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Huey of the Wind (風のヒューイ Kaze no Hyūi?) is a member of the Nanto Goshasei and leader of the Wind Brigade. He uses a special martial art which manipulates air currents to slice adversaries into pieces.

In order to put a stop to Ken-Oh's reign of terror, Huey began to mobilize his troops by attacking each of Ken-Oh's Invasion Forces one by one in an attempt to lure out their leader. When Ken-Oh emerged, Huey attacked valiantly but his power was too weak to faze Ken-Oh, who destroyed him with a single punch, shattering every bone in his body. Before dying, he warns Ken-Oh that the Goshasei will hunt him down and he will await him in hell. In the anime, Huey's role is somewhat extended. He is also given a younger brother named Shion. He cuts through an entire Ken-Oh platoon that is shown is a brief flashback told to Ken-Oh. He also ambushes the fleeing David who is fleeing with his henchmen and surrounds him with no way out. When David tries to explain his actions, he is cut down by Huey's wind for mentioning Ken-Oh to him. Upon meeting Kenshiro, Huey tests his strength by somewhat cutting his face with his wind abilities and soon, part of his arm is bursted by Kenshiro. upon seeing how strong Kenshiro is, huey hopes the Goshasei can help him and departs. He next leads his troops through villages controlled by Ken-Oh, killing many of the conqueror's troops and some who try to escape. That night, Huey assures Shion they intend to draw Ken-Oh out into the open and finish him. After fighting a sword-scabbarded member of Ken-Oh's army, huey then faces off with Raoh as usual but is killed. His brother, Shion would soon follow him in death.

Powers and Abilities

Huey utilizes his wind style Gosha Furetsu Ken to use the air to cut through enemies.


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