Horace Warfield is a general in the Terran Dominion Armed Forces, appearing in the StarCraft II campaigns Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm.


Horace Warfield originally served as an officer in the Marine Corps of the Terran Confederacy Armed Forces. However, disillusioned with the tactics the Confederacy was using to suppress revolts, which included destroying entire worlds that expressed dissidence with nuclear bombardments, Warfield defected to the Sons of Korhal revolt led by Arcturus Mengsk and assisted them in toppling the Confederacy and establishing the Terran Dominion as the new dominant Terran government.

Warfield became a general in the Dominion Armed Forces and was one of Emperor Mengsk's most trusted subordinates. He at some point retired from military service, but was called back after General Edmund Duke's death to replace him as Commander-In-Chief of the Dominion High Command and lead the Dominion Forces against the Zerg invasion.

Warfield was later requisitioned by Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk along with half the Dominion Fleet for an offensive on Char, where Valerian was reconstructing a Xel'Naga device that he hoped to use to cure Sarah Kerrigan of her Zerg infestation. The fleet arrived and made an alliance with Raynor's Raiders, who had been assisting Valerian in gathering the pieces needed to assemble the device. However, Warfield was distrustful of the Raiders motives and did not think highly of Raynor at first.

During battle against the Zerg however, Warfield's position was overwhelmed by the Zerg forces and he himself was injured after being attacked by two Hydralisks. After being saved by Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay, Warfield was forced to have his right arm amputated, it having been poisoned by the spines of the hydralisks, and later had it replaced with a cybernetic arm that could convert between a hand and a cannon. While he was recovering, Warfield gave Raynor his blessing to lead his forces, having come to respect the commander.

After Emperor Mengsk arrived at Char and attacked Valerian's fleet with his own Dominion Fleet for "treason" for not handing over Kerrigan, Warfield was one of the few members of the fleet who were allowed to stay alive and returned to working for Mengsk. As Valerian and Raynor escaped with Kerrigan to prevent her from being captured by Mengsk, Warfield remained on Char to sweep up the remaining Zerg and occupy the position against the Zerg forces.

During this time, Warfield delivered a humiliating defeat to a Zerg brood led by Broodmother Zagara. However, Kerrigan herself later returned leading the Zerg forces to retake Char. As his forces were overwhelmed and Warfield himself was injured, Warfield ordered that the wounded be evacuated on shuttles while he stayed behind. Warfield then asked Kerrigan to let the shuttles go, calling her a traitor to humanity and saying that Raynor would be disgusted if he saw her now. An infuriated Kerrigan finished off Warfield, but allowed the shuttles depart.

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