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Not a bad life, all things considered.
~ Hudson to Goliath, Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington in The Price
BLAST! They got away! All of them.
~ Hudson after he, Goliath and Bronx saw Coyote blasts off in Leader of the Pack
~ Hudson after he sees Macbeth appeared in The Price

Hudson is a character from Disney's Gargoyles.

He was voiced by the late Edward Asner who later voiced Carl Fredricksen, in Up.


He is a elderly gargoyle with a long white hair and golden webbing in his wings. 

His left eye was blinded in a fight with the Archmage and is now scarred and yellow. His remaining eye is now brown.

Unlike Lexington, Brooklyn, Goliath and Broadway and other  garoyles, he wears more clothing: a red shirt with a black and shoulder armor and tan trousers.


Hudson often feels his age, and many times is relegated to watching television and guarding the clan's homestead while others are on patrols. Nevertheless he remains a proud warrior, ready to answer any challenge. Hudson is also the only gargoyle of the clan who regularly uses a weapon (a short sword), which he began using sometime after losing an eye. He was also the clan's second in command until he insisted Goliath pass it down to a younger member of the clan. ==History==

Hudson was a former leader of the Wyvern Clan and friend to both Prince Malcolm, Wyvern's original human governor and Katherine's father, and the Captain of the Guard. Having retired after being blinded in the left eye battling the Archmage, the elder gargoyle (who was around 100 years old at the time) gave the leadership of the clan to his current second-in-command, Goliath. He nevertheless remained a fierce warrior, cunning strategist, and unparalleled tracker. Goliath often relied on his counsel and his experience. They were the only two gargoyles that left the castle to track the Vikings, and were thus absent during the raid that destroyed much of the rest of the clan. Having been awoken in the present day, Hudson was the first of the then-nameless clan members to pick a name for himself, after the Hudson River. He befriended the blind author Jeffrey Robbins, who could accept him as a person without being aware of his being non-human (though he later revealed to Hudson he had figured out he was a gargoyle "by his Scottish accent, visits only during the night, and his smell of old leather and concrete"), and who taught him how to read.


  • Hudson took his name from the river after Elisa explained almost everything has a name.