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A first-generation Autobot, Hound was released into Transformers' first year - 1984 and was one of the smallest of the standard sized Autobot cars. Hound's alternate mode is that of a 4X4 military jeep, and comes with three different weapons - a Missile Launcher, a Machine Gun and a Hologram Gun.

Hound is known for his love of the planet Earth, his tracking skills, and the ability to project highly realistic holograms. He secretly wishes to be human.


Season 1

During the first season of the cartoon, Hound served as the Autobots' primary scout and recon soldier, a role which suited him well because he quickly grew to love the varied natural landscapes of Earth. Hound was also instrumental in the creation of the original 3 Dinobots, as he captured holographic images which served as rough blueprints for construction of Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge. However, after a spurt of early appearances - perhaps most notably in relaying the pilot's backstory to Spike - Hound became increasingly absent from the show, showing up only when his holographic powers were necessary.

Hound's first appearance came in "More Than Meets the Eye", a three episode pilot created to launch the toyline onto television. Oddly enough the role of Spike's companion was filled by Hound in these episodes rather than Bumblebee. Hound was the first to introduce Spike to the concept of "transforming" and also gave Spike a tour of the nearby desert while beguiling him with tales of Cybertron. Hound would also end up being rescued by Spike, who nearly drowned in the process of saving him. While resuscitating Spike on the shore, Hound makes the mistake of thinking that the human Spike had "flooded his engine". Hound would be among the main cast of the pilot, almost playing as large of a role as Optimus Prime himself.

This changed however when the show moved into its regular season. Bumblebee became Spike's companion, and Hound took a backseat. However he was not without his notable appearances.

In Heavy Metal War, Hound is responsible for providing a hologram of a large, menacing robot designed to intimidate Devastator. This helped turn the tide in the battle against the Decepticons in that episode.

Season 2

City of Steel featured another major role for Hound. He and a few other compatriots were charged with tracking and collecting the missing parts of the Optimus Prime. These parts had been disconnected and used in various parts of Megatron's reconstruction of New York.

Hound made a brief cameo appearance in The Transformers the Movie where he, along with Sunstreaker, stood next to Optimus Prime before Prime confronted the Decepticon forces. 

Transformers '84

Marvel's the Transformers

Early battles on Earth

Hound was onboard the Ark when it was sent to deal with an asteroid field, and was knocked offline when the Ark crashed onto Earth after a battle with the Decepticons. Revived in 1984 four million years later, Hound marvelled at the planet's lifeforms, andwas very enthusiastic about exploring their new planet. Optimus Prime cautioned him, reminding Hound that their primary purpose was to spare Earth's inhabitants from the Decepticons. Hound was part of the first field expedition into the world under Prowl's command, and his new surroundings overwhelmed him. His sensors alerted them to a drive-in movie theatre, a serene scene that quickly turned into a battle when the Decepticons arrived. Hound was able to divert Ravage, though Hound worried more about Bumblebee's whereabouts, as the small scout had gone missing.

He accompanied Optimus Prime and most of the other Autobots to join Bumblebee at Sparkplug Witwicky's garage, which soon became the site of their first major battle with the Decepticons. The battle left Hound severely low on fuel, to the point of having to be given a lift back to the Ark in Optimus Prime's trailer. Although he went on a few other early missions, he was left inactive again when Optimus Prime decided to use their diminishing fuel reserves to keep a small number of Autobots fully charged.

The New Order

With the Ark being taken over by Shockwave not long after, Hound would remain inert until Ratchet managed to take back control of the ship and bring most of the Autobots online. Hound was part of the team that accompanied Ironhide in attempting to prevent Soundwave sending a message to the Decepticons on Cybertron, which was only partly successful thanks to them having to battle the new Decepticon combiner Devastator. Hound and most of the other Earth Autobots attempted to liberate G.B. Blackrock's aerospace facility from the Decepticons, aiming to recover the captive Optimus Prime's head in the process. However, they ended up being ambushed by a dummy Optimus Prime, backed up by a group of Decepticons, and suffered a number of injuries and casualties before the real Optimus Prime came to their rescue.

Further adventures

Not long after, Hound was one of the leading opponents of Prowl's proposal to use the Creation Matrix to create super warrior Autobots, as well as working with Mirage to capture a spying Ravage. Hound continued to make occasional appearances in the UK-exclusive stories, such as pursuing the rogue Swoop when he fell under the control of Professor Morris, and monitoring the duel for leadership between Megatron and Shockwave.

He finally came to prominence again during Galvatron's first trip to the past. When Optimus Prime, Prowl and Ratchet were displaced into limbo, Hound accompanied Jazz in spying on the new arrival, only for them to be spotted. Jazz was captured, while Hound was cornered and beaten by Galvatron's lieutenant Cyclonus, only to be rescued by Ultra Magnus, newly arrived from Cybertron. Hound took Ultra Magnus back to the Ark and tried to convince him to help them, but he insisted his priority was finding Optimus Prime. Hound took part in most of the subsequent battles against Galvatron right up to the end, when he, Smokescreen and Tracks backed up acting leader Jetfire as he confronted Galvatron to protect Ultra Magnus, just before a time-travelling Kup, Hot Rod and Blurr destroyed Galvatron's cannon and ended his plans in the past.

Like most of the original Autobots, Hound disappeared from the strip around the time of Optimus Prime's death and wasn't seen again until near the end of Grimlock's time as leader, among the Autobots massed on the moon to witness a duel between Grimlock and Blaster.

Underbase Saga

Once Optimus Prime had returned and resumed command, Hound was among the Autobots who accompanied him to the arctic in response to a distress call from Buster Witwicky. They found themselves battling two different Decepticon factions, with Hound grappling with Weirdwolf. The groups called a truce when it became clear they had all been manipulated by Starscream, who took advantage of the confusion to gain the power of the Underbase. Hound was part of the combined Autobot/Decepticon group led by Blaster and Ratbat who tried to defend New York from Starscream. Hound and a number of other older Autobots followed Goldbug into battle, only for all of them to be deactivated by a wave of Starscream's hand.

Generation 2

Regeneration One

Transformers IDW

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Transformers Cinematic Universe

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War for Cybertron Trilogy

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  • Hound is sometimes referred to as Autobot Hound for trademark purposes.
  • In the cartoon pilot, Hound serves the role of "Kid Appeal Character" more associated with Bumblebee.
  • In Generation 2 , Hound is part of the "Firestormers" group, but unlike the others, namely Grimlock, Blades, Broadside, and Sideswipe, he is far less violent and bloodthirsty. Given how he protests at Blade's callousness, he seems to act as the conscience of the group.
  • In the video games, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, one of R.O.B.'s alternate costumes is based on Hound's colour scheme.


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