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My mother always wanted me to take piano lessons. I should've listened to her.
~ Hoshi on her career choices.

Hoshi Sato was a character introduced in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode Broken Bow.

She was portrayed by Linda Park.

As a young woman Hoshi showed a remarkable talent for languages. She mastered a number of human languages, including German, French, Spanish, and English. She went to school to become a exo-linguist, then spent three years training for a career in United Earth's Starfleet. Hoshi was expelled from Starfleet training at one point for breaking an instructor's arm over a dispute about her hosting a poker game, but due to the need for language experts she was let back in on probation.

In 2151 she was on leave from Starfleet, teaching Vulcan at a school in Brazil. That year Jonathan Archer asked her to join him as communications officer on the Enterprise. After hearing Klingon for the first time, she signed on and was able to translate for the courier Klaag.

Hoshi stayed on the Enterprise for the next ten years. She was promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Archer in the opening days of the Earth-Romulan War. During this time she began a romantic relationship with MACO detachment commander Major Takashi Kimura. Sato remained on the Enterprise until the end of the war and the ship's decommissioning.

After the founding of the United Federation of Planets, Hoshi transitioned into the newly formed Federation Starfleet. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2161, she was assigned to the USS Endeavour under the command of her friend T'Pol.

She married Kimura after he had been disabled and forced to retire from Starfleet. In her late 30s Hoshi herself retired from Starfleet. After retiring from Starfleet Hoshi developed linguacode, which was a critical breakthrough in creating a functional universal translator.