Dylan Postl also know as Hornswoggle in the WWE.


He debut as the name of little bastard before changing his name for Hornswoggle. He was supposed the be the bastard son of the villainous Vince McMahon in the storyline. He was rejected by Mr. Mcmahon everytime he tries to approaching him. He was hated and chased by all wwe superstar and general managers. But later Mr. McMahon accepted him as his son and he was now part of the McMahon family. But later Vince McMahon wanted to confronted him in a steel cage because Mr. Mcmahon came back in his villainous way and mistreated him again. Finlay who see what happen wanted to protect Hornswoggle like he did the others time in their team. When Hornswoggle was injured and put on an hospital bed. It was later revealed he was the son of Finlay in a other storyline. When Finlay leave the WWE and let Hornswoggle fight alone like the man he was going to be he was happy and hugged Finlay in a emotive father and son hug. He was also in love with Maryse who he believe be his secret admirer so he tries to seduce her and offering her gift for proving he love her. But she rejecting him by calling him "Fat troll" and tell him to find a woman of his own size she humiliating him front of everyone from the crowds and rejected every gifts he offer her. He also demand the help of his rookie and former friend Titus O'Neil  to help him to get Maryse heart but they failed to win over her because she still mean to him and still want nothing to do with him. Hornswoggle is more heartbroken then ever until he receive a gift he believe it was from Maryse again. He see she still rejecting him and he was still questioning who is his real admirer he see green candy on the floor and follow the track on a black curtain with a heart with a message on it. His secret admirer was finally revealed to be AJ Lee who appear and kissed him on the lips but again he was insulted by Maryse who said he finally found a woman of his own size that make AJ Angry and slap Maryse with the bouquet front of him who enjoy it and became the official boyfriend of AJ. But later he break up with her after she hugged Titus because He was jealous of him. He also lost his friendship with Titus after he was knock out by him. He win the christmas royal rumble and with the help of Sheamus who became his new friend he got his wish to have the ability to talk.

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