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Hot Stuff is one of the three main protagonists in the three issue comic book miniseries, Casper and the Spectrals.

Hot Stuff is a young devil, living in Deviland, who likes to make trouble. One day, he pulled a prank on his brother and his friend, by dumping lava on them. This gave him a black eye. He then pulled a prank on some ogres by having placing while sheets with facing over some balloons and talk on his walky talky as the ogres believe they were actual ghosts and started attacking them. Hot Stuff was confronted by Casper and Wendy whom he had take the blame by giving them his walky talky and have the ogres trapped them in their net. He decided to save them, thinking that they don't deserve it and he transform himself into a mud monster and demand the ogres to release them, which they did as the three escape. Hot Stuff was given an offer to Casper and Wendy to have him join them as their new friend. He reluctantly agree since he can relate to them of not being wanted. The three hang out together as Hot Stuff show them his race of demons as well as he learn about each of Casper and Wendy's race.


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