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Hugo the Jungle Animal (Danish: Jungledyret Hugo) is the main character of the Jungledyret series. He is the "world's rarest animal" and frequently sought after by numerous people for wealth. Hugo is the main protagonist in three feature films and the interquel television series.

He is originally voiced by Jesper Klein in the Danish dub and his original singing voice is provided by Mek Pek. He is voiced by Bronson Pinchot in the English dubs of the first two movies. In the first movie he was named by "Meatball" Charlie after a sound he made. He goes on adventures with Rita.


In the first film, he is cheeky, curious, adventurous, deceitful, selfish, carefree, playful and loves hanging out with his friends. He is quite brave at times. He is a bit mischievous. He is also sweet and romantic. His personality seems to be slightly different in the English dub "Go Hugo Go".


He is a bipedal unique creature with yellow fur. He looks quite like a teddy bear and a rabbit. His nose is brown and he has a short tail. He has human-like feet


  • In the French dub he is known as Jack
  • His voice is deeper in the English dub
  • He was created by Flemming Quist Møller


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