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Hugh is the rival character in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.


Hugh wears a red and white jacket, dark blue pants, and red and black shoes. He has a black spiky hair that, according to some people, resembles a Qwilfish.


Hugh loves his younger sister, hating Team Plasma for stealing a Purrloin their late grandfather had caught for her. He is determined to become stronger to defeat Team Plasma to take back their stolen Purrloin. Hugh likewise sees the player and his Pokémon as his partners, helping them throughout their journey.

However, Hugh also has a quick temper, initially not wanting to forgive the old Team Plasma and treats them similarly to the new Team Plasma. Eventually, he forgives the old Team Plasma upon realizing why the team split into two factions; accepting the help of Rood and the old Team Plasma members.


In the games

Hugh is the player's childhood friend. He picks the starter Pokémon from Bianca who has a type advantage over the player's. They battle after they pick their respective starter. After the battle, they then meet up in Floccesy Ranch where they battle a second time. The player hands Hugh a Town Map when the battle is finished. They are met by the ranch owners and they help find their Herdier that went missing. At Aspertia City, Hugh runs to the Gym to battle Cheren.

They encounter three members of the new Team Plasma who explain that they were betrayed by their former king but they will continue their conquest. Hugh simply tells them to shut it, calls them thieves, and says that he will never forgive them. Hugh, the player, and Roxie defeat the Grunts and they flee; the three of them pursue the Grunts.

Afterward, they ride the boat to the large metropolis Castelia City where they search for Team Plasma. When they couldn't find Team Plasma, they go to the sewers as the sewers is a perfect place for anyone to hide. They spot two Team Plasma Grunts where they defeat them; the Grunts flee afterwards. They are met by Burgh, the city's Gym Leader, who explains to them that there is nothing suspicious up ahead.

In Nimbasa City, they encounter four Team Plasma Grunts blocking the road who claim that they are just standing there. Hugh explains to them that he will never forgive them and he and the player battle them. After the Grunts are defeated, they reveal to them that they are searching for something and when they find it, their secret weapon will be able to use its true power. After the Grunts depart, Hugh explains to the player that Team Plasma stole his sister's Purrloin which was a gift to her. Because Hugh was younger back then, he couldn't do anything to stop them so he vows to become stronger to defeat Team Plasma and get back the stolen Purrloin.

When the player encounters an old and a new Team Plasma Grunt arguing on a bridge in Driftveil City, Hugh suddenly appears and smacks the new Team Plasma Grunt. Angered, the new Team Plasma Grunt promises that he will get him next time and then he leaves. Hugh pursues him but the Grunt is able to get away. Hugh explains to Rood that Team Plasma, which is them, stole his sister's Purrloin and lashes out at them, believing the old Team Plasma to be no different than the new Team Plasma. When Rood explains to Hugh that the stolen Purrloin isn't there, Hugh leaves for the Gym, promising to crush Team Plasma. After the player defeats Clay, he tells them about the Pokémon World Tournament. Hugh, the player, Cheren, and Clay participate in the tournament.

Later, Hugh, the player, and Cheren infiltrate the Plasma Frigate where they are confronted by several Team Plasma Grunts. Even though they are outnumbered by the Grunts, they still successfully defeat them all. Zinzolin then appears, explaining to them that they will use the Legendary Pokémon to rule the Unova region. He summons the Shadow Triad to bring them out of the frigate. Hugh then runs off to search for Team Plasma.

Later, Hugh battles the player in Undella Town and he and the player are confronted by Zinzolin and a Grunt in Lacunosa Town. Zinzolin reveals the reason why he is still in Team Plasma: to know if the world will change when people will discard their Poké Balls once Team Plasma rules the world. Hugh simply tells Zinzolin to shut it and he and the player defeat Zinzolin and the Grunt.

After the player defeats the final Gym, Hugh tells the player that they have to deal with Team Plasma first before going to the Pokémon League. Marlon tells them that he does not know who Team Plasma is. But even though he does not know Team Plasma, he nonetheless helps them by lowering the gangplank of the frigate so they can enter the ship. They enter the interior of the ship and defeat the Grunts guarding it. After they close the barriers, they are able to enter deeper inside the ship where they defeat Zinzolin and a Grunt. Hugh spots Kyurem on the lower floor and realizes that it was the one who froze Opelucid City. When Zinzolin asks Hugh why he is fixated with the stolen Purrloin when there are many more Purrloin, Hugh answers that the stolen Purrloin was a gift his late grandfather caught for his sister. The Shadow Triad then sends them away.

In the Giant Chasm cave, an ex-Team Plasma Grunt Hugh mistakes for an actual Grunt sends the two guards away, allowing them to enter the Giant Chasm. Deep in the Giant Chasm, Hugh and the player encounter Rood explaining to the new Team Plasma Grunts that Ghetsis' real plan is to take over the Unova region and that liberating Pokémon is just a lie but the Grunts don't believe him because Rood is a traitor. When Hugh and the player defeat the two Grunts, backup arrives, making Rood and the old Team Plasma Grunts distract them while Hugh and the player make their way to the frigate. At the Plasma Frigate, Hugh and the player confront a Shadow Triad member, who reveals the stolen Purrloin to Hugh; it has evolved into a Liepard. The player fights the other two Triad members while Hugh sulks at what the Triad member just said to him. The Shadow Triad return the Liepard to Hugh, having no use for it.

After Ghetsis is defeated, Hugh praises the player for rescuing Kyurem from Team Plasma. While the player heads to the Pokémon League, Hugh returns the Liepard to his sister. At the Victory Road, Hugh battles the player. Post-game, Hugh's sister tells the player about a Zoroark in the Victory Road calling them. Hugh then congratulates the player for becoming the Champion. In Undella Town, he tells the player he's there because he heard rumors of Cynthia being in the town and that he wants to battle her; he is also interested in the Abyssal Ruins. They battle afterwards. Hugh stays in Driftveil City for the remainder of the game so he can help the old Team Plasma Grunts return the stolen Pokémon to their trainers; he can battle the player daily.

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