In the Prime Universe, Hulk is a character who is generally an antihero and doesn't mean to hurt anyone. But in the Ultimate universe, he is not only destructive but downright sadistic and even cannibalist. Despite this, he does help out once in a while.

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Ultimate Hulk


Ultimate Marvel Hulk is much different from the normal Hulk. He usually tends to cause harm to innocents, but he does act in a heroic manner once in a while and helps out whenever he's really needed. And despite his sadism, he does regret his actions once in a while. This version of Bruce Banner is also very complicated, as he is very abusive towards Betty and has caused harm to millions of people. But even Banner has his limits, as he has shown regret for many of his actions in the past.

Heroic acts

  • He has assisted the heroes by stopping the Chitauri invasion and saved the Earth, despite doing this unwillingly.
  • He also saved them from the Liberators and even defeated his rival The Abomination.


  • The Ultimate Marvel Hulk hasy some similarities to the Frank Miller Batman:
    • Both are very cruel and sadistic sociopaths.
    • Both are completely changed from their normal heroic selves.
    • Despite their sadism, they both have done heroic acts, whether or not they were willing to.

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