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When will the Initiative be strong enough? When the pieces of the True Cross are burned to fuel a Fifth ritual? When the Menorah is smelted for gears? When the Kaaba is shattered by heathens?
~ From "GoI Field Guide".
We have often asked ourselves that question, during the sixty or so years since that faithful day in Jerusalem, and entertained different notions on the most effective ways to do so. Fifty years ago, we were Elijah, full of bluster and wrath, calling upon our less faithful brothers to rally to the Thirty-Six’s cause, using fear to further our goals. Thirty years ago, we were Isaiah, seeking to strengthen our less courageous brothers that with the conviction that our cause was just, speaking of the greatness of our task, using their new found confidence to build an order on which our goals could stand. Ten years ago, we were Jeremiah, weeping at the doors of the world’s great powers, pleading for them to listen, for we now understood that this task was beyond our power alone.

And now? Now we are Jonah, and are lost for words. How do we make you understand what is at stake, when the only way you could see is to let everything your organization ever did go for the word of three old men? That is too much to ask even of righteous men, and we are not yet certain you are such. All we can ask is that you listen.
~ The Tribunal to the SCP Foundation when talking about SCP-001 (The Thirty Six).

The Horizon Initiative, also known as the HI, is an organization in the same universe as the SCP Foundation. It's a religious organization formed by the main three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), who operate in the name of God and his creation, either contain or destroy anomalous objects.


The Initiative was formed in the late 1960s, presumably as a spiritual counterpart to the more "secular" SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition. Still, alongside the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, they serve as the main defensive line for humanity against the anomalous.

The group is led by a tribunal composed of leaders from all three faiths, though this tribunal does not always have full control of the organization, since there is a large amount of internal strife (likely from the more radicals of each faith).

In groups, the main combat force is Project Malleus, which is usually deployed in anti-cult operations and anomaly retrieval operations. Anomalies are either contained or destroyed by the group, depending on how they fit into the overall dogma of the three faiths theology.

The Divisions of the Horizon Initiative

  • The Tribunal: The council that leads the Horizon Initiative, consisiting of three representatives of each three faiths. The current three are named Samuel, Adnan and Bernard.
  • The Scribe Corps: They are the librarians, researchers, archivists, and clerical staff of the HI, who mainly work on translaiting & analyzing different types of scripture.
  • The Shepherd Corps: The Field Agents of the HI, who lives among the civilian population, usually working in pairs of two.
  • Project Mallus (The Wolves): The HI's combat force. They are ready to both kill and die without question for the HI, which unsettles others in the group. Could be considered the HI's counterpart to the SCP Foundation's Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand").

Religious belief of members

Australian Church of Australia


  • Most groups and sects of Judaism are present in the HI.


Relationship with other groups

The group has a mixed relationship with the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, as some sects of the HI view them as "godless" and "immoral" groups, while others are willing to ally themselves with the Foundation. Following a battle over SCP-2217, the Initiative formed an alliance with the Foundation, GOC and the Church of the Broken God called the "Triumvirate," in order to combat their common enemy Sarkicism.

The Horizon Initiative has often clashed with the anarchist group, Are We Cool Yet?, due to their art pieces endangering human lives.

The group is an enemy to the Fifth Church, the Children of the Scarlet King, the Church of the Broken God and Sarkicism, as well as their deities, MekhaneYaldabaoth and the Scarlet King, whom they view as "unholy masters", although the HI would later form an alliance with the Church of the Broken God in order to defeat Sarkicism. The Initiative are also mortal enemies with SAPPHIRE, a group of dangerous anti-theists determined to end all religions.




  • The HI, the Foundation, GOC, and some sects of the Church of the Broken God have formed a secret alliance known as the "Triumvirate", in order to combat Sarkicism.
  • It's unknown if they are aware of SCP-001, SCP-073, SCP-076-2, SCP-343, and the All-Mighty.
  • During the group's creation authors, Dmatix and Djoric intended to also include Buddhists and Taoists in the group, but they found it hard to fit the idea and so it was scrapped.


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