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You're making me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
~ Banner's infamous catchphrase before becoming the Hulk

Bruce Banner (briefly known as Bruce Krenzler) is a young nuclear physics and gamma scientist. After a freak accident with a gamma-ray machine, he was transformed into the furious, terrifyingly large, green-skinned monster known as the Hulk. He is the titular main protagonist of the 2003 Marvel movie Hulk.

He was portrayed by Eric Bana.



In his youth, Bruce was a withdrawn and closed child, rarely outwardly expressing emotion, perhaps due to the green patches that would appear when he rarely did feel intense emotion. The elder Banner, under extreme guilt for his unintentional damage to his son, feverishly attempted to find a cure for the child's condition, when the government, represented by Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, shut down his research after learning of his dangerous experiment. David Banner, in a fit of rage, caused a massive explosion of the facilities' gamma reactor. After the accidental death of his wife, David Banner is arrested and locked away in a mental hospital, while 4-year old Bruce is sent into foster care and adopted, taking on the last name of Krenzler, and believing both his biological parents to be deceased. During his life, the repressed memories of his parents, the explosion and his young life manifest themselves as intense nightmares that leave Bruce shaken and disturbed but unable to conjure the memories.

30 years later, Bruce Banner is a brilliant researcher at the Berkeley Nuclear Biotechnology Institute. Bruce uses nano-meds, activated by gamma radiation from a device called a Gammasphere (but actually operates differently to a genuine Gammasphere), to regenerate living tissue; the nanobot experiments result in out-of-control cellular growth and are invariably fatal to their test subjects. Presenting a fusion of gamma radiation, nanotechnology and congenital mutation as responsible for the transformations, the screenplay modernizes the Hulk's origins somewhat. The military-industrial complex, represented by the unscrupulous Major Talbot, becomes interested in the research to build self-healing soldiers. David Banner reappears and begins infiltrating his son's life, working as a janitor in the lab building. "Thunderbolt" Ross, now an army General, also begins to investigate when he learns of Bruce's involvement in the research through Talbot. Ross, the estranged father of Bruce's ex-girlfriend and co-researcher Betty Ross, becomes concerned both for his daughter's safety around Banner, but also because Bruce is working in the same field as the father he does not remember.

As Bruce, Betty and their other co-scientist, Harper, continue to work towards progress in their experiments, they experience an accident during a routine power-up when there is an overload of the nanobots with Harper stuck in the lab room. Bruce saves Harper and takes the brunt of the gamma radiation himself. Afterwards, we see Bruce sitting in a hospital bed telling Betty that he's never felt better, which she can't fathom due to the fact that the nano-meds have killed everything else they've touched. The radiation has intertwined with Bruce's already-altered DNA.

That night, his father confronts him, revealing their relationship and hinting at the mutation in his son. Using Bruce's DNA, he begins experimentation on animals. Soon after, the building rage within him stemming from all of the stresses building up around him (his father, Betty, Talbot and the accident) activates his gamma-radiated DNA, triggering Bruce's signature transformation into the Hulk. His father sees him in his transformed state, and is in both awe and horror of what he has created, deepening his obsession.

After the destruction at the lab, Banner is found unconscious and at home by Betty. Bruce barely remembers his transformation, a sensation similar to birth. Ross arrives, suspicious, and places him under house arrest as well as taking over Bruce and Betty's lab. Betty confronts David Banner for answers, but only succeeds in angering him when she reveals her father's involvement. That night, David phones Bruce and tells him he has unleashed three mutant dogs to her house.

Enraged and attacked by Talbot (who believes Bruce has deliberately cut him out of the loop by giving Ross control of the lab) Bruce transforms again and, after seriously injuring Talbot and his henchmen, manages to save Betty. The next morning, Bruce is tranquillized and taken to an enormous underground base in the desert. Betty convinces her father to allow her to attempt to help Bruce control his transformations, but Ross remains extremely skeptical, believing Bruce is "damned" to follow in his father's footsteps. In the meantime, David Banner breaks into the lab and subjects himself to the nano-meds and the gamma-sphere, gaining the ability to meld with and absorb the properties of anything he can touch.

Talbot, seeing an opportunity to profit from the Hulk's strength and regenerative capability, goes over Ross' head and takes over custody of Bruce, sending Betty away. When attacking and taunting Bruce fails, Talbot puts him in a sensory deprivation tank and induces a nightmare that triggers his repressed memories. David Banner confronts Betty and offers to turn himself in. In exchange, he asks to speak to Bruce "one last time". He also recounts to Betty his experience with his young son, revealing that he intended to kill Bruce after General Ross threw him off the project, believing his son's mutation would grow out of control. However, he accidentally killed his wife instead when she tried to defend her child. Remembering the entire event, Bruce finally transforms; killing Talbot (who fires an explosive missile at the Hulk that ricochets off of his tough skin and backfires towards him) and escaping the base in the process. He battles the army in the desert, defeating 4 tanks and two Comanche Helicopters, and leaps all the way to San Francisco to find Betty again. Betty contacts her father and convinces him to take her to meet the Hulk, believing that he needs "a chance to calm down". Bruce's love for her comes through, and he transforms back into his human state.

At night, David is taken to a base to talk to Bruce. As a precaution, Ross has placed Banner between two large electrical generators which will kill them both with a massive electrical surge when activated. David, having descended into megalomania, rants of how the military and their weapons have ruined their lives, and dismisses Bruce as a pathetic shell of his "true son", with whom he can destroy the military. He bites into a wire, and absorbs the electricity to become a powerful electrical being, and Bruce transforms to battle him. The two fight in the sky before landing near a lake, where David takes on properties of rocks and water. He tries to absorb his son's power, but is unable to contain the grief and pain that is its driving force, and swells to an energy bubble. Ross orders a weapon (a Gamma Charge Bomb) be fired into the lake, and David's swelled form is destroyed, leaving no trace of either man.

A year later, Ross talks to Betty on the phone. Bruce is presumed dead, but there have been sightings of the Hulk in various locations, and Betty is under 24-hour surveillance. Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Bruce is a doctor whose medical camp comes under siege by guerrillas. When they raid his camp, he tells them in Spanish, "You're making me angry, You wouldn't like me when I'm angry". His eyes become green, and the camera pans back to show the rainforest, just as it fades to green and a roar is heard.

Hulk (Video Game)

Bruce Banner knew his condition was getting worse. He had constant nightmares of himself as the Hulk. One day, he received a call from Dr. Geoffrey Crawford, who made the Gamma Orb to cure Banner's condition. Banner decided to sneak into the lab before the military arrives to steal the Orb. Once Banner arrived at the Orb, Crawford used it to steal the Hulk's energy instead. Crawford became a creature known as Ravage. The Hulk encountered another villain named Half-Life.

Half-Life told the Hulk that the Orb was relocated to Alcatraz. Bruce then tries to infiltrate Alcatraz and turn of the gamma detection system so he can transform into the Hulk without being detected. After he does this Banner discovers that the hostage is actually Betty Ross and that a being known as the Leader is using Alcatraz as a secret base and is using the orb to transform humans into Gamma Mutants to create an army. The Leader sends Madman to dispose of Betty when she is caught destroying the data to create the Gamma Mutants. Enraged by Madman attacking Betty, Bruce transforms into the Hulk and smashes his way through Alcatraz to rescue Betty. He then finds that Betty has been put in an Irradiation Chamber by Madman.

Hulk then saves Betty by smashing the control consoles and then defeats Madman. Betty then tells Hulk that she has been poisoned by gamma radiation and needs to get to the military base quickly. Hulk takes her to the military base and is knocked out by the force field and captured by General Ryker. Ryker then drugs Bruce with Gamma reducing drugs to make sure he doesn't transform into the Hulk. Betty rescues Bruce and tells him the leaders plan and that the orb must be destroyed. Bruce then takes the uniform from an unconscious solder to avoid detection while trying to create a cure for the drugs in his system. He does so by mixing to 2 different chemicals together and injecting it into his arm.

But once on the floor on the elevator level Banner encounters the solder's and they clubbed him with the nightsticks and onto to floor. Angered, Banner transforms into the Hulk and tries to get to the shield generator room. The army then deploys Hulk-Busters to try and stop the hulk but they fail to stop him. The Hulk gets to the generator, only to be guarded by Flux. Hulk destroys the Shield generator by throwing Flux into it and he then escapes the base so he can get back to Alcatraz and stop the Leader.

When Hulk gets back to Alcatraz he discovers a secret substructure underneath the prison. The guards then set off an energy bomb that turns the hulk back into Bruce. After making his way on a tram he is attacked by a gamma dog and turns back into the hulk and encounters Ravage and the Leader. Ravage teleports the Leader to his base of operations known as Freehold and then fights the Hulk. After a savage fight, the ceiling collapses on Ravage, turning him back into Dr. Crawford. After Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner Crawford apologizes to Bruce for his actions, realizing that his treachery has given the Leader all he needs to create an army. , he then teleports himself to freehold in order to stop the Leader.

After Bruce gets teleported to Freehold he encounters Madman and Half-Life and changes back into hulk. Almost defeated, Madman escapes to the elevator and leaves Half-Life to defeat the Hulk. Hulk defeats Half-Life and moves deeper into Freehold. He eventually finds the Leader. The Leader then uses the orb to zap Bruce of the Gamma energy in his system and cures him. But Bruce realizes that he must stop the Leader and then retrieves the orb and transfers the gamma energy back to him. He fights the Leader, and then smashes the orb, causing Freehold to collapse. The Leader then teleports away. Hulk then tries to get to the teleporter, but it is being guarded by Madman. Hulk then defeats Madman once and for all and teleports out of Freehold just as it collapses.

Crawford then attempts to create another Gamma Orb to become Ravage once more, but fails. While experimenting on Flux, General Ryker discovers the 'keys to the gamma kingdom'. Bruce is then seen hitch-hiking but fails to get a ride and the starts walking into the sunset, with a Hulk shadow behind him.


Human form

Bruce Banner is kind, serious, smart, intelligent, curious, wise, loving, good-hearted, heroic, responsible, selfless, but he can be very angered easy he also has repressed memories of who he is.

Hulk form

When angered, the Hulk is angry, hot-headed, fierce, fury and calm and destroyed everything like tinker toys and he can also heal when any cuts he can get on but has a very calm heart.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Physiology: Due to the genetic mutation inherited from David Banner and being exposed to Gamma Radiation, Hulk possesses several superhuman physical attributes; such as superhuman strength, durability, endurance, speed, stamina, an accelerated healing factor, longevity, etc.
    • Transformation: When he is stressed, enraged or seriously injured, Bruce is able to transform into the Hulk. The total time of the transformation takes between seconds to several minutes, depending on the adrenaline surge. Initially, Bruce was unable to control the transformations, but he managed to maintain some level of control which his consciousness was buried within Hulk's and managed to influence Hulk's behavior to a very limited extent. This allows Hulk to be more intelligent when he saves Betty Ross from gamma mutated dogs and when he calmed down from the sight of seeing her.
    • Superhuman Strength: Hulk possesses large amounts of immense physical strength as he is able to move immensely heavy materials, such as cars or boulders. He can also lift objects that weigh up to 100 tons.
      • Superhuman Leaping: Hulk's enormous strength extends to his legs, allowing him to leap great heights and distances. He is able to a make 4 or 5 miles-sized leaps in a single bound, able to cover a lot of ground and reach the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco without trouble.
    • Emotional State: If Hulk gives completely into his emotions, particularly his rage, then his superhuman strength is further greatly amplified.
    • Mégethoskinesis: Hulk grows bigger as his anger rises above regular levels, initially measuring 9 feet tall, then 12 feet tall to finally reach 15 feet tall.
    • Superhuman Speed: Using his superhumanly strong leg muscles, Hulk is capable of running at high speeds up to 300mph.
    • Superhuman Durability: Hulk can withstand both firearms and superhumanly blows. Whenever bullets hit his skin, they bounced off harmlessly, causing nothing more than an annoyance to Hulk.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Hulk's advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than that of normal humans. As a result, his muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity compared to those of humans. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Hulk's metabolism allows him to heal much faster as he can completely heal from physical injuries in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on how serious they are.
    • Superhuman Immunity: Due to Hulk's accelerated healing factor, he is immune to all types of diseases, illnesses, sickness, drugs, poisons, toxins, radiation, disorders, disabilities, etc.
    • Superhuman Longevity: Due to Hulk's accelerated healing factor, he has an incredibly long lifespan as he is capable of living for long periods of time and still retain the appearance of a green muscular giant.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Bruce is highly intelligent, as he is an expert in science, chemistry, physics, biology and gamma radiation; he was able to figure out what had happened to him when the gamma exposure to him unleashed something that was already in his DNA. Bruce is also one of the most intelligent individuals on the entire planet.



  • Billy Crudup was once considered of the role of Bruce Banner, but he turned it down.
  • Before Eric Bana was cast, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Jeff Goldblum, David Duchovny, Steve Buscemi and Edward Norton were considered for the role as well (Edward Norton would play Bruce Banner 5 years later).
  • Bruce Banner's dreams were shown to be green and purple, which are the exact color scheme of the Hulk's (green skin and purple pants).


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