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I meant what I said. And I said what I meant. And an elephant's faithful 100%.
~ Horton's motto
A person’s a person, no matter how small.
~ Horton convincing Nool that Who-ville exists

Horton the Elephant, or just Horton, is the main protagonist in two of Dr. Seuss' books, Horton Hatches the Egg & Horton Hears a Who, as well as in the feature length play Seussical the Musical. In the animated film based on the second book, he is voiced by Jim Carrey.

Horton is a big elephant with a simple mind but a heart of gold. In both stories, he selflessly protects a thing that seems meaningless to other animals (an egg and a speck that countains a very small world) and is cruelly mocked. He ignores them, and gets rewarded in the end of his torments.

Horton is very naive and daydreaming (even a bit crazy in the film), but also very brave and compassionnate. He is very forgiving as well, since he never holds hard feelings for the other animals despite all the harm they did to him.



  • This was Jim Carrey's second role in a Seuss-related media, the first being The Grinch. Both stories have the city of Whoville in them.


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