calm and happy baby, with Freya mentioning how Hope inherited her paternal family's resilience. She is also seemingly very intelligent, as she was able to use her magic to turn Camille's car on and off, saving her from immediate danger, all despite being a baby. As a young child, Hope was a kind and gentle girl. She had a sweet and innocent persona. She enjoyed helping innocent creatures and once used her magic to heal a butterfly's broken wing. She once expressed to her father that she was lonely, never having any other kids her own age to play with.

As a teenager, Hope was stubborn and brave as she was willing to put herself through extreme pain and possible death to get her mother back. Both Klaus and Caroline described Hope as smart, possibly too smart for her own good, like her father. Hope did whatever she could to protect her family and always offered to help save those she cared about or considered family, including Marcel. However, when Hope magically absorbed the Hollow's soul, the constant whispering nearly drove her insane. The only way she could end the madness was by committing acts of violence. With her father's assistance, she took her anger and frustration out on those she deemed guilty. Her desire to quell the voices by using violence and magic caused her to accidentally kill an innocent human, which triggered her werewolf curse. She struggled to come to terms with his death and referred to it as something that has stayed with her.

Hope struggles to forge meaningful connections with other people and make friends with the other students at the Salvatore School, not only because of her one-of-a-kind supernatural classification, but also because she's already endured a lifetime of grief and heartbreak. To her peers, she seems closed off. She is forgiving to MG when she thought he killed her boyfriend Landon. Due to her often disastrous past, she has resigned herself to isolation, considering it the path that will provide the least heartbreak in her life. She sees loneliness as less of a burden to bear than her formative experiences of loving so deeply and losing so terribly. However, she has begun to open up more to people, tediously forming friendships and entering a romantic relationship. She is slowly becoming more optimistic that she will be happy.

Hope often puts her safety and life in danger to save others, making her a true hero. She is incredibly loyal to her friends, despite initial difficulties working with a team. She is independent and believes she can complete any task by herself, though she slowly becomes more willing to work with others. She made the impossible choice to become a tribrid as a way of saving thousands of people that she would never meet. She feared that becoming the tribrid would not only keep her locked in her trauma forever but that she wouldn't be capable of bearing the loss or guilt over killing Landon. The way she lived her life earned her the option of finding peace when she died. However, she chose to return to save everyone. Her choice became difficult when Malivore allowed Landon to resurface and communicate with Hope. With Landon's consent, she killed him to end Malivore's reign of terror. The act caused her to instantly flip her humanity switch.

Members of the Mikaelson family reunited to lay Klaus to rest and appeal to Hope's humanity. She admits to feeling abandoned by them, citing their lack of involvement in her life. She expresses a desire to be close to her father by having his ashes near her. The admission allows her flickering humanity to break through, materializing in her mind as two separate entities. Hope gains the upper hand against her darker half, confessing that she needs to be worth the sacrifices her family made, and would not be if she keeps letting her darker half burn the world. She accepts that her intelligence, paired with the deep love and loyalty she has for her loved ones, is what makes her Klaus' daughter.

Without Humanity

After being forced to kill the self-proclaimed love of her life, Hope's humanity switch flipped by itself to spare her the overwhelming emotions that would have followed. Hope admits that she feels free after turning it all off, as though she can finally be who she wants and go where she wants. Her life has been a cycle of love, lose, grieve, and repeat, but that's all gone now. She also has lost her desire to be around those who previously cared for her. She brutally attacks Alaric to send a message to her friends not to come after her. She states that she is her father's daughter, accepting that fact for the first time.

Her careless and reckless attitude continues, as she seeks to have fun and experiment with her new vampire nature. Her newfound freedom allows her to dance with a bar patron, drink alcohol, and enjoy feeding in public. She tortures a Triad Industries henchman using throwing darts, a callous display of apathy. Hope's dedication to her family is also gone, as she doesn't want Rebekah's help or any of the other Mikaelsons to come for her. She turns away from them as she refuses to make the same mistakes her father did - caring about family or love. While cutting Rebekah out of her life, Hope exhibits a flicker of emotion when she admits that her father died because of her. However, she's finally free to live her life the way she chooses, a fact that seems to propel her choices. She blatantly puts the life of the now-human Ryan Clarke in danger for her amusement. Ryan believes she blew up his relationship, job, and life so he wouldn't have anywhere else to turn but her, as she doesn't want to be alone. He rejects her proposition and reminds her not to give up on her chosen family.

The only emotions Hope expresses are boredom and rage. She retains her sarcastic attitude but doesn't care about the consequences of her words or the impact they might have. This trait is exhibited most in her brutal displays of honesty. She quickly tires of MG's attempts to turn her humanity on but endures the school's efforts because of their pact. She grows bored when Cleo reads Landon's final letter, even lashing out at her and Finch. Hope fights Ethan, who she called her friend once, when he and Finch attempt to attack her. Hope expresses a desire to kill them for their indiscretion. Hope remains incapable of harming those she truly cared for when her humanity was on. A multitude of her choices demonstrates a sense of loyalty and some depth of care for her former friends.

The longer Hope's humanity is off, the more ruthless she becomes. She defeats a werewolf alpha with decapitation to inherit control over his pack, who are loyal to Triad Industries. She uses her alpha status to force them to give up the Triad vampire, despite a hex killing them when they do. When Hope's arrogance gets the better of her, Aurora switches their bodies. Hope is forced to work with Lizzie, who gives an emotional speech while trying to kill her. Hope pretends her humanity returns to trick Lizzie into helping her defeat Aurora. She successfully manipulates Lizzie into giving up information about the Red Oak stake and then crosses the proverbial line by snapping her neck to prove a point. After siring Lizzie, Hope realizes that she's made rash choices because she doesn't care about what happens to herself or anything and needs Lizzie to be her humanity compass. She uses the sire bond to force Lizzie to be her partner in crime.

When Lizzie betrays her, Hope grapples with her humanity as emotions such as betrayal and gratitude constantly threaten to surface. When being forced to revisit her worst memory, transitioning into a tribrid and killing Landon, her humanity materializes as the Hope from that night. She refers to the humanity switch as a coping mechanism. As her humanity flickers, Hope's family rallies together to spark her humanity, using Klaus' overdue funeral as the event. Hope tries to push them away, insulting and threatening them whenever possible. She insults Freya for helping her complete her transition. She callously dismisses the chance to scatter her father's ashes, pointing out the trash can as a good resting place. They remind her of their love and how much they sacrificed for her, especially her father. Hope admits that she wants to keep her father's ashes close. The acceptance allows her humanity to appear, outsmart her, and ultimately stake her in a symbolic display of decimation.

Powers and Abilities

According to Dahlia, Hope is far more powerful than Freya, despite her still being a baby; likely because unlike her paternal aunt who was only born a witch, Hope was born with all three existing supernatural species (witch, werewolf and vampire). As the world's first hybrid of three supernatural species - a witch, a werewolf, and a vampire; and the world's first born hybrid, the full extent and limits of Hope's powers are currently unknown.

However, as of There's Always a Loophole, Hope learns that she is not a cosmic mistake as she once thought. She is Nature's loophole that could be used against Malivore. Due to this, she can remember those that she previously knew and have been consumed by Malivore as well as heal others with her blood that have been shot with weaponized Malivore bullets.

According to Dahlia, as a firstborn of their bloodline, Hope has inherited great, but devastating power. Dahlia also notes that Hope's magic will be tainted by Klaus' vampire blood as well as the aggressive wolf temperament. Despite this, Genevieve states that Hope's magic is strong enough to fuel the French Quarter Coven's Ancestral magic for generations, while one of the Hollow's acolytes reiterates this sentiment when he states that Hope might be the greatest witch the world may ever know. As a fully transitioned tribrid, Hope did not lose her magic and can continue to practice witchcraft. However, while in transition, Hope briefly lost access to her magic, werewolf, and vampire abilities and became more vulnerable than ever.

Prior to triggering her curse, she displayed some increased agility and grace, above that of a normal human. Since she has triggered her werewolf gene, she has gained all of the powers of lycanthropy. In The Tale of Two Wolves, with Hope's first transformation looming, Caroline questions that Crescent wolves could control their transformations. In response, Klaus states that the first transformation is a rite of passage and cannot be controlled. This implicates that her werewolf nature as an Evolved Werewolf with the ability of Transformation Control. However, in This is the Part Where You Run, Hope stated to Landon that her ability to control her transformation stems from her tribrid status, as like with other werewolf-vampire hybrids. Currently, whether it's the former or latter which grants her transformation control or additional abilities as an evolved werewolf, remains unknown. Additionally in The Tale of Two Wolves, Klaus explains that during werewolf transformations, the pain will make one want to delay the shift because that is all they believe they can handle. However, should one let the pain in, then it cannot break oneself. Following Klaus' instruction, Hope has accepted the pain during her transformation, thus it allows her to fully transform within a few minutes instead of a few hours. As a fully transitioned tribrid, Hope can transform from human to wolf form while magically maintaining her clothing. Her true form did not alter much, as she maintained her golden eyes, but with a hint of vivid red at the inner corner on her irises.

Before becoming a fully activated tribrid, her blood was able to heal her mother while in the womb as well as she's able to heal herself, such as when she sliced open her hand and stabbed her foot with a trash picker. Her blood can be used to sire new vampires and hybrids, the latter being an ability only possessed by the original hybrid, her father as well as to heal vampires from a werewolf bite. After gaining her vampire side, Hope displays great proficiency in using her vampire powers. This is shown when she compelled fellow vampires at the Carnival of Vampires. Previously, this has been made possible by original vampires.


According to Dahlia, firstborns of her family's bloodline inherit great power; however, it is unstable and will damage and, ultimately, kill the witch if they are not taught to contain it. Furthermore, as a possessor of the werewolf gene, Hope will experience bouts of severe aggression.

As the world's first hybrid of all three supernatural species, the full extent and limits of Hope's weaknesses are currently unknown.

Emmett claimed that Marcel's advanced werewolf venom can take down a hybrid, an Original, and even Hope Mikaelson. However, he gave no evidence as to why it would or could be lethal to Hope, nor has this been proven to be true.

While searching for a way to kill the tribrid, Cleo Sowande allegedly saw a tree that nature had created near the birth of the tribrid. The red oak tree, when sharpened to a stake, is powerful enough to kill Hope. Similar to that of her biological family, Hope can be daggered and temporarily desiccated by the white oak ash daggers. However, she cannot be daggered for long without resurrecting due to her tribrid nature. This is a feat that even the original vampires were unable to do, as someone else had to remove the dagger for them to revive.


Hayley Marshall-Kenner

Hayley is Hope's mother and it is shown various times that Hayley strongly loves her daughter. When she first discovered she was pregnant, she attempted to abort the baby by ingesting wolfsbane, but when she couldn't resolve herself to do it she was attacked and she realized that she wasn't just protecting herself but the baby as well. She then learned that she will have a daughter. As time passed, Hayley grew concerned that because she never had a loving mother in her life, she would not know how to be a good mother to her daughter, but eventually, that faded and she grew to love the child deeply and like Klaus, is dedicated to protecting her at all costs. This is shown when Genevieve and the Harvest girls kidnapped Hope, and tried to kill her. Hayley was there and fought for her daughter, and got her back. She also demonstrated the aptitude to know where her daughter is, even if she is hidden by a spell. Hayley made a promise to herself and Hope that she (Hope) would grow up safe and loved (unlike herself). She kept this promise by choosing to send Hope away with Rebekah to keep her safe from those that would wish her harm in New Orleans. After a few months apart they were reunited. Hope is now living with her parents and family in The Abattoir.

Niklaus Mikaelson

Klaus is Hope's father, and even though at first he refused the child in Always and Forever, he soon accepted her and was determined to not be like his step-father to his child. He even told Hayley that the cycle of the pain will end with their baby. After that, he did everything he could to make sure she was kept safe and was shown to be happy when he learned the baby would be a girl. He wants to protect her at all costs and hopes to be in her life someday when it is safe for her. He is not giving up on being in his daughter's life quite yet. He is also dedicated to being a better father to her than his step-father was to him. His love for his daughter brings out the best in Klaus, best seen in his reconciliation with both Rebekah and Marcel. With the child being born, Klaus is becoming the man he used to be. After some time apart from his daughter, she returned home. However, he remains paranoid as he worries about her safety.

Hope and Klaus' bond remain strong during the rest of the series until they were separated due to Klaus sacrificing himself to save his family. But Hope's memory of him was kept alive because of her mother telling Hope about her father such as his loyalty to his family, his love for her and his interests that she now shares with him. They were reunited after five years and, despite some initial nervousness on both sides, they shared a lovely day, it showing just how alike they are. Klaus shared stories from his long life, Hope showed him her magic when she healed a butterfly and they painted together.

Apart from some of the bad things he's done Hope knows what Klaus is and isn't afraid of him. She knows how strong he is and, because of that, she believes he can keep bad things away. Once he promised that nothing was going to harm her Hope hugged him. Despite their time apart, Hope calls Klaus "Dad", showing that their bond is still strong.

Because of her mother telling her about her father, Hope deems Klaus her "fairy tale prince".

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah is one of Hope's aunts. Rebekah left town before Hope's birth but soon returned when Klaus asked her to protect his daughter. Klaus told Rebekah that despite their differences, there was nobody else he would trust more with the life of his daughter. Rebekah left New Orleans with Hope and became her guardian; she often told Hope stories of her birth and how her her parents sent her away to be safe. Rebekah and Hope returned to New Orleans after Esther found them.

Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah is Hope's uncle and has sworn to protect her. He accepted her before everyone else did, even her parents. After Hope's birth, Hayley and Klaus decided to give Hope away to make the city safer for her to grow up in, and while Elijah was against it at first, he later agreed to it. When he saw Hope again (after their separation), in The Brothers That Care Forgot, he said to Rebekah that he can't imagine the joy spending every day with her and commented on how big she had gotten. As Rebekah went to change Hope's diaper, she saw that Elijah had killed a dozen people because he thought Hope was in danger. In Ashes to Ashes, Elijah gave a promise to Hayley that he will stay with Hope, protect her and help raise her, as Hayley doesn't want Klaus to be the only one Hope knows.

Landon Kirby

Hope first met Landon in 2026, and frequented where he used to work in Mystic Falls; Mystic Diaries. They grew to be friends and it was clear they shared a connection more than that of friends. However, Landon moved away from Mystic Falls and they lost contact for two years. They reconnected when Landon's foster brother turned into a werewolf and Landon decided to be there with him, against Hope's advice, leading to Landon learning about the supernatural. To keep him from danger, Alaric decided to have him compelled and sent away; however, Landon betrayed Hope and the school by stealing a supernatural knife after the compulsion failed. Hope planned on confronting him about his betrayal, even armed with a death spell, but Alaric later rebuked her for this. Landon genuinely explained that the supernatural knife caused him to lie to Hope, but she didn't believe him. Despite what Landon had done, he was provided shelter at the Boarding School and putting their differences aside, he was willing to help Hope and school to investigate the missing reports of two Mystic Falls high school students. She attempts to save their friendship by starting a genuine conversation, but he cuts her off by explaining that he wished she had his back and that she just blamed him for everything that happened despite it not being his fault. Their back-and-forth prodding comes to head, when Hope, asked by Alaric, has to conduct a series of magical tests on Landon to determine whether he's supernatural. The tests, however, prove negative. She eventually forgives him for hurting her, but later, when seeing Landon off, he says he's not surprised she voted 'no' to keep him at the school. However, they resolve their issues when Hope gives him a magical compass and sends him to New Orleans in the hopes to locate his birth family and they share a heartfelt kiss. After Landon activates the magical compass, indicating that he was in trouble, Hope tracks Landon to Kansas and his birth mother, Seylah Chelon. With Landon safe from immediate harm, they reconnect, though before things get too physical, they're interrupted by Alaric. They eventually make their way back to the Boarding School where Hope asks Landon to be her boyfriend, to which he says yes. After this, Hope initiates another kiss. She was later surprised to discover he is a Phoenix.

Alaric Saltzman

For the past two years and after Klaus' death, Alaric has acted like another father figure to Hope, which Lizzie and Josie are quite jealous of. He often gives her advice and she takes it. Alaric also tries to mentor and convince Hope to step out of her comfort zone, as a father figure normally tried to do with their children. Alaric is also Hope's head master at her boarding school and also her coach in learning how to fight, physically of course. Hope sometimes jokes with Alaric saying that she'll need a new fighting mentor being Alaric is growing older. However, they remain close as much as a non-biological fatherly-daughterly coupling can be.

Josie Saltzman

Hope met Josie when she moved to Mystic Falls and for a decade their relationship was distant and cold, mostly because Hope used to distance herself from Josie. For the time being, Josie harbored a secret crush on Hope, with Lizzie describing her as "obsessed". However, after Hope's parents died, they became closer and eventually became friends, such that Hope even covers for and protects Josie. Sometimes their friendship seems to make Lizzie jealous, because of Lizzie's dislike for Hope. They, however, do care for one another. When facing the croatoan, Hope admits to Lizzie that when she was fourteen she had a week-long crush on Josie. Their friendship became complicated after Hope was absorbed by Malivore and all memories of her were erased. This allowed Landon to become involved with Josie and the two developed a romantic relationship, culminating in their first kiss which was witnessed by Hope. When the memories of Hope returned to those closest to her, it complicated Landon's feelings towards both girls. Josie and Hope grew distant from one another, with Josie viewing Hope in a negative light for not telling everyone she was back from Malivore. Despite Hope's insistence that she never meant to hurt Josie, they remained distant. When Landon chose Hope instead of Josie, their dynamic grew awkward. They were able to gradually regain their friendship after Hope helped Josie with the Mora Miserium. Josie later helped decorate Hope's new dorm room so she felt more at home and less like an outsider. The girls continue to have a strong friendship and mutual connection, with Josie ensuring Hope didn't feel alone before her transition into a tribrid.

Lizzie Saltzman

Hope met Lizzie when they were children, as both attended the Salvatore Boarding School. Hope sought to be friends with Lizzie and her sister Josie, but their relationship became tumultuous with neither liking the other for various reasons. When the Malivore monsters arrived, they were forced to put their issues aside to work together, something they both struggled to do. Lizzie was jealous of Hope over the attention she received from Alaric, Lizzie's father. She viewed Hope as the bane of her existence, hoping to one day be rid of her. Despite their many differences, they slowly grew closer, especially after Hope returned from Malivore, as only Lizzie remembered who she was. They battled many monsters together, facing triumphs and defeats as a team. Lizzie, Hope, and Josie became best friends who viewed one another in high regard. Lizzie didn't want Hope to endure the transition to a tribrid, hoping they could find another way to defeat Malivore. When Hope accepted her destiny and decided to transition, the trio cast a spell to plant a tree that would symbolize Hope's new life, ensuring she didn't feel alone in her last human moments.

After Hope defeated Malivore, she turned off her humanity and brutally attacked Alaric to ensure the other students would leave her alone. Lizzie became obsessed with killing Hope, crafting stakes from the red oak tree and training to kill her. When it came time to kill Hope, Lizzie couldn't bring herself to do it. She had too many good memories with Hope, viewed her as a member of her family, and even admitted to hating Hope for making her love her. The two worked together to stop Aurora, though Hope betrayed Lizzie by killing her, unaware that Lizzie had consumed Hope's blood from the school's first aid kit. Lizzie completed her transition into a vampire-witch hybrid, only to learn she couldn't hurt her sire due to a sire bond. Now unable to let anyone else hurt her, Lizzie was also forced to obey a humanity-less Hope's every whim. They worked together in a mutually beneficial relationship, as Lizzie asked Hope not to take away the sire bond after their goals were completed. She wasn't ready to face the world alone. Hope soon became tired of Lizzie's righteous ways and used the sire bond to force her to kill Aurora. Lizzie, desperately not wanting to do it, broke the sire bond, betrayed Hope by snapping her neck, then freed Aurora. The betrayal forced Hope to feel a flicker of emotion that made her question her humanity, especially Lizzie's comparison of Hope to a monster.

Other Relationships

  • Klaus, Hayley and Hope (Parents and Daughter/Former Allies)
  • Hope and Jackson (Step-Daughter and Step-Father/Former Allies)
  • Kol and Hope (Uncle and Niece/Allies)
  • Freya and Hope (Aunt and Niece/Close Bond/Allies)
  • Finn and Hope (Uncle and Niece/Former Enemies)
  • Hope and Camille (Former Guardian and Ward/Former Allies)
  • Hope and Marcel (Adoptive Sister and Brother/Close Friends/Allies)
  • Hope and Davina (Aunt and Niece/Friends/Allies)
  • Dahlia and Hope (Great-Aunt and Great-Niece/Former Enemies)
  • Hope and Henry (Friends/Former Classmates/Former Allies)
  • Hope and Roman (Former Friends/Former Classmates/Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Hope and Rafael (Good Friends/Fellow Council Leaders/Classmates/Former Frenemies/Allies)
  • Hope and Penelope (Classmates/Former Allies)
  • Hope and MG (Friends/Classmates/Allies)
  • Hope and Aurora (Enemies)


  • Hope is a feminine first name of English origin, referring to a positive expectation or to the theological virtue of hope.
  • Andrea comes from the Greek word andrós, which means "manly". For a girl's name, some people extrapolate that the meaning is "courageous" or "womanly".
  • Mikaelson is of Scandinavian origin and it means "Son of Mikael".


I'm not scared. I'm a Mikaelson witch.
~ Hope Mikaelson.
I'm a tribrid. The only one of my kind. No one can represent my interests but me.
~ Hope to Alaric.
I love you, Landon. I always will.
~ Hope declaring her love for Landon in See You On The Other Side.


  • Sophie described Hope as "one of Nature's loopholes" in The Originals.
  • Elijah believes Hope is the key in reuniting his family and he has sworn to protect Hope no matter what.
  • Hope was able to heal Hayley from her injuries sustained in Girl in New Orleans.
  • Sabine also had a vision that Hope will be the death of all witches. This could possibly be false as it was used to precipitate the death of the last living elder Agnes.
  • During Hayley's pregnancy, Hope had various nicknames.
    • Hayley often referred to her baby as "Magical Miracle Baby" but also called her "My Little Girl" and "Baby Girl" in a letter to her.
    • In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, her aunt nicknames her "The Demon Spawn" and called her "My Little Niece". And she called her Mikaelson Miraculous Baby in Sinners and Saints. After Hope's birth, Rebekah calls her "Princess" in a bedtime story.
    • Sophie and Tyler both referred to her as "The Hybrid Baby" and Celeste called her "The Wolf".
    • Klaus called her "Littlest Wolf" in From a Cradle to a Grave, as a reference to the nickname that he gave to Hayley; "Little Wolf".
  • In Bloodletting, it was shown that Hope's hybrid blood can turn other werewolves into hybrids, causing them to be sired to Hayley. However, once Hope is born, it is likely that the sire bond will shift to her.
  • Klaus mentioned in Reigning Pain in New Orleans, that Hope is the only thing that matters to him.
  • According to Eve, many werewolves have heard about Klaus and Hayley's unborn child, Hope, and have come to New Orleans to see this miracle pregnancy for themselves.
  • As mentioned in Après Moi, Le Déluge, the descendants of Esther would be allotted her power due to the consecration of her remains. Thus it is possible that Hope will be able to channel the power of Esther.
  • As the only living descendant of Esther, Hope is capable of owning property, something which vampires (including even Original vampires) themselves can't do. This was confirmed in Après Moi, Le Déluge, where this fact was used to consecrate Esther's remains at the plantation (the deed to which is held by Hayley), thus enabling the Harvest Ritual to be completed by Sophie (who channeled Esther's power to become a witch elder).
  • Hope has a connection to four supernatural groups: French Quarter Coven, Crescent Wolf Pack, North East Atlantic Pack and Original Vampires.
  • The reason Klaus was able to procreate sexually where other undead beings cannot is that he is not a vampire, but a hybrid. Tyler stated that the ability to pass the werewolf gene trumped Klaus' vampire side.
  • Hope is also the first being born with vampire blood.
  • In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Elijah expresses his wish that his niece would inherit her mother's "everything".
  • In The Big Uneasy, it is revealed that the ancestors want Hope to die. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Genevieve revealed that Hope's death was ordered by Esther. However in Wheel Inside the Wheel, Esther explains her will to Finn as she fears Dahlia, her sister.
  • In The Big Uneasy, Klaus states that his pack, and thus Hope's pack, is from the North East Atlantic.
  • In A Closer Walk With Thee, Hayley decided to move back in with Klaus and Elijah for the safety of her daughter.
  • In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus had a dream of his daughter.
  • Klaus built a nursery for his daughter in Hayley's room in the Abattoir and he showed it to Hayley in A Closer Walk With Thee. In Rebirth, still mourning his daughter Hayley forbids to Elijah to disassemble Hope's cradle before torn apart the nursery herself, but in Wheel Inside the Wheel, it seems that they built the nursery again.
    • The nursery included a teddy bear, a stuffed wolf, and a painting of New Orleans by full moon.
  • In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus says to Hayley that both her and their daughter are fighters.
    • It the second reference to the fact that Hope is a fighter, the first was by Hayley in Girl in New Orleans.
  • In From a Cradle to a Grave, there's a flashback in which Hayley lets Klaus feel the baby kick.
  • Due to the unique nature of her conception, Hope is a Nexus Vorti, a miracle event that the witches can draw upon for great power.
    • In From a Cradle to a Grave, in a brief flashback Hayley was seen writing a letter to her daughter. She tried out some names like Zoë, Caitlin and Angela.
    • Klaus names her Hope because she's the hope of his new family. As such, her name could not be more appropriate, since her arrival brought upon two reconciliations; the first being between Klaus and Marcel, and the second between Klaus and Rebekah.
    • In From a Cradle to a Grave, Hayley and Klaus agree to send Hope away to keep her protected and Klaus gives Hope to Rebekah.
  • As she shares the same blood as her father Klaus, her blood could presumably cure a werewolf bite.
    • This is proved to be true in The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, when she gave her blood to MG to cure him from a werewolf bite.
  • Like her mother she was born in New Orleans, but she was conceived in her father's birthplace, Mystic Falls.
  • She shares some traits with her aunt, Freya:
    • Both of their births were against nature (Esther was infertile and being a vampire Klaus normally cannot have children).
    • They are both the first-born of their generation and they are both girls.
    • Hope was given to her aunt Rebekah by her parents to keep her safe, and Freya was taken away by her aunt Dahlia.
    • Both were separated from their parents under the pretense of death, while only a select few knew what really happened to them; only Esther, Finn, and Dahlia knew that Freya didn't die of the plague, and only Hayley, Klaus, Elijah, Ansel, and Rebekah knew that Hope didn't die shortly after her birth.
  • It seems that the first born of Esther's bloodline are all girls - her great-aunt Dahlia, her aunt Freya and herself are the firstborns of their own generation.
    • However, that wouldn't been the case if Freya's son had survived.
    • In those generations, there have been at least two females in each generation: Dahlia, Esther, Freya and Rebekah. In the 3rd generation, there is only one female, Hope.
  • Freya stated that the use of magic acts as a beacon for Dahlia, even if the witch is only just showing signs of witchcraft. As Hope used magic to stop and restart Camille's car, it is possible that Dahlia already knows about Hope's existence.
  • As of I Love You, Goodbye, the vampire and werewolf community are aware of her existence.
  • Hope seems to be fond of her step-father Jackson Kenner as he can calm her when she's upset.
  • Rebekah was the first to refer to Hope as a "tribrid" instead of a "hybrid".
  • Between Ashes to Ashes and You Hung the Moon, she grew up without her mother around.
  • Hope shares a few similarities with Nadia Petrova:
    • Both of their mothers gave birth to them in difficult situations.
    • Both were born on-screen (though Hope was in present day and Nadia was in a flashback).
    • They were both unwanted at first, Hope by her parents and Nadia by her grandfather and then by her mother 500 years later.
    • They were both born from a witch heritage.
    • They were taken from their mothers shortly after birth, Hope by the witches and Nadia by her grandfather. They were later reunited with them after a considerable amount of time apart (6 months and 500 years, respectively).
  • Hope is one of only two known characters to have attended both the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted and Mystic Falls High School; the other being Landon Kirby.




  • Daddy's Girl - Hope seems to light up whenever her father is around. It's clear how much Hope adores her father and it's clear how much Klaus loves her. Klaus was besotted with her even before she was born.
  • Hybrid Power - Hope has demonstrated magic abilities from her witch side and healing abilities from her vampire side though latter power is slower than a full vampire's healing factor.
  • Protective Mom - Hope has a mother that adores her and it's clear that Hope feels the same. Whenever Hope sees her mother, she's always laughing.
  • Birth/Death Juxtaposition - Almost as soon as she's born, her mother Hayley is killed by Monique. Subverted in that Hayley woke up in transition, due to dying while Hope's blood was still inside her.
  • Sins of Our Fathers - As Klaus notes, Hope has 'inherited' all of his enemies by being his daughter.

Additional Information

  • In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Freya states that Hope is now 15 years old. Despite this, there has only been a seven year time jump from May 2019. This makes the current timeline May 2026, which would make Hope 14; this is a timeline error. Despite there only being a two-year time jump to 2028, as of This is the Part Where You Run, which would make Hope 16, the timeline error is continued, making her 17 years old. As of I'll Never Give Up Hope, Hope celebrated her 18th birthday while trapped in Malivore.
  • Hope was born in May 2nd, 2012.
  • In Hold On Tight, Hope celebrates her and Landon's one year romantic anniversary, though the math was complicated. The duo ended the day by sleeping together for the first time.

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