~ Johnny Storm's catchphase

Johnny Storm, better known as the Human Torch, is the younger brother of Susan Storm and a reckless, mischievous superhero who enjoys tormenting the Thing - although incredibly self-centered and a little egocentric Johnny is still heroic and will fight to the death to protect his friends and family, as well as what he views as his - much like Spider-man Johnny is prone to mocking villains, sometimes providing a rather useful distraction, of course he can also get himself (and others) in trouble due to this trait as well.


Johnny can encase himself in a fiery aura and fly. While surrounded by this fiery aura he has complete control over the flames, and can make them as hot as he desires - even going as far as becoming a supernova if he wants, though he risks serious damage doing so. He can also control existing flame within his range of vision and shape them into varied forms. He also has the ability to set things on fire via concentration and see heat-patterns, though this is done less often.