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Put that cookie down, NOW!
~ Howard Langston reacting to Ted

Howard Langston is the main protagonist of the 1996 Christmas family comedy film, Jingle All the Way.

He was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Howard is first seen working at his office job as a phone salesman, where he tells every customer, "You're my #1 customer". He recieves a phone call from his wife Liz, who is wanting to know his whereabouts as his son Jamie's karate class graduation ceremony is about to start. Howard selfishly postpones the matter and continues to work, even though his secretary is informing him with cue cards as if this isn't the first time he's put work before his family.

Howard attempts to attend with less than 20 minutes to make it. He gets caught in traffic and is pulled over by a police officer for violating traffic after trying to pass on the shoulder, which causes him to miss his son's graduation ceremony. With Howard absent, his neighbor Ted Martin volunteers to film Jamie's ceremony for Liz, attempting to disrupt their marriage.

Howard comes home to see Ted putting up Christmas lights on his house. He talks to Liz, angry that he did not consent to Ted putting up lights on his house before he tells Liz that he got a speeding ticket and then talks to Jamie. Jamie is disappointed that his father his always late and makes promises he doesn't keep. In an attempt to cheer Jamie up, Howard decides to ask Jamie what he wants for Christmas. Jamie exclaims that he wants a Turbo-Man action figure, which is from Jamie's favorite TV show. Before he goes to bed, Liz asks if he ever bought a Turbo-Man for Jamie, as she had asked him to get one. He lies saying he got it right away, and she says "Good. Because at this point, they'd be impossible to find."

The next day, while waiting for the toy store to open, he meets Myron Larabee, a postal worker dad who is also getting a Turbo-Man action figure for his son on Christmas too. After the toy store opens, the two became rivals as they try to find a Turbo-Man action figure, but realize that they are all sold out and are mocked for their lateness. At the mall, he and Myron try to get the Turbo-Man action figure, but ultimately failed.

Howard meets a Mall Santa who tries to give him a Turbo-Man action figure, but Howard reveals to them that all of them are con men in red suits as Howard gets into a fight with them. After all the Mall Santas are arrested by the police. Howard discovers that his car runs out of gas and tries to call Jamie. After an argument on the phone, Howard goes to a Diner as Myron reveals that his father never got what he wanted. After hearing a Turbo-Man competition announcement on the radio, the two continued their rivalry once again and entered the radio station to get the Turbo-Man action figure, but realize that the prize is a gift certificate and the police try to arrest them, but Howard and Myron escape before the bomb in the package exploded.

Howard arrives home after discovering that he is now unable to get the toy in time. However, Howard goes to the house of his neighbor, Ted Maltin, to steal the Turbo-Man toy that he bought for his son, but realizes that he is doing something wrong and decides to return it, but is chased by Ted's reindeer and his wife Liz and Ted catches him for stealing a present.

After Ted, Liz and Jamie leave for the parade, Howard tries to hurry for the parade, but gets chased by the police officer for drenching his coffee on him. Howard tries to hide, but accidentally joins the parade, dressed as Turbo-Man who will give a special edition Turbo-Man action figure to a child. Howard chooses Jamie and gives him the doll. However, before he can reveal his identity to him, Myron shows up as Turbo-Man's archenemy, Dementor so he can take the doll as Jamie is forced to flee and Myron goes after him. After Myron successfully takes the doll, but falls on one of the parade balloons, Howard finally saves Jamie by using his jet-pack and reveals his true-identity to him and Liz after Myron is caught by the police and take the doll away from him. However, after hearing that Myron wants the doll to give his son on Christmas, Jamie gives the doll to Myron as Jamie reveals that he has the real Turbo-Man and Howard and Myron reconcile as they finally become friends and Howard is declared a hero. That night on Christmas Eve, Howard discovers that he forgot to get a present for Liz.


  • Tim Allen, Kurt Russell and Steve Martin were considered for the role of Howard Langston before Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast.
  • Dementor's minions bear resemblance to the Power Rangers.
  • During the parade scene the following heroes make a cameo:


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