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Dylan West (a.k.a "Houdini") is a superhero that appeared in the 2006 film Zoom. He is a member of the New Zenith Team and the boyfriend of team mate Summer Jones. He is played by Michael Cassidy.


Zoom (2006)

In the film, Dylan was known to have started out as an outcast much like the other members of the team. However, he was more of a rebel than they were. His first appearance in the film was when he was at school and was forced to finish Isaac Newton's scientific equation; which he did, despite showing off his superhuman powers to the whole class. He was then taken to Area 52 where he was approved by Jack Shepard, Marsha Holloway, and Dr. Grant to be apart of the new Zenith Team.

Upon starting his tests and training; Dylan was shown to have been constantly escaping with the use of his powers; which caused Grant to come up with an alert system known as "Code Dylan", every time he was caught he was placed in an isolation cell. Eventually though, Zoom explained to him that he was there to help them develop their powers naturally than having them exposed to Gamma 13. He also discovered his second power known as mind sight; as well as the fact that Connor Shepard was in fact Zoom's brother.

Thanks to Dylan's mind sight; he explained to Zoom that Connor was alive and that they planned to send the new team to confront him. Eventually though; he and the team got out of Area 52 in the FE-12 Flying Saucer and headed towards the sight where Concussion arrived. Dylan managed to get in close in order to punch Connor in the face and distract him long enough for the others to get him into the mega vortex created by Zoom. This led them to restore Concussion to his former self; as a result, Dylan met Connor for the very first time. Three months later; Dylan remained a member of the Zenith Team and began dating Summer Jones.

Powers & Abilities

  • Invisibility: Dylan is known to have the power to turn himself completely invisible to the naked eye, as well as things he is holding in his hand such as apples.
  • Mind Sight: Dylan has discovered to also have a unique power that enables him to see things out of his reach of vision; which usually occurs when he fuzzes out.


Dylan is known to have a very rebel like attitude at first and considered quick with his comeback. He is known to also hate the tests and training at Area 52 at first. However he eventually grows out of that phase. He is also seen as the one who can sympathetic as well as very understanding.


  • If Zoom didn't got his powers back and Concussion didn't went back to normal, he would've become the leader of The New Team Zenith.