Hot Spot real name Isaiah Crockett is one of the many honorary Titans from the show Teen Titans and comics. He has the power of fire.

Teen Titans

Hot Spot first appeared in the episode Winner Take All, were he fought and lost against Robin in the first round of the Tournament of Heroes. Robin later freed Hot Spot from the Master of Games' amulet after he defeated the Master of Games. Hot Spot was then given a communicator to call for help if he needed it.

Hot Spot then appeared in the episode Trust, in which he had major difficulty trying to defeat and escape Madame Rouge. Rouge eventually captured Hot Spot and had him frozen at the Brotherhood of Evil's base. Hot Spot was later defrosted in the episode Titans Together and joined the other Titans in defeating the Brotherhood of Evil and the other villains. Hot Spot is last seen at the end of the episode helping the other Titans recapture Dr. Light.


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