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Hugo the Abominable Snowman is a giant snowman who appeared in The Abominable Snow Rabbit and Spaced Out Bunny.


Hugo is a rather large snow-like creature that is said to be a rabbit, despite his size he is actually quite nice but some what gullible if not stupid. He has a habit for calling his pets George, and has attempted to make Bugs his pet on two occasion. He wasn't known originally as Hugo, but was called so during his second appearance. In both of his appearances he is voiced by Mel Blanc. It was revealed in "The Abominable Snow Rabbit" that he is, in fact, a real snowman, as he melted in the hot sun. He also claims to be the "best frizbee-disc-thrower on his block."


Hugo first appeared in The Abominable Snow Rabbit. In that episode, Bugs and Daffy went to the himalayan mountains, only to run into Hugo. Later he was captured by Marvin and brought to Mars, who had attempted to give Bugs to him as his pet. In Tweety's High Flying Adventure this time voiced by Frank Welker. In this appearance, the coloring of him is similar to Groove from The Hoobs.

He most recently appeared in The Looney Tunes Show, where he encountered Sylvester, Taz and Tweety and he promply told them to escape because the hunter would get them.

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