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Hulk Jimmy

Hulk Jimmy was Jimmy's Hulk-like form with freakishly-impossible strength and the ability to heal himself. It only appears in "The N-Men." Before he completes his revenge, Cindy begs Jimmy to not crush her and starts to apologize to him for being mean to him. As Cindy tries to explain why, Jimmy assumes she's tricking him, but she says its all true. Then, when Cindy tries to explain why she made fun him, she passes out due to her life force nearly gone. When Jimmy reasons himself that Cindy isn't too bad of a person. Her apology leads to Jimmy reverting to his human form in time to finish the formula that would demote all of them.

Unfortunately it didn't appeared in The League of Villains, if Carl hadn't grabbed the love potion instead of Jimmy's N-Men packet. It has orange skin, green hair and eyes, and wears blue pants.


  • This form of Jimmy is a mixture of the Hulk and The Thing from the Fantastic 4.
  • It is the only N-Men not to appear in The League of Villains.
    • Jimmy transforming into Hulk Jimmy is a reference to how Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk as Jimmy and Bruce Banner are both scientists.
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